The Mean Girl


“Do I want to do something in my life? I mean, people of my age are doing
many things. What am I doing? These books will kill me someday ☹ I don’t
want to study. I want. “the girl was scribbling things in her Diary as she always
used to. She was in her drop year for NEET, and she was so tired of studying
everything again and again. It was her second drop. And she didn’t want to go
for a third one. She has to solve numerical in physics, previous years for
chemistry, and revise all those names in bio, but she was just done for Today.
Life was going well until her tests happened. According to her, Girls in Allen
would do anything to shoot another one down. There was so much jealousy
between them. And then there was Shivani; Shivani was good; she was her
Oh! Sorry, I forgot to tell you our girl’s name. Her name is Avantika. Avantika
has her test Today. And Today, she is gonna show that bitch vertika that she is
more intelligent than her. “I am gonna wipe my ass with your test score,” She
is what Avantika announced to everyone, pointing it to Vertika. Well, later, she
felt a sudden urge to leave the group.
This WWE Fight between Avantika and Vertika wasn’t new. It started when
Avantika got a love letter. It was written in the letter that she has to come in
blue to meet the boy. Avantika was on cloud nine. She reached there an hour
early and was surprised to find everyone else there laughing and giggle
exchanging money. For some time, she couldn’t comprehend what is
happening. Then Vertika told her, “You have beautiful eyes, come in blue if you
want to meet me.” It didn’t take seconds for Avantika to jump on Vertika.
Though Vertika was laughing her ass off with everyone else. Shivani had to use
all her power to stop Avantika.
“You bitch, I will kill you; you won’t ever get a boyfriend. I will make you go
bald Today. Fight with me.”

‘Shivani, leave me, let me punch her… Shivani, leave me.” Though Shivani was
She signalled Vertika to go. And with a little help. Avantika came back home.
That was the start of both their fights. Avantika would write every little detail
about all their fights between them in her Diary. And the only two people who
enjoyed these details were the Diary itself and Shivani. She would sneak in
when Avantika would be out or in the shower. And laugh rolling on the bed.
However, Avantika didn’t know about this.
“She can try wiping her ass with my test scores, Though it might sting her a
little.” She took a pause. “I scored 111” She would make jokes like these with
her friends when Avantika wasn’t around.
Today was the D-day. Everything is going to be decided. So many asses are
gonna be wiped Today.
OMR sheets were disturbed a little early, so they got little time ahead. And the
coincidence was Vertika was sitting just behind Avantika. “What if she puts
gum in my hair too? Just like I did,” Avantika was afraid. Vertika had to pay the
price of that prank with her hairs. She was in boy’s cut for months.
“Hey Avi, listen na .. “ vertika hissed to Avantika.
“Aaj blue hai pani, pani, pani , pani, aur din bhi sunny sunyy” ( Water is blue
babes and sun is up) whole class laughed out loud. The Avantika made a hole in
her OMR sheet. She had to get a new one. Vertika knew well Avantika couldn’t
do anything during exams. So, she took her chance. Her day was made.
During the rest of the exams, some pens were sacrificed, some lines were cut,
some equations were mocked, some laws were totally mutilated, and some
scientists in heaven were shamed.
And when the exams were over.
Vertika came to Avantika with a puppy face. “Avi, I am sorry, I won’t be able to
submit. I don’t feel good about it.”
Avantika thought, “Ha, water under the bridge.”

“Why, You think you will score less than me? “Avantika said mockingly.
“NO,” Vertika answered.
“Then what.”
Vertika waited for some time and said, “This is my answer key. You wanted to
wipe your ass with it. Here you go. Pls, do. I just don’t want some poor girl to
not have proper hygiene just because of some bet.”
Everyone was like, “OMG.”
Avantika jumped on Vertika. Shivani stopped her, though two more people
were needed. Avantika was shouting “ Sali kutti kahin ki.. Maar dungi tuje aaj
mai” (You bitch I will kill you today)
Vertika was like, “Why would you kill me? Toilet paper finished, that’s why, or
there’s a water shortage in your area.”
Three more people were needed to hold the very Angry Avantika.
Avantika came home, didn’t even check the scores, and wrote everything in
her Diary. And calmed down and slept. Shivani, her roommate, as usual, read
everything and laughed herself to sleep.
There were some days for results to come. And during that time. The porn ban
was announced. Everyone was reading in the paper the water boy brought.
Avantika one day made fun of Vertika for watching porn. Well, She was the
one who rumored that Vertika was a porn addict and couldn’t even control
herself in class; that’s why she went to the bathroom that often. This was
Vertika’s turn. So She sent a video to Avantika with an informative thumbnail,
telling her to raise the full volume to listen properly. Avantika followed.
“Ah. Ah Ah…hhh.” Porn sound was listened to by the whole of the class and the
Teacher who was coming. He didn’t know what to do so he decided to come
back 15 minutes later. Avantika was embarrassed as hell. She couldn’t even
leave now. Everyone who didn’t know will think it was her.
To be honest, everyone knew. The whole class was laughing. And Avantika was
giving angry fumes to Vertika, who was flexing with her hairs.

