Traeh – The Journey of Life


Vidur and I are best friends or you can even say, one soul, who cannot live without each other. Feels dramatic right? But there is more to it. The story of us started like from our first breathe that is, we were born in the same hospital on the same day and even at the same hour. We went to the same school and college and we are lucky enough to work in the same company. And being best friends we gave each other an antique name. So, I call him Vi, and he calls me Traeh.

Everything was going well when one day while going to our office we saw a girl, on the office staircase, I felt something that can’t be explained and I could see Vi undergoing the same feeling as mine. And then she gave a stare at us and then she left. I sank.

Then another day, we met her again, then she smiled at us and left. A wave of love just hit me and then I felt as I have fallen for her. And I could see Vi feeling the same, but we remained silent. Days passed and we became friends with her and gradually we got to know her name which was Tanya and she worked in the same building as ours. Slowly, we met in our lunch breaks in the nearby restaurants.  

We used to have frequent phone calls, that’s when I started realizing that I loved Tanya. But then Vi too confessed to me that, he loved Tanya and at that time I felt happy for Vi but deep inside the pain of losing Tanya was alive. I thought it’s okay, these things happen with people, And I know one thing that is, I still love her.

One day, while we all were having lunch together in the restaurant Tanya’s phone ranged, she received the call and said  




“Okay… I am coming immediately.”

In infrequent intervals and then she hung up the phone and said to us “I need to go”. Vi asked her what had happened and could we be any help. But she refused and said that she will tell us the thing later and also asked us to pay the bill promising that she will return later and then she left. And then I noticed, as she was turning I could see tears in her eyes. Vi did not notice at first, as he was paying the bill but later when we both talked Vi realized it and hurriedly called her if she needs any help but her phone was busy on another call. 

Then for the next two days, she did not see her coming to the office. Then on the third day, we saw her coming towards us in the restaurant. We had plenty of questions to ask. She then sat down next to us with a light smile. I could see that she had sleepless nights by seeing the dark circles under her eyes. She also looked tired and weak. But before we could ask her anything she said “Sorry, I left in hurry last time. That was Aarush’s mother who called and she said Aarush is hospitalized. That’s when Vi asked how is he now and she answered 

“Not good, still serious”.

 Then finally Vi asked the thing which I wanted to ask 

“Who is Aarush?”.

 She with a tear in her eye replied Aarush is the one whom she loved and before she could express her feelings, this happened. And then not able to hold the tears any longer a tear dropped by her cheek. Then we somehow managed to make her feel good by our crazy jokes to which she managed to give a weak smile and at that moment, I realized that how much I love her and could do anything to make her happy,

I love her but I am not able to confess because I don’t want to see Tanya in trouble anymore so I thought to keep my feelings shut temporarily. 

And then she said to us what she had prayed to God, “Please God, let Aarush live and love me from his heart and I want to love his heart even more”. Hearing this I sank, felt so sad, and also even felt like I skipped a beat. And I could see that Vi after hearing this, was finding it difficult to hold himself up, but we somehow managed ourselves. And then after finishing lunch she left for work. 

Even after listening that she has a boyfriend, I knew, I love Tanya and completely belong to her. 

And then when he came back he wished in his mind to god to hear his prayers, as he loves Tanya and wished Tanya would love his heart as much as he loves her heart. He prayed

“Please God, let some miracle happen that our hearts meet and do not break. I deep inside know this could only be possible when someone among us will die and I surely do not wish Aarush’s death. God help me in your mighty ways. Amen”

And even I prayed to God for a miracle to happen, so that Tanya could be happy all her life and so would I.

After that day, many days passed, we and Tanya kept talking we came to know that Aarush’s health was declining at a faster rate. I felt more unstable each time she talked about him. Each time I could see a sense of hope arising for myself.

Then one-day Vi got news of his promotion and he was so happy that he called Tanya and asked her to come to that restaurant. He was so in a hurry that he did not even change his clothes and sat in the car and started to drive towards the restaurant and all the time I was with him feeling happy for him. 

I could see that he was breaking serval red lights so I asked him not to do so. But still, he did not listen to me, and then 


Our accident happened. I was hardly injured but Vi was in critical health.

And doctors said that he is serious. I was with him all the time. Feeling tired and weak from my minor injuries.

Then next day, I was almost becoming motionless when doctors realized Vi could no longer live. And within a few hours, doctors gave the news, and the news was sad. Vi has breathed his last breath. 

Then I heard doctors talking to Vi’s mother about donating Vi’s functioning body organs. I felt like I had skipped many beats and felt like I was hardly alive and but doctors managed my health.

And then I could see Vi’s body lying in front of me and I said I will miss you, Vi. Then suddenly I started feeling cold like someone has kept me in the deep freezer. 

When one day when I woke up I could see Tanya in front of me I could not believe myself and then I saw myself in the mirror. And then I realized I am no longer with Vi and am in Aarush’s body. Then I realized what had happened. Vi’s mother donated his body organs. And luckily I am near my love. God has listened to my prayer of meeting Vi’s and Tanya’s heart with his mighty ways. 

The only thing I want to say is, Aarush is just nice but I miss you Vi, and always be yours wherever I go and will also miss the name that you had given to me Traeh, which is the reverse of Heart.  

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