The Scary Humm


On 4 th of October 2001, A case was reported on a house which is haunted by someone, In a
famous news paper. The story scared everyone in that town for many years and the story is…
Christopher and his parents moved into a new house. The new house seemed a little dark and it
was still chilly in the middle of the summer and after moving into the house Christopher parents
conspicuously began to act little strange. Christopher was about to sleep and as soon as he laid
down after turning off the lights. While he was sleeping he heard a humming sound from one of
the corners of his room and he noticed a white coloured structure standing at that place. He
observed that something is watching from that corner. So he moved near the corner, But he
didn’t notice anything except the room wall. Again he laid on his bed by covering his blanket
from his legs and again he heard the same sound from below his bed. He was tensed and looked
under his bed, the sound has stopped and nothing is there under it. He was littlebit scared and
ready to sleep by closing his eyes. Again, he heard the same humming sound beside him. He was
sweating and covered his whole body with his blanket tightly. But this creepy humming sound
didn’t make him to sleep. After sometime the sound has stopped and someone has opened his
room door slightly. That made him scary and he made a small hole from his blanket and looked
towards the door. He observed that someone is watching him from outside his room.
Christopher thought that it was his dad and said “Dad is that you…? I’m afraid, Please come
inside…” The door closed slowly and the humming sound was started again, from outside of his
room. He was curious about that sound from where it was coming through. So he came into the
living room and looked around. He noticed that the sound was coming from the basement of his
house. So Christopher moved towards the basement of his house. And he noticed that his
mother was dancing strangely on that spot and jumping like as she got too excited. When he
moved near to his mother, he noticed that the lady dancing over there was not his mother,
Christopher ran towards the living room with fear and he saw a weird thing that was doing by
his Mom and Dad. His parents were sitting in the living room and watching TV. His dad was
laughing with his eyes and mouth wide open and his mom was giggling like crazy, but there is no
picture displaying on the screen due to the bad signal connections, the TV screen is full of
distrubance, It sounds creepy to him. He didn’t undestand what was happening to his parents.
Christopher was so scared and moved calmly into his room and he got into the bed covered
himself totally with his blanket and he was shivering due to fear. He tried to sleep as soon as he
laid down. At the same time his room door opened again, His parents came into his room and he
felt something was not good and being scared, he covered his face with blanket and they sat
next to his bed one after one. His dad sat in the narrow gap between the bed and window and
whispered in his ear “WHAT WAS THAT ?, WHY DID YOU DO THAT ?” he kept wispering the same thing again and again and he had no choice but to pretend to be asleep with fear. Long after he heard the door closed and when he opened his eyes to see if his parents had left. There was his mother she was kneeling on his study table and smiling widely at him. He took the Compass from his geometric box and killed his mother with that sharp object, after that he took a
hammer and went to his parents room and there he saw his father. He hit on the head of his
father with that hammer so many times and murdered him. He burnt the bodies of his parents
in that house and jumped into the fire and committed suicide. Christopher also died. From that
time the house became a Haunted One. During night times, If anyone passes aside of this house
they too hear the Scary Humming sounds…Those who listen that humming sound will die within
24 hours. From that time no one dares to go near that house.

Actually, In that house Christopher parents also heard the creepy humming sound and went to
the basement, after that they started to act weird and the same thing had happpened to the
Christopher after coming from the basement. He too acted weird and killed both of his parents
and committed suicide. So guys, Can you understand what is there in the basement of that
house ? Who is responsible for the death of the Christopher and his parents ?

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