The musical love stories


“It was a musical love story”, Ram started. “What? Musical love story! It ought to sound magical love story right?”, his friends asked in surprise.” Yes, but its musical here”, he replied with naughty smile, then everyone started listening to the story. 

Ram, the narrator, a kind of person who is the living example for the sentence’love even small things in life’. He has a kind of love at everything and he mostly narrates love stories in his writings. Come, lets get into Ram’s story. 

     “Like in all good movies, it was also a pleasant romantic evening where the sky worn red outfit for that day. It was beach with lots of people enjoying their weekend, and of them a gang of friends were just chilling out 

and talking with full of enjoyment. And in the crew one of them started singing as the others asked him to sing the situational song 

to enjoy the charm of the place with the soul of the music. At once he started singing,they just went into feel of joy. Just behind them, a girl was just standing mesmerized with that voice. Then almost the end of song, her gang of friends came and pulled her from there. And all these scenes behind left unnoticed by hero’s gang.”Weird,isnt?”.Then just think how soulful his song would be and he is Ajay a singer by passion and an university student. 

         The very next day, he was travelling to college in bus. When he was about to get off from the bus, he heard a voice. “Ajay, Hii. How are you?  Tomorrow is my birthday party and you should definitely come. I will be inviting all our friends. So everyone must come without fail. “, abi told. Abi, his friend from childhood and they were studying in same college. “Birthday party! Small girl haha”,teased ajay”Hey, by next birthday I may get married so my parents wants to celebrate. Dont tease haha” abi replied to ajay. “Just Kidding, without me how will the party start.” ajay told and they both went inside the college campus. 

Birthday party Day:

       “Welcome, guys.Thank you for joining, but though you are bit late”, abi beamed in joy when ajay and friends joined the party. “Just got late when buying your gift”, ajay managed, “I know you all guys” abi smiled.  

     Then the birthday party went with all perks of happiness. Everyone sat down and cake cutting happened. Then abi in stage called her friend from stage crowd and announced everyone there will be a singing round and her friend will start it. Once she started singing everyone there were melted with her voice. But that man ajay, he not only got stumbled with her voice but also his thoughts remembered something else. It reminds him of the moment when about a week ago, when he gone for a temple with his parents, they heard a beautiful girl voice in the silent temple singing devotional song. He ran and looked her and completely lost himself in the song that day. At this moment, he was so excited to see the girl again and also she is the best friend of her bestie is added advantage for him. Once she finished her song,abi asked ajay to come to stage for singing song, as we all know ajay is the good singer. 

      The moment when she getting off from stage and ajay walking towards stage, their eyes looked each other not just looked locked each other. 

      Then ajay went on stage and started singing,  then the girl remember the day when she saw him in the beach while singing. Yes, She is the girl and her name is ananya. Then till the end of the party both were unable take off their eyes from each other and then the party ended all good. 

The Next day,

    As expected, ajay called abi and asked about ananya and her number. Then after so many beggings and praising, he got her number. He was so excited and can’t wait to text her. He started texted saying “Hi”. As she was online, from the other end “Hi,  who’s this!? ” got reply within minutes. 

“Hi, this is ajay. Yesterday we met at abi birthday party right!?” texted ajay. Then for minutes no reply from that side. Ajay got tensed what happened to her,  whether she will block, but on the other side its different story, she was just flying in joy and plentiful of smiles and blushes in her faces and she was struggling in enthusiasm to reply back. 

Then she packed up all the courage and called him suddenly. ‘Ananya calling’, the call from her drove him crazy and with loads of excitement, he picked and said, “Hi ananya “,

“Hii ajay, how are you”, she replied. “Great,  really unexpected call from you” ajay told. 

“Yeah, just wanted to talk to you, that’s the reason”,she said. “Ohh cool, do you know one thing I saw you once in temple before party”, ajay started.”Yeah! Your voice reached me before I reached you, such a pleasant voice makes everyone melts” ajay told. Here, ananya was so surprised that he too saw him like her before and that too while singing, it was like a dream for her. She said, “Really, its amazing do you know I too saw you before while singing in beach and got amazed with your voice. Literally, I called for that “. Once he heard this from her, he was droven into excitement. “What a lovely coincidence!” he shouted in joy.

      Then the conversation goes for hours, their friendship goes for months and relationship started over a year. Then continued. They talked about everything his present, future, happy, sad, past…from accidents to awards,  from gud morning to gud morning for the next day before sleep. With everything they become more understanding couple and loves each other immensely.

      Days went by, and now they have decided to get married. They confessed about their love to their parents but to their surprise they didn’t faced much struggle but took some days of time to convince them. Finally, they agreed and started making arrangements for marriage. Both of them were in cloud nine and excitely getting ready for the marriage. 

