The night we met


I was drunk for the first time, searching for reasons to hold on to life for a little while longer over a
bottle of beer. I was shattered when the news reached me. I was numb and didn’t know what to do, to cry my eyes out or scream at the top of my lungs or break everything around me. So, I chose to
switch it off.
Sitting on the porch of some unknown villa, talking to myself, a blurry figure walked past me and
asked “Hey, you alright.” And something inside me screamed, “No…. save me please.” but all that
came out of my mouth, was a slurred yes.
“Are you alone?”
And I sat there quiet, when suddenly a streak of horror jolted down my spine; I realized, I am a drunk

woman in the middle of night, alone. I raised my eyes to catch a glimpse of the man. He had a well-
built structure, chin chiseled out as if of a sculpture and blue hypnotic eyes. As the breeze swept his

shoulder length hair upon his forehead, it made me wander the aisles of his enigmatic charisma.
Something irresistible about him kept my eyes hooked to his face and the moment came to a
standstill. Something about him seemed worthy of trusting, even at this hour of night.
I tried to stand up; to make an impression of not being under the influence of any drug and capable
enough to defend myself in case the circumstances ask for it. But the instant I rose, my head spun,
losing my balance and as I made my peace with being encountered with a large thud shortly, I closed
my eyes hard. The moment seemed longer and suddenly I felt something soft yet firm guarding my
head from the ground and I found my body in the close proximity of something warm and comfy. I
opened my eyes and I found myself in his arms. The voice in my head told me to pull away, but I just
couldn’t, and somewhere I didn’t want to either.
I held him tighter for support and it was time to let go now. But I clenched onto him and suddenly,
everything inside me came rushing to the surface when I erupted, as the gush of realization crushed
me under its enormous weight. It came to me what has happened and all I wanted to do at that
second was to shed tears till it all went away. And I groaned in the striking pain that clutched my
whole body and every part of me ached; making me miserable and seemingly pathetic in his arms.
I mumbled in pain, “he’s gone, gone…forever.” As I cried it out loud it seemed more and more real.
While any stranger, on whom I dumped all my sorrows like that would have been startled and would
have swayed a stream of question to get hold of the scenario. But he just sat still, supporting me
with all his strength and swept my hair off my face and waited, until I was calm. The warmth and the
soft touch of his hands made me feel home and safe, despite of all the distraught that clouded my
emotional compass and judgement.
As I fell asleep there, he picked me up and walked into the house, that was his which I figured only
then. Even half asleep, I clutched onto him like a baby, and next thing I knew; I was on a comfy
mattress beneath me and wrapped in a cozy quilt. It was all a blur, but I remember catching a
glimpse of pastel shaded walls and a marble vase holding white peonies that sat beside a vintage
skillfully carved wooden wardrobe across the bed. My eyes gave up, after all the efforts I made to
stay awake, when the lights went off with the sound of door closing behind me.
After a while, the horrors of a nightmare tossed me awake, with a pressing headache. As I woke up
the lights were still out and it was dark outside the window, in front of me. I took a look around and
it shows 2’o clock on the pendulum clock hung on the wall. I put my shoes on, which someone put

off before shoving me into the bed, probably him. As I stood up, I felt a sharp twitch in the back of
my head and I fell back onto the berth. I took a pause and after regaining consciousness, I rose again
and walked shakily towards the window with exquisitely carved oak wooden panels; veiled with
laced frosty curtains dancing along the fresh breeze. Beyond it, was small lawn with a lake in the
center, reflecting the gorgeous full moon that shone bright that night, surrounded by picturesque
floral plethora of lilacs and lavender that brushed their soft scent weaseling its way into the house.
Around the boundaries, stood large chestnut trees as if guarding the mainland with manifestation of
their power and enormity. All of my worries and sufferings dissolved into the simplest of the
pleasures and the aroma of nature. I stood there for a while, grasping all the subtle joys of life and
deviating from the agony I yet had to face head on.
After some time, I strode towards the door of my room, unlocking it with the squeakiest of voices,
which led me to the hallway with a number of passages. In the dark, I reached upon the wall and slid
one of my hand along it and the other, swaying in air to be sense any obstacle in my way. The villa
was like a labyrinth, I was wandering cluelessly with the lack of any photons, so my sense of sight
was practically of no use. Following my trail, I came across a room which stood out from all the
others. I sneaked into the room, stealthily and I heard someone breathing against the remarkable
tranquil of the night.
As I leaned forward and my eyes adjusted, I encountered the man I met before, sleeping on the bed
in perfect stillness, with the moonlight illuminating that impeccable serene face of his. I grasped
upon the perfectness of his appearances, emanating innocence yet some mysterious nuances of
maturity. Earlier, I had missed the subtle details of his face which, then took my breath away. The
night light glorified his perfectly carved features and for that particular moment the thought of him
being a human, sounded totally irrational. He laid there, still like a piece of art. One instant, I am
mesmerized by his irresistible yet, quite evident charm and the other, I find my hand ruffling through
his smooth light brown hair moving down to his well-defined nose and then towards his firm jawline;
riding smoothly over his speckless soft skin. As I sat there absorbing his unusual level of perfection; I
was lost into another realm. The floor was chilling but his warmth kept me from freezing to death.
I was tempted to live up to his surreal presence and to sense his intangible existence into the very
roots of my memory, to revisit. I sat there for hours, with all the worldly affairs hurled back into the
oblivion. His slow, deep breaths tuned into a harmony that soothed my agony.
The sun shined bright that day and as the bright light invaded my eyes, it was 6’o clock. He was still
asleep, I took a final sigh and left off the door sneakily. I could have waited till he woke up, but I
wanted this experience to be sacred and nothing to ruin that perfect night I just spent and mystique
was the key element to that. This had to remain a fairytale so, I left off with a note on the dining
table with a “Thank You”.

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5 thoughts on “The night we met

  1. Oh my goddess……
    It’s so beautiful ❤❤
    It’s pure feels 😍😍😍😍

  2. Aight-hold on… Don’t tell me it’s not from some cult favourite novels!!!!! I don’t believe you!

  3. · December 14, 2020 at 9:17 pm

    Its really classic……God bless you……❤️

  4. This is purely amazing!!!
    You’re way too talented!!!

  5. Lmao..not at all wierd to see teenagers with unsolicited comments about percieving reality grow tone and expect all of the abusrdity to be beautiful…things we do to make sense