He is looking at someone deep and sharp without even blinking his eye, he is seeing himself in the mirror and thought “I no longer know who you are” he looked himself and vented out something along with his breath. It is typical morning with traffic buzz and with warming sounds of ‘Allahu Akbar’, he finished his Namaz. He is on his way to the last day of his college, he searching for his ID card, at last, he found it under many buried layers of his bed. “Nabi Ahmed Shakir” it is the name written on his ID card. He is running down the stairs where his neighbour, Ejaz stopped and said: “beta, all the best for your exam, You will ace it and your gonna serve your country, yubarikuk Allah “ Nabi replied: “ thank you chacha, I will definitely serve for my country, Kaakee thanks for the breakfast” he sighed to Ejaz’s wife and he rushed to his collage. He did well in his exam, it’s his final year in LLB, in his vocal test he asked many political and many military questions including how Pakistan can leverage Indian emergency situation. After all the tests and procedures he finally got an LLB degree from Karachi University. After knowing this great news he wants to do two things one applying for military services in Pakistan Army and two meeting his Jaan, Fadila. He applied for the army from his college and now he is waiting in a regular spot where he meets her every evening. She is coming, his heartbeat’s raising even though he meets her every day his heartbeats every time he saw her exactly with the same prevalence when he saw her for the very first time. He took her hand and kept on his heart. she slowly took her Gurkha with street lights that’s coruscating all over her face made the already sparkling eyes dazzling. Fadila: “ from today, Nabi will be called Nabi Saab, don’t charge advocate fees for my father”. Nabi with a little smirk said, “ how can I charge if I am not a lawyer in the first place?”, Fadila doubtfully asked, “what? You did LLB if not lawyer will you become criminal?” Nabi laughed, “ Jaan no, you know I want to serve my country. so I am applying for posts in military service and with this degree, I will have an edge. I hope I will get a call back soon.” Fadila: “ yes, I know, you told me this many times but I thought you will go to military later, I thought you will earn money and then…” Nabi interrupted her and said, “country comes first to me, leave this now, where is my haleem I should also give to chacha and kaakee”, Fadila: “I bought enough to serve to your entire building, come let’s go, it wouldn’t be that nice if you celebrate your won achievement.” They both laughed, he holds her hands and she kissed him on his forehead and said “ you are my Jaan.” he gave a naughty smile and said, “and your mine.” They enjoyed that beautiful evening with Nabi’s neighbours and celebrated this occasion. They all danced, drunken and Ejaz started telling a few shayaris. 

Sriganganagar, RAJASTHAN. 

There is a funeral, many are sobbing except the mother who just lost her son. This is not new for her, his elder son and his husband both died in the war. She is proud of the sacrifice they made for their country. Many left the funeral but one young man who lives in the same street approached her and asked, “ are you really not sad, you just lost everyone in your household!”. She replied, “ I would be sobbing more than anyone if they died a normal death but they didn’t they died in service to their country, my second son was captivated by the Chinese post-war and was tortured for many months they couldn’t even extract a single letter from his mouth expect JAI HIND he saved our whole lives by sacrificing his, my elder son died in war fighting terrorists and my husband took 12 bullets just to protect the Indian flag why should I cry all of them saved a whole country. I’m luckiest, I gave two sons and my husband which means I protected this country three times.” This young man saw her with astonishment this is the first time to see a real patriot such close. he is very inspired after talking to her. He asked, “even though how could you not be sad when you know that they are dead?”, she told, “the minute my husband got into the military, he’s dead only thing left is country, no man who is afraid of death will go to the Indian army, death to them is just an inevitable function to showcase their love towards their country on the big stage and when they know its time they put up a hell of a show. Yes, deep down I’m sad but more than that I am a hundred times proud.” These words got stuck in his heart. He hugged her and left after taking her blessings. The next day, he is on his way to meet his friends, he has a drama company, IDC, Indian Drama Company with few actors, and few technicians and he is the only writer and lead actor. With his friends in IDC he showed few papers and said, “ guys, today I just wrote a story, this is not just another story. It has the power to make the audience cry, motivate them, inspire them, to make them discover themselves. It is a story of not just one person but a person who represents the Indian army in its entirety. He will get captivated by the Chinese after a war. He has a mother who has already lost her husband and a son all he had to do is say a few words then he will be released, he is offered many things but no he didn’t sell his country, at last when the Chinese asked him why are you not saying anything for one stupid name you bounded with, country, what’s so special? He will answer like this because the country is not made with boundaries it is made with people. I love every one of them. I took an oath that at any cost I will protect my country which means I will protect each and every one of them at any cost. Then those Chinese instead of killing him tortured him for months wanting him to beg to kill him after all this they will say, we will offer peace, we will kill you for once and all you don’t need to suffer just say something, at least few words, all he will say are 2 words, ‘JAI HIND’. This is how our story ends. Everyone has their characters and dialogues. Prepare and memorize but not by your brain with your heart. This time we are going to the national-level drama competition.” Everyone around him cheered along with him. everyone is truly excited to do this drama. They slowly started to do this drama on different stages. Everywhere they did it they received a standing ovation.    