Invitation distribution :

      In the busy marriage arrangement days,  they started distributing invitation for all relatives.  Ajay parents took care of their side relatives and similarly ananya’s side invited by them. On the other side, Both ajay and ananya together invited their friends and wellwishers. One day,  they both went to ananya’s music teacher, Govind’s home. He is an old gentleman still running music classes for students at this very old age.  Guru Govind’s wife, Rukmani, left him some more years ago. Though they weren’t blessed with children, after Rukmani, music became his life. Even ananya told ajay before everything about his guru. She visits him every month and all special occasions and Govind too take care of her like his own daughter. 

   They entered the home.” Welcome ajay and ananya, I was waiting for your arrival. Marriage invitation right!? “, Govind asked in excitement. “Yes guru”, ananya replied with blushing smile looking down at the ground. Then Govind asked them to take their seats and served them with cup of coffee. Govind started,  “I was really happy after hearing about your marriage news and especially about after knowing your love story and how music made significant role in that love. “Yes guru, literally music made us united” , ajay replied. “Haha, nice. I am remembering my days with my wife now after many days, since I forced myself to prevent the thoughts to not enter into my mind.But your story made me blast all those bridges. In our life too music made magic inbetween us. Rukmani was not from a music background and she don’t know anything about music when I married her. I had an wish before marriage to marry a girl who is a singer but after knowing about rukmani, I was totally disappointed. But I didn’t hate her, just treated her as my wife instead of love. As days goes on, I noticed her listening to my music classes from distance, trying to sing by herself alone in balcony, bathroom, etc.  This activities last for days and one day I caught her red handed while singing and asked her what she was doing so far. She told,” I am trying to learn singing.” “To learn singing? But you don’t like that right”, I asked.” Who told I don’t like, I haven’t tried so far thats all, also I heard from your friend that you wanted to marry a singer. So since the person I love likes singing, I too started love singing and to be frank, I am in really in love with it from my heart and will you please teach me” ,she replied. Her words made me fall for her at an instance. Then I taught her singing she learned it so well and fast. She strongly had an desire or kind of goal to achieve in singing field. I too tried many things but couldn’t get any good platform and within our search over, I lost her, Totally unexpected loss. But still she is living in this world with her organs as we donated hers and ever in my heart” He stopped his words with hard feeling and tears in eyes and they both got teared up. “Sorry, I have made you sad by saying my story”,govind told.” No no guru, we were really heart touched with it but don’t worry we are there always for you “, ananya replied and after few minutes of talk they both left home after inviting govind. 

The next day, 

      The impact of govind’s story about Rukmani didn’t leave both of them. They wanted to do something for them in the musical field. Thoughts longed for days and suddenly they got an idea of starting an YouTube channel. YouTube channel in name of Govind and Rukmani. “Nowadays we have many social media platform rather than those days so we will start our musical journey here from youtube”,told ajay. “Yes fantastic, we will try to make different musical videos and will start covering from our marriage by conducting different musical things. 

As they said, they covered their reception, marriage for YouTube videos with different content like bride and bridegroom singing duet songs, their families with musical competition and more dance song videos. With this different concept, people started following them and within some months they became well known faces among people. 

Almost by an year, they reached million subscribers and they were invited to the award show. 

The award day, 

     On the clear beautiful morning, everyone prepared from their family for award show.

“Where is ananya”, asked ajay’s mom. He went to bring one important person and will join us in the show. Then they started their travel and reached the place. Inside the auditorium, there they saw ananya standing with an old man, Govind . “Who is he?” asked mom. “He is ananya’s music teacher, you may not know because he didn’t attend marriage due to health issues. “, ajay replied.They went near them and when ajay’s parents saw him they bursted  into tears and hugged govind. Ajay and ananya got shocked and he asked, “You know him before mom? ” His mother replied, “Yes, and we will never forget him for life because of his wife you got eyes after the accident”. It was an accident happened to ajay before years which made him lost sight. Then she got the eyes of Rukmani donated to him which made him gain sight again and he told about this accident to ananya during their early days but he too was shocked and happiest at peak that those are Rukmani eyes. At an instance,  when govind heard him he was at the top of happiness and hugged him. Now they feel Rukmani was there with them. 

           During their conversation, their names were called by anchor to receive award and they reached the stage and received award from them. In award speech, they called govind to the stage and dedicated the award to him. Ananya started her award winning speech, “We started our musical journey and reached this much heights only because of our guru govind and his wife Rukmani. We wanted to honour them and truly satisfied on this day and we are dedicating this award to Govind and Rukmani,  the ultimate cause of everything.” Govind has no words to say but only left with tears of joy that their unbiological children ajay and ananya made  them proud by fulfilling their wish.

            “And here our story ends”, Ram finished. Their friends told him that this is one of the best stories ever heard. He replied, “It is not just story it is true incident happened in my friend’s life and i will introduce you all to them “. Everyone shouted out of joy. Before they are about to leave for the day,He concluded, “It was not just about love between two, its really the love stories about the beauty of love and music in the four people lives”.

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