The Time and He


This Milky Way galaxy is the destination of unbeatable, infinite, wonderful, unimaginable imagination. In every corner of which lies the invaluable flow of unexpected mystery. “It simply came to our notice then. The intense rays of the insatiable sun illuminate the universe in a new light. Just as the mystery of the seven wonders is broken and the astonishment is created.

The beginning of the new era, this era is not of culture or mythology but of the age of great science. The new flower lotus has blossomed with the gentle touch of modern science. No one can say that the slightest pride of the newly discovered science can destroy the entire Milky Way galaxy. The most mysterious thing about that modern science is time travel to the past and future. Which, of course, made the scientists be quiet. 

Scientist Dr. Melkin Hocke went on to play with time, inventing such an amazing and unique weapon that made him great in all world. He was a German scientist and professor of quantum physics. He was a professor at the University of Natural science and physics near Berlin. With the help of his advanced skills and strong intellect and knowledge of quantum physics, he invented the first blueprint design of the Time Machine. It is true that he had already prepared the project, but a new question had already come to his notice. That was a huge obstacle, as the time machine needed to build a rare magnetic elemental substrate, which is found only 1,000 km below the Pacific Ocean. And the question is, how will he bring that piece of a magnetic element? As he thought about it, he suddenly noticed the top of his desk. Notice of a piece of paper placed on top of a beautiful box made of blue glass having fully scientifically designed for giving protection to any substance. He ran and read the notice, which made him shocked I.e, “Dr. Hocke This is the magnetic substance you needed, but don’t complete this project and play with time because at the end time may play with you as making you it’s a doll. – Mr. Hocke.”He could not understand whether this mysterious message was for him or who he had brought this material to and how he had brought it, only he finds that the question mark of his project was over. He took the magnet out of the box and put it in his laboratory, and began to collect all the other components he needed to make the time machine.

In a few days, he had finished his time machine. But if he didn’t test it, he thought he would use a robot first. At noon, as he was leaving for lunch, he saw another letter on the same table.

When he picked up the letter and started reading it, the time machine has startted automaticaly and he just pulled by the machine and suddenly a vast explosion take place with high green blue flame and deadly gas.The whole Lab totally Vanished with in a few minutesAfter the blast, the city’s fire department was called in to extinguish the blaze. But the existence of the lab is over, and the whole research  of Dr. Melkin, is burner with time.

Many of the surrounding animals died prematurely because of that dadly gas of that explosion.Many saints and scholars have said that playing with time is the same as playing with God, and that everyone has to suffer the consequences.Melkin’s present existence is over, and everyone’s belief in what Melkin was up to now has wiped out.All that remains is the ashes, which will be very easily incorporated into the soil. 

It’s all over for Melkin’s family. His wife’s face was pale, and her son’s future looked black .Everything was looked the end.Happy was then such a very bad thing for Krook, the son of MelkinIt was only 10 days since Melkin’s death, but everyone at home was devastated. Krook, a 15-year-old son, wanted to know if his father had died

But time is over and all the criteria are devasted. All man are behind time. No one can stop it. 



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