After a few days, Nabi received a letter from the military asking him to come to their campus for the selection process. He felt so happy, he shouted: “this is the best moment of my life”. Even his chacha heard him shouting. He came to his room and asked, “beta, what happened?”, Nabi said, “ Aree chacha, I got a call back from the army. I am so happy.” And he hugs him, Ejaz: “thanks to Allah!” Nabi also says with him, “thanks to Allah”. Ejaz: “ when are going to get married to fadila?” He replied, “very soon, chacha, very soon”. He went through the selection process, he got selected, for his intelligence and integrity toward his country that is an easy job for him. From tomorrow training starts for him, he got selected as an Army recruit. He worked so hard, he never missed the tick of the second’s hand ever in his training. His superiors are very impressed with his work and behavior. He also made many friends in the camp. Soon he turned out a model officer in his batch. He sometimes to use to get backlash from his superiors for intervening in bigger matters but at the end, his advice always worked. He completed the training. His dream was fulfilled. He is filled with joy and eagerness to serve his country to his fullest. He returned to Karachi. Fadila is waiting for him to return from the moment she got a letter from him a week back.

Finally, they both are meeting today at the same spot. Nabi is waiting for her, to share his happiness with her, he saw her coming his heart started skipping beats. She is running towards him and they both hugged and kissed each other, fadila said: “ I missed you, nabi, you just don’t know how much I missed you.” He took her hand and kept in his heart. Nabi said all the things that happened back in the camp. It’s a beautiful moment under the terrace gazing at stars.  

It is his first day in the army, and he is on the backup team, after the war he got many praises for saving lives, and he even received a small badge of resilience. On that night, he saw his fellow soldier talking over the telephone but after six no one are allowed to use the telephone especially when there is no operator. Out of curiosity, he tried to go over to that tent and listen. He is standing opposite the tent but he heard nothing but footsteps so he slowly moved toward the other side and sat as if he knows nothing. His name is Mullan, he saw nabi there and he asked, “Nabi, hi, completed your dinner? What are you doing here?” Nabi: “nothing just came to take a walk, and you Mullan what are you doing here?” Mullan paused for a second and said, “ah, me too just came for the air”. Nabi: “today in the field I when saw you, you left the person you are carrying and ran away from the field, isn’t your duty to save him?”, Mullan: “then who’s gonna save me, I did my best but there are firings if I had held him both us couldn’t make it out alive.” Nabi raised his eyebrows and said “yes that’s true, ok I am going to sleep you can breathe air, freely” and nabi left the place. Nabi proved himself in every war. He is earning very good name and support from higher officials but today General Aadil Khan praised him for the advice he gave in the battle. Nabi wrote a letter to Fadila about how happy he is on this day. Few years passed he rapidly climb the ladder in terms of his name and rank. He is now promoted to the rank of a Commissioned officer. He returned to Karachi on Eid to meet his chacha, his kakee, and his Jaan, Fadila. Everyone in his colony is waiting for him when he arrived everyone warmly welcomed him. his chacha and kakee felt so happy for him but his eyes are looking for someone else he couldn’t find her. He started running to the regular meeting place, there he saw a girl in Gurkha he’s heart started skipping beats. Amid all the sounds and lighting of Eid his world narrowed down, she is removing her Gurkha, at that moment he could hear his own heartbeat. It’s been 2 years since they met. She is very angry on him, Nabi came close her and said, “Jaan, i.., I want to say this…” he took a pause with and with tears in his eyes he said, “ I missed to Jaan” and started crying holding her so tight. They both hugged each other as if it is the last time. Few days passed, somehow he convinced fadial’s parents for their marriage. Today is his marriage day, he is so happy right now but that is about to get huge, to his surprise, his General Aadil Khan attended to his feast, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He went towards him saluted him and took his general’s blessing and said, “ sir I am surprised, I am delighted, I would remember this day forever in my life sir.” Aadil: “ yes nabi you should remember because it is your marriage day today”.everyone burst laughing, Aadil: “ you didn’t invite your general your wife invited me nabi, she called me over my telephone and said about one and a half paged letter you wrote about the day when I praised you even I don’t remember that and she said that you would really be happy if I come to the feast, after all, I guess you are not happy with my arrival nabi!” Nabi: “sir, I’m still surprised that you came, thank you so much, sir.” Aadil: “thank your lovely wife not me I only have come for the feast”. After the feast, everyone took a sip of wine and danced. He is happy with his Jaan, it’s like living his life for the fullest. Still, he has 3 months holidays left but he got an urgent call from his general asking to report. He left from there as soon as he can. 