When the laughter stopped, Vertika said out loud, “Looks like after listening
about porn ban, someone wants to watch all the porn and store it in memory
to rewind for the rest of the time. “The laughter continued—more angry fumes
towards Vertika.
The next day was the result. It was there on the board. Avantika topped the
class. She scored 600 marks out of 720. Well, Vertika wasn’t that much far
behind; she scored 590.
Avantika was so much happy she was at the top of the world. She just wanted
to tease and make fun of her Rival now. But Vertika was absent. From the class
the next day.
“Hide, till you can, when you are gonna hide, “thought Avantika.
The next day too, she was absent. And the next day and the next day and the
next day again.
After a week, Vertika came, and Avantika jumped in Infront of her with the
biggest smile on her face.
“Ya, you won. Congratulations. “Vertika said. She was trying to force a smile on
her face.
Avantika couldn’t say anything. She knew that smile. The smile we put on our
faces to hide our pain. The niceness we show in front of others so that we
don’t appear rude because deep within, we are fighting our own battles, and
we don’t care about anything—that smile. Avantika left the class that day. She
came home directly. I opened her Diary and started writing some things.
Avantika’s Diary was a magical one. She has had it since she was 11 years old,
and it never finished. There were always some pages left in it. For her to write.
Despite being a Science student, she never bothered to find out about its
mystery. The Diary kept all her secrets, so she kept the magic of the Diary her
At times the Diary would ask Avantika How she was? How her day went.
Whenever she was sad or overwhelmed, she would write in her Diary. A girl
always has enough things to be sad about, always. Growing up in a household
where you aren’t allowed to say your mind, she learned to hide in that Diary.

She never wanted to come to Kota and study for neet again. She wanted to go
to Delhi University to study Finance in SSCBS or English Hons in Miranda; She
wanted to have fun and meet amazing people and do things that interested
her. But her father said either go study for neet or get married. It was an easy
choice after that. She didn’t know what would happen next year if she couldn’t
get a college.
She never told her parents about things she wrote in her Diary about the abuse
and the cheating about being used or threatened because she knew they
wouldn’t believe her. She did tell her mother about it though she just taught to
respect everyone, nothing else. So she thought it better to hide things in her
She always had had that smile when she was at home. Always. At times she
even forgot if she could be happy again. She was writing everything she
wanted to in her Diary. She didn’t go to class the next day. She wanted to find
out What happened to Vertika that she behaved like this. So she went around
her hostel to find out about her.
She knew that Vertika’s father had died. Her father couldn’t get a medical
facility due to government hospitals’ negligence, and he died while waiting for
the doctor to come. She knew How Vertika might be feeling. If only She had
cleared neet last year, she would have been in medical college, and her father
wouldn’t have to wait for a doctor. She should have easily arranged everything.
Avantika could feel Vertika’s pain. Though they were not that close to talking
about all this, Avantika thought to do something about it.
When Vertika came to the hostel the next day, she found something in her
bag. Usually, she would have jumped to discover what it was. But she didn’t
care. She thought there might be something Avantika might have put in to
prank her. And she was in no mood for that.
She threw her bag aside and started listened to some songs and slept—the
next day when she went to coaching. Avantika said good morning to her whole
class gasped all together. And she was nice to Vertika that day. She didn’t even
sign with bitch on the attendance sheet in front of Vertika’s name. Though
Vertika didn’t open her bag. She just put her head down and cried,

Avantika’s friendly behavior was new to her. She had to find out what there
was in her bag. So when she reached the hostel, she opened her bag. She
found a gift. There was a sticker with a heart on it. She opened it; there was
the Diary. Avantika’s magical Diary. Many pages were torn still; the Diary had
so many pages left. On the very first page. This was written in capital letters.
“You are not alone, and you will never be.”
Vertika eyes filled with tears; she couldn’t control herself writing in that Diary.
It was like the Diary invited her to write and pour all her pain into it. She wrote
and wrote for hours. And when she was done. She felt light. It was like the
Diary sucked all her pain. So she decided to write something for her father.
“You were serenity to my uproar
Thunder to my storm
My reason to fight against the dark,
my reason to live and survive,
When I was would cut myself every time
You would cry and ask me, “Why you did it, beta.”
Sorry, I did that, papa,
You washed my dirty clothes, helped me eat, for days.
Ma left us early, papa, but you never made me miss her.
Now that you have gone. What will I do? “

She stopped writing, and she was crying.
The Diary wrote itself, “I will always be there for you, Beta. Like stardust in
your eyes, I will always keep glowing. Keep me alive through Beta. Live”
Vertika didn’t care about any magic and all. She cried and wrote “Always.”

Avantika bought herself a new diary. This didn’t question things, but this one
listened too. She didn’t have a problem with it. She wrote some frustrating
things in this one also. But Shivani didn’t read it this time. Not because she
didn’t want to, she didn’t read just out of respect. She saw Avantika being
made her Diary packed and sliding into Vertika bags. “She will always be there
for this girl.” Shivani thought and hugged her extra tight that day. However,
she didn’t say anything.
The next day, Vertika came with a gift, and she gave it to Avantika. Avantika, in
excitement, opened it. She thought Vertika might have seen her gifting her the
Diary. It was though old blue pom pom.
“This one’s silk, good for your ass. “
Everyone again was like, “OMG.”
Vertika looked at this angry Avantika with so much love. Shivani had told her.
Though she tells Avantika. This girl so angry who was being controlled by four
people looked so cute

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