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Hello everyone this is Rebecca from CNN. We are currently looking at the accident that took place a while ago at the City Square Park killing a couple and injuring a kid. From the police reports it has been identified that the couple are named as Edger and Gwen. A truck reportedly lost its control because of the mechanic failure and dashed into the car killing the couple. Fortunately the nine year old boy named Hughie was safe and only got minor bruises. It feels so wretched to look at that little boy crying over their dead parents leaving him all alone. Police are going to take him in for now. This is the third accident at the City Square Park this week. It seems clear that police might keep strict rules around this square. That’s it from the location and over to the studio.


Gwen : Edger how far are we to the City Square Park?

Edger : Seriously? It’s been two years since we shifted to this place and still you are confused with some routes.

Hughie : I know dad. I’ll tell you, wait. Ahh.. It would take another ten minutes two left turns and one right turn. Am I right dad?

Edger : Perfect. That is amazing son. You are my boy. Ya!

Gwen : Of course he is your boy. (With a chuckle)

Edger : You can find fun anywhere right? Learn routes from Hugie at least. 

Hughie : Don’t worry mom, I’ll teach you twenty hours per week. I am going to charge you okay? Professional ethics. 

Gwen : Oh! Is it? So how much per hour then?

Hughie : 5$.

Edger : What are you gonna do with the money?

Hughie : You know it right? I am gonna buy an Avengers edition skateboard. Hey dad it’s KFC. I am already smelling wings.

Edger : Me too buddy. Come on let’s rip the wings.

Edger (a few minutes later) : Come on Hughie, finish it quickly. We have to go to the park.

Hughie : I’ll eat this on the go. let’s go then.

Gwen : You two really seemed to be in a hurry. Let’s make this day a memorable one. Let’s go.


Clouds obscured the sunlight covering the entire sky. Traffic is kinda low today compared to the other days. But still, whenever Edger rides a car he feels like he is riding a bicycle. Never crosses 50kmph.

Hughie : Dad, I am hungry. How long would it take us for the City Square Park?

Edger : Twenty minutes from here. Let’s eat at the next KFC.

Edger always prefers KFC over any other food. Not even my food. He was a very different person when I met him. Lost, alone. He lost his brother in the war and broke his leg. After his retirement from the military he was so depressed. Even I couldn’t made him a better person but Hughie, he made Edger a human again. Best dad-son combination I have ever seen.

Hughie : Dad! Dad! My friend’s are playing baseball there. Can I go and play one game please?

Gwen : Honey! We will be late for the park.

Hughie : I won’t take more than ten minutes. I’ll come back right after my batting. Puhlease!

Gwen : Okay, come quick.

Hughie rushed to their friends. It’s been some time since I and Edger had some personal moments together. I don’t know what triggered my mind but I wanted to kiss him. He is eagerly watching his son play the game. I gently touched his hand with mine. He looked at me. I gave a faint romantic smile to trigger his mind too. Though he is dumb at many things he can catch my romantic mood with just a stare at me. He leaned towards me and I couldn’t count my heart beats anymore. It is racing faster than for a Cheetah. When he touched my lips with his, the blissfulness almost made me faint away. This is what people call love I guess. I am blessed to have it in my life. “I love you Ed. I love you.”


Shit! This tyre punctured again.

Gwen : Ed, come on let’s go by the bus. It’s just a thirty minutes journey from here.

Edger : Give me two minutes honey. I’ll change it.

I took the kit to change the tyre. Changing tyres was a cakewalk for me. When I used to study, this was my part time job. When I came back from the military, I was lost and then I met Gwen. She lit my life. Her parents were so rich. She could’ve inherited billions of dollars if she hadn’t choosed me over her parents. She never regretted her decision in the past years. I still don’t know what I did to deserve her love. I sometimes feel guilty for not giving her a rich life. Even when I asked her about this, she always tells her that living with the people we love is the real richness anyone can ever think of. I changed the tyre and got myself into the driving seat with Gwen beside me.

Edger : How quick is it? Eh?

Gwen : Yeah it is really quick but not quicker than your.. your..

Edger : Seriously? You want to talk about it infront of Hughie?

Hughie : What is it dad?

Gwen : Ahh.. It’s about your baseball game Hughie.

Hughie : I told my friends that we are going to the park but my game is on our way. Is it okay if I play? Can you wait?

Edger : We might get late for the park son.

Hughie : Okay.


It’s sunday today. A day off for everyone at home. Edger is very eager to spend this day along with his family. He bought a gift for his son today. Hughie loves Avengers and he wanted to buy an Avengers edition skateboard. Edger said he would buy it for him after a month. Now he wants to surprise him with that at the end of the day.

Gwen : So where are we going today?

Edger : We can go to the picture or the City Square Park.

Hughie : Park.

Gwen : Picture.

Edger : Both?

Gwen : That sounds fantastic!

Edger : I said it for fun. They are on the opposite sides of the city you dumb.

Gwen almost threw her phone towards Edger. Usually Gwen deals with making fun with the situations but now Edger had a bit of sarcasm.

Hughie : If we go to the park, I have a chance to play baseball as it is on the way. If it is a picture, I cannot play the game.

Edger : Let’s toss a coin to decide. Okay?

Others nodded with excitement to see how fate decides their day out. Edger tossed the coin spinning it into the air and it came back hitting the ground.

Hughie : Hurrey! We are going to park. I am gonna tell my friends about it.


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