Delhi, Indian Army Military Base. 

Sarath Singh Pawer: “we got information from the intelligence that Pakistan is trying to attack us from the haul of Ladakh but as a deviation, they are going to make a shooting with the terrorists at the LOC. We have to retrieve our forces from there, today our target should solely be on defending an attack from Pakistan army. Team Ghatak get your arsenals ready. We are going to surprise Pakistan and its general Aadil khan. Hind Bharath Jai hind Bharath.” Everyone chorused with their major, “ Hind Bharath Jai Hind Bharath”. 

Pak military base. 

Everyone is getting ready to launch the attack. Dissections and discussions are going on. Majors and sergeants are ready with their respective teams. In the panel room, Aadil: “ as we planned earlier by now the Al-sayed along with his team are on the way to LOC they will create a ruckus there but in the meantime, our troops along with our majors and our COs will reach Ladakh and will lure them into an ambush and kill them. This victory is very important for us. Major Abdul are you ready?” Abdul: “yes, sir” Aadil: “Officer, Nabi are you ready with your troopers?” Nabi: “yes, sir”. Aadil “Now, move move move, go-go.” He thought, “Singh today is the day”. But they actually don’t know that they are ones who are going to be lured. Fadila is praying to Allah. Nabi took his men and left. 

War Zone, Ladakh 

As anticipated by Sarath Pawer they are coming to attack the haul but he is already prepared. Many Pakistani soldiers are getting killed. Major Abdul died protecting his man. Al-Sayed and his terrorist gang couldn’t find a man at the LOC. Sarath is going to kill the very last man he can. Nabi saw this, nabi saw the Indian snipers who are all around the place, he knows that if takes his men no one will live. He ordered, “soldiers, if we go in now we won’t do any good to our country nor our fellow soldiers, bring back anyone alive in our rescuable perimeter, and let`s retreat.” Nabi tried to save each and every life he can and he also saved his team and left there saluting to his major Abdul for one last time. 

Indian Military base 

Everyone is shouting Sarath pawer, his general felt so happy. General Bipin: “Well done Singh, today I understood why your team call you the tiger of the Indian army. You made them run away. This is an important victory for us. After this Cabinet would be very impressed by us. Our prime minister Indira Gandhi personally talked with me regarding this operation earlier. News outlets are also following these tensions keenly. You made us all proud. You made India proud. Shabash Sarath Singh Pawer” everyone around clapped. Sarath Singh shouted with his peak voice said “Jai Hind” everyone chorused along with him, “Jai Hind”

