The Symphony of Freedom


A tribute to Spartan valor and longing for freedom, and most importantly there ideal of absolute apathy to retreat or surrender

Spears scrape their spines, the shields clash against swords malicious:

Priggish helmets flung apart; deserted camp remnants licked by unworldly flames,

The Doric crimson capes: the testimony to freedom shed so fast in its defense-

The tempered arrows fly, a veritable way to shun the distant sun’s glare.

Behold soldier what grotesque spectacles shall stand in our path!

As gold-laden Persians from a thousand nations descend on us:

From the thunderous clouds and forgotten forests they emerge; from the womb of darkness infinite

In this primeval struggle till death, thorns shall not be flowers in our sight.

Gladiators, they battle as if in vain lay all glory there is to partake;

The cursed taint of defeat more primal than the too human urge to retreat,

Pure disdain thus guides them, from a victory magnanimous than most-

For in death lies regret, and in life the broken will to fight again.

Hence fear not what insanities pride may convey on its behalf,

To live a pyrrhic life shall be more generous from what glorious death you seek.

If defeat be the answer, so be the command fate proclaims;

For today’s defeat shall harbor victories greater than what humongous shadow of defeat looms in our wake.

So, captain, let go of the battlefield if need be,

But do not forget those scars-the cold, rugged grip of spear and sword

Let the soiled, tattered crimson not be the truth that defines what we are

For we Spartans survive then, to fight and win another day.

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11 thoughts on “The Symphony of Freedom

  1. Very nice

  2. Beautifully written…seems a historical feel makes it better

  3. Great depiction of the Spartan valour and courage and their quest to win at any cost. Imagery used to describe different actions is very real.
    Well done Sayan

  4. Nice🥰

  5. Again splendid…

  6. Beautifully written brother… loved it.

  7. Sayandeep❤

  8. An energetic poem composed beautifully of dynamic words. It reminds of all the Spartan movies like 300 & Gladiator. Fabulous work buddy, keep it up

  9. The proverbial psychic make of the protagonists skillfully brought out. Words used are redolent of the age in question. Language is evocative too.
    Well done, Sayandeep.