Under The Night Sky


It was  8 and I had already finished the dinner as mom asked me to eat early and bring dessert for the guests. 

It was dark outside yet I decided not to go by means of any vehicle and headed towards the Ice cream parlour nearby. 

Although my semester exams were coming my mind was occupied by something else, something about that girl. Okay let me tell you from the starting . 

Earlier this evening I went to play badminton at the park located in front of my house  and like everyday she was present there . Wait don’t think that I like the sport , there are reasons behind this. Firstly we are not allowed to play games like football and cricket and secondly she too joins us. 

The girl didn’t lived here few months back . I noticed her only this summer after coming back in college break.

Yet I felt that I have seen her somewhere .

 She seemed to be either in first or second year of college , more of second but I insisted the thought of first since the same was mine . 

  • Me  :  Shitt ! Don’t tell me . 

The shop  was closed.

I couldn’t get it , I mean usually it remained open till 11 PM or something, but today . Come on its summer and who does not eat Ice cream . Maybe he too has gone for an early dinner as the peak hours are yet to come. 

Now what to do ?

There was another shop half a mile ahead . I thought to go back home and then take my bike , but the breeze hitting cold was rejuvenating my soul and the surrounding so soothing,  that I preferred walking that half mile. 

Now what should I do. The girl I find her pretty , she too looks at me , but we couldn’t arrange a talk as all the other people including the elders of society remain present there. 

There were various ideas coming in my mind and all of them passing through rejections. 

Not a single picture came that could help me with my next move .

 At last I gave up thinking and started looking at the nearby houses , lanes , the trees swaying ,  all of them adding up to the essence . 


To my surprise the shop came before than I expected and it was open too. 

Bingo !  Now  I will get the Ice cream and decided to drink some coke first , there only to quench my thirst . 

– Me  :  Excuse me. Can I get a can of coke. 

– ‎Shopkeeper. :  Sorry sir . We have none        

Left . 

– Me  :  Really? 

– ‎Shopkeeper  :  Yes sir. You can have     some other drink . 

– ‎Me  :  No I would take the Ice cream instead. 

Well for today , a Cone is better than Coke. 

I went to the Ice cream corner and started searching for something good . Something that would appease my nerves . 

Then only , behind me came a girl  and started asking the Ice cream boy back to back questions in loud voice . This was  annoying as I was already in dilemma , whether to choose the Choclate disc cone or the Sundae . 

She asked me to hurry up , which in turn made me more irritated and at last I turned back shouting 

  • Me  :  Can you please have some patience.

Ohh !! Wait . What have I done , I didn’t noticed . 

– Me  :  Sorry , I didn’t mean to shout like this. 

– ‎The girl  :  No , it’s okay . 

– ‎Me  :  Actually I  was  making a choice between Cone and Sundae so . 

– ‎The girl   :  Yeah I know, tough choice though . 

– ‎Me  :  By the way , I am Ishan . 

– ‎The girl  :  Tanya . Nice to meet you .

You know what , she was the same girl . 

The one I was telling you about earlier . 

– Me   :   So which one of them you would prefer ? 

– ‎Tanya   :  The one you will pay for .

We both laughed . 

We ended up buying  Classic Vanilla Sundae along with a tub for the guests , she too purchased an Ice cream brick for her family. 

The night grew darker . Winds went cooler. 

But yeah they were more pleasing now . The sky gave a sense of darkness , a darkness where you could see your reflection , where you forget your everything and envelop yourself with it . 

–  Me  :  When did you shift here . 

–  ‎Tanya  :  No , I didn’t . Actually it’s my uncle’s house and every summer I come here to spend my vacations. 

 – Me  :  But I never saw you earlier. 

 – ‎Tanya  :  You don’t remember. Also I rarely used to come out back then . 

 – ‎Me  :  Okay, I see that. 

 – ‎Tanya  :  But yeah I did saw you . Shouting for the football or hitting the cricket ball in others house and then  running away . 

 – ‎Me  :  Those were days . 

               Wait are you the same girl that       watched our match from the roof of your    house . 

–  Tanya  :  Yes  I am that same girl. 

–  ‎Me  :  Wow ! You know what ? 

–  ‎Tanya  :  What . This only that everytime  after scoring a goal , taking a wicket or  during the whole game you used to look towards me .

–  ‎Me  :  You know it .

–  ‎Tanya  :  I see it . You are in first year or what ? 

–  ‎Me  :  Yes , and what about you. 

–  ‎Tanya  :  Still completing my twelfth . Actually I have repeated a class earlier,  else I too would have been in first year by now. 

–  ‎Me  :   Nevermind. Where do you live. 

–  ‎Tanya  :  Greater Noida . 

–  ‎Me  :   Are you kidding !  My college is too in Greater Noida . 

–  ‎Tanya  :  Cool . So we could meet 

Afterwards also. 

  •  ‎Me  :  “Could” .  I think “We will” sounds better .

She smiled.

Now the Night turned even more beautiful.  The various sounds coming seemed wondrous . 

– Tanya  :  The night . Isn’t it lucid .

– ‎Me  :  Its  majestic . 

She started looking at me , straight in eyes . I too maintained the connection. 

We kept walking , none of us spoke after that . But yeah our eyes were doing the talking . 

She gave me her number and then our locality came so we parted our ways . 

I could see her going and then she turned back  waving her hand , I too waved back at her and went towards home . 

The Night felt promising , and I understood what it was . 

 – Me  :  I like the way she talks . 


              ‎ …

              I like her . 


Next few days were even more amazing , she did joined us in the park and I even asked her for a coffee. 

  •  Me :  You know there’s a cafe nearby and its waffles are very popular .
  •  ‎Tanya : So you are asking me for a date !
  •  ‎Me : No . Actually I was just wondering that you must try once. 
  •  ‎Tanya : Okay . This means it is not a date 
  •  ‎Me : No . Yes . I mean . 

She started laughing 

  • Tanya : Look at you , you are looking so cute . 
  • ‎Me : Tanya  Dont pull my cheeks . 
  • ‎Tanya : Why Ishan , they are so soft . 
  •  Me    :  So when are you free to come ?
  •  ‎Tanya  :  Tomorrow will be fine . I think. 
  •  ‎Me :  Sure .
  •  ‎Tanya  :  Ok . See you later .
  •  ‎Me :  Yeah , byee. 

 She gave me a flying kiss while going. Ohh god I have really started enjoying her company , she seems the perfect one. 


 ‎I have started developing feelings for her !


  • ‎Me  :  I guess its dark so nobody would have saw us . 

I said to myself and then started walking towards my house . 

  • Me  :  I can’t wait for tomorrow to come . I really can’t . 

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