Pak military base

General Aadil khan just came out from a meeting with his superiors. They are not happy with what happened. General aadil called nabi, “Nabi what happened how did they know what we are going to do?” Nabi: “sir, that is my exact same question, I saw the slaughter and commanded my team to fall back. Give me some time sir I will find the reason. We have to give a strong comeback to them.” Aadil is very agitated with this and he left his office shouting at everyone on the way. Nabi couldn’t able to sleep all he could see is the slaughter. He gave it so much thought on what to do now. He meets a few people and talked with them asking and clarifying all the doubts he had. He went to the Afghanistan border and checked with a few under mufti. After a few weeks he came to Aadil’s office and said,“Sir, I came to know that we are having constant fires on our terrorist bases, I prepared all these days and I understood one thing, sir. India is taking advantage of our rivalry with Afghanistan. If my information is right last time Afghanistan scout troops got to know about our plan with Al-sayed. They conveyed this information to the Indian army. First, we have to break the geopolitical bond they both share. I have an idea, sir, I waited for this moment since I joined the army. Let us draw tensions and seize fires at LOC of Afghanistan. Let those tensions fire up and let them lead to a full-out strike between both of our countries then the general of Afghanistan will have no other option other than to ask India for help. This is where it’s going to get interesting we have to stop the Indian army to help Afghanistan I mean we have to stop them from coming here in the first place either we use political pressure for this or Al-sayed block them in the middle before they reach to help Afghanistan army. This will slowly damage their external affairs and relations. we will have the edge by the time they think they are about to lose we will offer them to talk. While we announce the standoff, Colonel level talks will take place between both of us and the terms will be favorable to us. once we make them our allies then we can target our real enemy sir.” Aadil is very impressed by the plan he devised with awe and pride he said, “well done, you are not even at the ranks where you are allowed to do the things you did to find the truth but you did and devised a very good strategy today itself I will talk this in the panel room. I am proud of you and Fadila will also be very proud but don’t write a letter to her and bore her.” Both of them laughed and the general went to the panel, said this plan as if it is his plan. They liked it and after a few days, the plan started coming in action. Similarly, the higher officials of Pakistan blamed India is funding Afghanistan terrorists to attack Pakistan and showing some built foolproof evidence for this. 

Indian base 

Discussions are going on all over war panels, Sarath pawer: “ sir, we must help them they asked us to help and they helped us last time. I have deployed my team.” Suddenly there is a call for general Bipin from the prime minister’s cabinet. After some time He came back to the war room and said, “ Sarath we are not going to help”, Sarath sighed with distress and wanted to say something Bipin interrupted him and said, “its not my decision, order from the prime minister. They are facing many backlashes from oppositions and media regarding Pakistan’s claim if we help them out now it will make what they claim true.” Sarath: “sir, this is why in the first place I hate when politicians involve in making military decisions here we give priority to politics whereas in Pakistan all they care is about war. I thought that this prime minister is immune to these but it turns out she isn’t” Bipin shouted at him at once and asked him to leave the panel room with anguish and disappointment he left. 

Pak-Afghanistan LOC. 

The situation heavily favored Pakistanis and the talks are successful. Now Afghans are their allies.

Pak military base 

Everyone congratulated Aadil for his plan and he is offered several medals but nabi is standing in a corner and all felt is happiness. He felt happy that he served his country. That night Aadil called him to his office, Aadil: “Nabi, our plan was nicely executed, we are now allies with them, strikes on our Al-Sayed and al-Shabab bases have stopped now they will resume operations freely. We have also made them busy in their political pitfall.” Nabi: “yes sir, I am so happy. We have to move to our next target, our real target our focus should not deviate.” Aadil: “are you saying that I am not focusing, no, that is all I am thinking about. That is why I called you are here today. You are very helpful for me while being a commissioned officer but if you are a Major you will be directly under my command. You will have more resources and you can be on the panel I know that you help with devising a strategy I designed. Get ready, Tomorrow you will be Major Nabi Nabi Ahmed Shakir.” Nabi’s eyes are filled with tears and he couldn’t move. He took Aadil’s blessings and thanked him so much, and said, “sir, today I am going to bore Fadila, like so much”. They both laughed. On the next day, his rank has been promoted, now he is officially a major. Everyone congratulated him. 

Mini-operations and strikes are taking place every once and a while. definitely the move of Afghanistan gave them an advantage they won few times but Nabi has his speculations because even though they de-mobilised India’s relations with Afghanistan they are times Indian Army is ahead of them. In a few weeks, they have an operation in Punjab borders if they succeed in this they will have the leverage over Kashmir border. Everyone is getting prepared for this. Nabi is preparing to his best the team he formed is one the best teams pak army has ever seen. They made many records in war and operations. While he is with his team mail boy called him and informed him that someone is waiting for him in the meeting area. There is a woman with Gurkha, he is tensed and excited. They both spent some time together. They laughed, they cried, they kissed, they hugged as if it is the last time. Fadila: “Jaan, I love you so much, you know that right, I will be right next to you in the battle holding hand, I promise I will never leave that hand.” Nabi replied “yes Jaan I know, I love you too” while they are about to kiss, general Aadil interrupted them and said, “am I interrupting?” Fadila said: “no, sir it’s my pleasure I was about to ask nabi about you. I can’t thank you enough.” The three talked for some time then aadil left them, Fadila said a hard goodbye and left. Nabi is all filled with tears of joy and sorrow but he said to himself that this is not the time to give in, this is the time where I have to stay strong and serve my country.

