The Mystery


Footsteps slowly creaked on every step of the stairs. The bedroom door handle turned slowly. I, Yukti and Bhavika were the only tenants living in that old bungalow. It was a dark rainy night. Heavy and incessant rain filled the darkness. We all got scared. We observed the footsteps coming towards us. Suddenly darkness was filled all over the bungalow. Lights are gone. Some thing is coming down the stairs. We lit up the torch. Yukti threw a beam of light towards the staircase. Some paranormal thing was coming. Was it a ghost or an alien?

Screams rent the air as we saw such a scary thing. We ran here and there. Bhavika and Yukti ran towards the kitchen which was near to the hall where we were sitting. I didn’t run but hid behind the Sofa. To my astonishment the supernatural thing didn’t see me but went in the kitchen where Yukti and Bhavika were hiding. However they managed to come out of the kitchen and ran towards the bedroom. I didn’t understand why that psychic thing was behind us. The paranormal thing went after Yukti and Bhavika. At last they went up the stairs where we were not at all allowed to go. The house owner had restricted us to go on the first floor.

They went up the stairs and the paranormal thing was following them. They were running and running and running. The paranormal thing was following them. Meanwhile I came ahead of the sofa. Yukti and Bhavika were trying to open the door of the room on the first floor. It was not opening. Why wasn’t it opening? I threw a beam of light towards the supernatural thing and saw its shadow. I understood that it wasn’t a ghost or an alien but he was a normal person. I immediately called the police and went up the stairs with a stick in my hand. I hit that person on his head. Cops came and arrested him. After investigation we understood that the person was a robber and wanted to rob our locality. As the bungalow was very old he chose that bungalow and wanted to frighten people. That night was very horror. We will always remember that rainy night.

Next day hazy sunshine peeped in through the window. We had already decided to leave the bungalow and shift to a safe place. As we were moving out of the  bungalow we all were wondering that why the door didn’t open of room on the first floor. Was there really a…..

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