What did you see?


He unlocked a door and led me through an office that was empty of furniture, although I could still see square clean patches on the grimy linoleum, where the legs of a desk had once stood. On the wall was a curling calendar with April 1989 showing. 

that date’s back from his 30s, he was my uncle, my only family left. 

 When I came back from London knowing my only uncle is alive I was 17 years old , happy to know at least one member from my family is alive. He welcomed me with the same affection. 

staying with him I felt being at home but I noticed this strange,

closed ,locked door every day , I always wanted to see What’s behind this locked door but I couldn’t  because I was never allowed to until today.

  today I was going to know the secret that was locked almost for years.

I was excited  despite seeing the condition of the room ,I kept thinking that maybe some more secret doors are standing somewhere here that will lead us to a family treasure . i thought these because  I was turning 18 in  next following  months and maybe I’m suppose to get it only when I was 18 .but all my excitement faded as I saw my uncle who grabbed an axe  which I don’t remember from where and when he got in here ,with which he started digging the wall right in front of  where the table once stood .I was horrified seeing my uncle destroying the beautiful but old ,covered with dirt wall. with full aggression and with all of his left power. I never questioned him or disturbed him from his ongoing task.

Peering at the wall that was falling into pieces I was trying to get an answer myself unless I saw my uncle Turning towards me with a strange smirk.  I smiled back at him , showing respect.

The wall now was fully destroyed, revealing a way to nowhere but darkness.

The thoughts of treasure again flooded  

in my subconscious mind. smiling and hopping or real treasure , I was lost until I heard my uncle’s bold old voice piercing into my ears awakening Me from my daydreaming.

He ordered me to get in the broken wall that seemed like a way to some other room.  I followed him respectfully.

It was dark with a foul smell surround

The only light  was from the broken wall through which we came in. my body didn’t allow me to walk further I wanted to run back and I did run back, only to discover that as i moved

closer to the broken wall the lights ended with some unknown object covering the way out ,leaving me in dark despite I still ran towards the direction I last saw light beaming . failing in the task,  I searched for my uncle calling him but the response was always in chuckle. After a few queries and cries, he finally appeared in front of me with a candle lit. Seeing him was horror because in no time  he slashed himself with the very same axe he used to tear the wall down.

His body fell to the ground with a heavy thump. I stood there in shock not knowing what to 

Thankfully my body responded more quickly than my clever Mind.  I picked the candle that was about to die, seeing my uncle half dead mumbling all I was left with was to  scream and run.

I did scream but my brave heart never allowed me to show cowardliness. I stood there thinking I went up to the wall and cleared the  obstacle that closed the way out. I went out in search of a torch , after some searching I did get one. bravely I went in but beforehand I called the cop’s . 

spying as I went in again, this time with some source of light.  What I saw next was unbelievable and my brave self gave up. Soon I felt to the ground unconscious. waking up in a hospital with borrowed oxygen I knew I was carried by some of the cop’s whom I happen to call  before entering the Hell room , yah! I term  it as Hell Room was because   of what I saw.

Soon seeing me all awake some people flooded up in my room introducing themselves as FBI agents. each one questioned me and I answered them  

 until the last question “what did u see? what made you faint?” 

I was frozen by the  image I got in my head  after hearing the question  but managed to utter the answer.

 ” When I went back, with the help of a torch I looked over for my uncle . but the body was missing. startled I swung  the torch across the dark room, I heard the same chuckling and cries and some kind of scratching sound , I tried moving the light towards the direction of sound and..”  I paused for a moment before proceeding further  because I was sure no one in the room was going to believe me, but just to put my heart at ease I continued with a gulp as the images flashed in my mind. 

” the torch landed up on some rock that looked like a tombstone.  I saw my own name on that….but scrapped off 

and someone was engraving a new name  on it and to my surprise it was my uncle’s name. I followed the hand to view who it was but … all I saw was a man with no head.“

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