Punjab LOC

They went to Punjab border with all the force but they are being retaliated by Indians. They didn’t expect this attack. Indian Army attacked them even before they reached the intended place. Nabi is heavily injured, another colonel order for a fallback, they took nabi on a stretcher. 

Pak Army Base 

His shoulder is injured with a bullet wound. After operation, he recovered within weeks, the next minute he can stand, he furiously went to team and shouted at all of them with anger for his own failure. Even without proper dress code he went to panel room and said: “good morning officers, I don’t know yet how far you have analysed our latest defeat. Our focus has deviated and we are been fooled.” He looked straight to aadil and with a sigh he continued, “ officers at least by this we have to realise that our information is being tampered by Indians in one form or the other I don’t know how but I definitely know that the relay of information is happening and we have to concentrate on that we have to stop that relay, we have to find out. I’m sorry if I took the stance which I was not meant to.” Aadil: “ no, major you certainly didn’t, as a matter of fact, I was about to tell this thing you said it and made my work easy, now we have to focus on how to stopping this relay.” Nabi: “yes, general give me a few weeks I will certainly come up with something legit. On the same day and time within two weeks. Now if you excuse me general I have a job to do.” Nabi hardwired his team to keep all their eyes on the base, they observed everything that’s happening around. On an average day at least 45 people are moving in and out of the base, apart from workers and food supplies and soldiers can also go to the nearby town whenever they wish for but on that night one of the members of his team reported that he saw Mullan near the telephone service even after official hours. Nabi: “good lieutenant, I also have few doubts on him and this is not the first time this happened, now leave this I will deal with this, everyone concentrate on everything including every moment in the town, radio signals and wire tampering don’t leave any checkmark unchecked. The day passed like the wind today is he promised that he will disclose. 

Everyone in the panel is waiting for him finally he came. Aadil: “major, have you got leads do you have any names or did you figure out how the information relayed?”. After a few seconds of silence, Nabi said “ no, as of now I can’t affirmatively say a name but sir there is something that I and my team has found we didn’t know who is relaying the information but found out how it is being done. Maybe because of our alertness he might have stopped but the traces he previously made are clear. We are able to figure out how. Let me explain it to you officers. Firstly he is communicating with them on a timely basis. There is a van which comes from the Indian borders, in fact, there are many vehicles which cross the border between India and Pakistan in the name of exports and imports in the name of clothes to goods to wines to food etc but this van in particularly is strange it only comes to gives eggs and other goods but the pattern of its arrival and departure perfectly is in with sync with the radio channel of India which broadcasts super hit Indian songs and there is a restaurant beside to that shop to which many of our soldiers visit on regular basis. The driver of the truck looked like he is expecting someone we could arrest him and interrogate him but that will alert them but the driver is also not constant even the truck itself is not the same. So we searched the entire hotel surprisingly we have found a letter that was half burned on the back of the hotel dustbin he might have seen our scouts or anything might have happened he thought to destroy his note but in a hurry, he only burned it half. so from next day, we increased our focus but in all these days no one has come who seemed suspicious nor we found any letter similar to it so we concluded that he might have been got alarmed but now we know how the information is relayed. He writes a letter and goes to the restaurant but even he doesn’t know the van. He will know the number plate of the van based on the song he heard that day on the radio channel. Finally, when the truck arrives he will drop that letter written in morse code and the truck crosses the border because it is goods and supply truck and there are hundreds of similar trucks this made it easier to get away with, once it crossed the border we know what might happen but, we now have the greatest tool we know how to relay information. We can actually do something more than just captivate the mole. We can relay the information we want. I have a plan …” when he is about to start Aadil stopped him and said, “ very good work my major, I will take form here.” Nabi said “ sir I haven’t finished yet..”, Aadil said, “ you have done your part major now let us do ours.” He continued “ we have the power to inform them what we want, so I propose to give them five places where terrorists are gonna blast bombs but we are going to give wrong names but they will get alert and concentrate all their security and scrutiny in those five places we listed but our terrorists will not attack in those cities. as they alert those five cites the security will be less in other cites our terrorists are gonna attack those cites and blast bombs all at a time and this which send India into both military chaos and economical imbalance then we can attack the Kashmir border.” Everyone around him clapped and got excited even Nabi Clapped. They planned everything they chose the cites, Al-sayed is ready with his team. Aadil looked at Nabi and said, “you did a good job major a very good job” Nabi replied, “ I waited for the perfect time to serve my country and the time has come General.” They both hugged each other and Nabi wrote the letter in morse code listing the fake names of the cities and put that in the truck. It has time date and everything in it. Everything in it is true except the names of the cites they planned to do bomb blasts. Finally, the day has come. Aadil along with his majors and officers are in the war room along with higher officials. Everyone is very eager and tense. Nabi is praying to Allah. The room is filled with a gasp of suspense and the scent of excitement. Everything finally dropped back to a few minutes. Aadil is seconds away from his victory he started counting the numbers, Aadil: “ 10, 9, 8, 7, 6…” 

Delhi, Indian army base 

Someone else also started a countdown in Indian army base, it’s Sarath Singh Pawer, he is counting… “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” 

Blasts started at once, the sound of explosions breached the sky but the blasts are not from the cities of India but from all the major five terrorist bases in Pakistan, all of them blown at once. One base is nearer to Pakistan army base they felt the wave of that blast.

Delhi, Indian army Base. 

One guy came and confirmed about the blasts happened on the terrorist bases. Everyone is shouting and cheering in happiness. Sarath pawer “There is not even single casualty in India and all the terrorists who entered are captured. This is how we beat them. Jai hind” everyone shouted “Tiger…Tiger…tiger”. He has lead them very well and managed to achieve his feat. Even his general Bipin has a fair share of doubts on Sarath’s handling capacity. 

Pakistan military base

There is utter silence as if someone died. Nabi eyes turned red and tears rolled. After a few minutes of rotten silence, Aadil finally got up from his chair and started counting down number again from 10 again and again. He didn’t understand what just happened. He is throwing everything which he can he is screaming so high that many people closed their ears. Nabi is also equally upset he tired controlling his general. Aadil is shouting the same word again and again “How” 

Many of the super officials backlashed on Aadil and Nabi. Aadil is deeply disturbed and agitated by this. NabI checked everything and everyone. He bought Mullan into custody. Aadil tried his best and used his power to know to whom Mullan speaks in the telephone. After 2 days they finally got the number, he is calling his girlfriend in his hometown. Nabi: “sir, we are hitting rock-bottom again. I still don’t understand this.” Aadil: “i will find the one who caused this to me, at any cost. I will find that blacksheep”. Time is running very fast soon they got acquainted with other military jobs, nabi took over new batches to train and aadil got busy with dealing bureaucrat and diplomatic issues. 

Indian military base

Sarath pawer has successfully executed many operations, especially for his valour and intelligence, he showcased with dealing terrorist bomb blasts he received many medals and word of appreciation from prime minister herself. Bipin called Sarath to his cabin, Bipin “Sarath, come in sit down. You are serving your country very well but prime minister cabinet they are not very happy with your obedience, abidance to be precise. Last time when tensions are escalating with china you didn’t act upon information our intelligence gave us…” Sarath interrupted in the middle and said: “Sir I did that because I felt that is right, at last, weren’t we saved for the decision made by me and my team.” Bipin: “let me finish, yes but what if you were wrong then how you would have defended yourself, a cabinet called you a review meeting next week. Please prepare as accordingly. Now you may leave.” While he is about to leave Bipin said, “at least for once don’t be a tiger because now you are dealing with the lioness.” Sarath laughed and left the room. 

Indian Intelligence base 

After a direct meeting with the prime minister, Chief Rameshwar Nath decided to send Inayat Maisha to get in touch with his agent in Pakistan and to inform about a new method of relaying information. As the present one is disclosed and it has been many months since they have heard from him. 

After a few days 

Pakistan Military base 

The phone is ringing in the panel room. Nabi along with few others are in the room. He picked the call. after that call, he came straight to aadil`’s office. Aadil: “what happened why are you in such a hurry?” After breathing air for a minute he said, “sir, finally our soldiers over the border found a guy named Inayat Maisha, an Indian agent he seemed suspicious and soldiers captured him. Now they are interrogating him to know the person whom he came to meet he is not giving up. Let me go there sir, I will retrieve the information at any cost.” Aadil got very excited that he jumped from his seat and shouted Mashallah, “Nabi, we have an important operation with Iraq if you went there here will be on shortage. Even in comparison to me, you are the right person to handle it and it is very important to us. Let me handle with this asshole. I will not even hesitate to break him down into pieces but you can’t your soft in the heart. You made me the happiest person in the world by saying this.” After this Aadil left to the interrogation room. 

India, prime minter’s office 

Its been 45 mins since Sarath is waiting outside the prime minister’s office but no one calling him inside and one is there in prime minister’s cabin. His frustration grew along with his impatience. Finally, he is asked to go inside. After seeing Indira Gandhi directly for the first time he felt very good her presence made him forget his frustration. Prime minister: “ good morning major, sorry for the late I am busy with my files and also wanted to test your patience. Seems your performance is poor.” Sarath didn’t know how to respond he stood there silently until he was offered to take a chair. Sarath: “madam good morning”. Prime minister: “you have to know a thing, along with intelligence and bravery a solider needs utmost patience to wait until the time comes. Due to its rarity, it took a while for us to find the right person. I called you here today because I want to share something with you which I shouldn’t but for the sake of country, I am. let me ask you a question why you failed at stand-off between you and china, and even with Pakistan they had a few upbeats over us a few times…” Sarath interrupted her in the middle and said “madam, its the process of the war sometimes we win and sometimes we lose and coming to your question I am the major with minimal losses in Indian Army even though politicians interfere so much than in any other country.” Indira gave a sharp look at him, he hesitated and said, “madam I am saying this because you asked to not to help Afghanistan if we are still allies we would have the upper hand.” Indira Gandhi: “this the reason why I precisely called you today. To fill the gap.” Sarath: “Pakistan won a few times because their generals and majors are given all the power and support they need madam. Their military defines the politics” prime minister: “our country is not a militant country here we care about peace and people and not about war so politics are around people not around the military isn’t it a good thing, apart from that your saying you can only be effective if you have all powers ?” Sarath: “yes, I can work ten times more effectively than Pakistanis” Indira Gandhi: “oh Mr Sarath Singh Pawer out there he is not even receiving a single penny from the Indian government, he was left on the streets and we are offering him nothing, he did service to this country. We can’t honor him even if we give him all the medals and awards we have. We don’t give him a salary, we don’t offer him support at least we don’t even recognise him at all. What power he had when he saved India a hundred times. Ah !! All he had and has is his will and a ground-rooted love towards his country.” Sarath: “ madam, excuse me, I don’t understand about whom are you talking? who is he?”

Pakistan interrogation room

Inayat by now was tortured for 9 days, they plucked his nails, they urinated on him, they made him starve, they gave the 3rd degree just a hundred times more what is generally given. Aadil took a drilling machine and drilled it straight in his palms, he couldn’t suffer the pain, all he wanted is to die but they are not letting him die. Aadil now pointed the drilling machine straight to his eyes and said, “you Indian dog, I will drill straight into your eye and I won’t let you die, say the name of your black sheep”. With lots of anger, and pain both in his heart and body, he shouted out loud and spitted straight right on aadil’s face and said, “ we are not the dogs, he is making all of your dog tails move as he wanted for years and son of a bitch he is not a black-sheep he is …..”

India, prime minster’s office 

Indira Gandhi replied “ he is the BLACK TIGER of the Indian Army, his track records if they are official would be 10 times more than all the collective records our army hold. He is the greatest agent raw has ever produced. 

Pakistan interrogation room

“… the black tiger.” This made Aadil stunned just by listening to his code name. His anger grew, even more, he drilled into half his eyes and after 11 straight days of torture, he gave the name of BLACK TIGER. 

India, prime minster’s office

Even right now he is in the service of India, he is in the military of Pakistan. He is NABI AHMED SHAKIR, he achieved a feat no one ever did, and he is now a major in the Pakistani Army.

Sarath felt goosebumps he felt as if someone’s hot breath touched his back. He involuntary stood from his chair with all his power and with every single nerve and muscle he got up from his chair and saluted to him. On seeing Sarath Indira Gandhi also saluted him. 

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