The life of Manjha


Trees full of blossom, coast full of greenery, and world full of life Manjha ,the lion would live in his green kingdom with his family and lots of friends from all species. They used to spend time, have a feast with all of them and be there in each one’s sorrow and happiness.

One day, his lioness Chuchnii, was feeding their cubs when there came the eagle Nijo and said “Your Majesty, a group of intruders are approaching our island. They are coming in a boat I think they are the humans.” Manjha wondered what do the humans want as the animals always lived in a peaceful environment on the beautiful island. Manjha told his subjects to be prepared for any circumstance. Finally with a loud noise the ship came to an halt. The sailors got down on the land and the captain said ”Hello my self captain Mountlord  and I want this island free we will take you  to the zoo and build  a tourist hotel in this island”.Manjha said” Sir we  cannot leave this island this is our ancestral home, our life”. “Well then, we will have to show you our power” he sailor said and some people from his back and charged their rifle and killed Nijo. Everyone shivered in fear, Nijo’s wife rushed towards the captain in revenge  where in turn she was too shot. ”Well this is your future if you don’t listen to us but if you do then you will have a good life in the zoo or in the house of any billionaire with plenty of food and lots of care of your health. We will come back after three days for taking you with us , the choice is yours. You either get death or life” said Captain Mountlord. He then turned his back went on the boat. The boat left us with a thought in the sun down and lots of uncertainty about the future. At night a meeting was called at Manjha’s cave. All were asked to express their opinions about what will be their future plan. Manjha said  “You are invited here for a very important decision about the recent happenings in our island. What are your opinions, let us know . Gugloo the fox said “Your Majesty it will be best for us if we move away from the island and follow what the Captain says”. The birds said that they will fly away from the island to a safer location where they family and species will be safe . The elephants, the tigers , the rabbits and many other small species said that they will fight till their last blood and protect their island. The tigers with pride sais “Your Majesty, my decision as the head of the tiger clan is that me with my friends and family will stay in the island and fight for it till our last breath. The next day in the main land country of England captain Mountlord and his soldiers sat for a royal dinner and planned their next move. The captain said “Hahaha ! within twenty four hours the beautiful nature islands along with all its animals will be ours . After that there will only be money, money, and more money”. A soldier said, “Captain what is they say that they will not give up without a fight? they looked pretty desperate.” Captain replied with a vicious smile “ Hmmmh! what will the petty animals do against us without a strong ammunition like us. Don’t worry the victory will be ours .Cheers!” and had their wine . Finally the day came  for the animals the  final battle. The animals like fox, birds etc were ready to leave  the island and go to the far country. Birds flew away with their babies and bade goodbye forever. Just after a two minutes of their departure they could here the sound of the engine was heard. They were coming. Manjha said “ Tell your family to get cover. We will fight till the end and secure a beautiful future for the world.” The ship arrived and the men got down. Captain Mountlord smiled and said “So Mister Manjha, what did you decide.” Manjha replied “ the ones who are on my side will go with you, the others and me will fight for our island till the last breath and give you a fight.” Captain laughed sarcastically “All of you think by either running out of the island or  by fighting you are going to be safe let me show you something. Jason bring it” . A fair skinny man came and handed over a cage covered in red cloth as the cloth was removed we saw all the birds who left in the cage no one was in senses . Every one got scared the captain replied “Don’t worry they are alive just lost their consciousness. ” The ones who decided to leave said “ Its better to fight for our land than dying as cowards.” Captain said “Let the war begin.” The firing shots came blazing firing shots started hitting in every direction, the animals chasing the soldiers pawed them, scratched them with their nails and bit them with their canonized teeth. The missile fires destroyed the trees everything  and anything present there. The green peaceful environment had turned to be a destruction. All the families on cover were now spotted . Seriously outnumbered the fauna now was in danger . The bravest of the brave Manjha who was till now fighting rushed towards them to protect them . He roared but the soldiers flung grenades at them in order to save them he himself came in front and was hit past by the grenade .The blast killed all the families of the lion’s clan including Manjha’s. He deeply wounded in one leg limped towards the body of  Chuchnii and their cubs . He tried his best but had lost his family, his friends and the meaning of life. Injured in heart and mind he promised vengeance to the captain and rushed towards his position. When he reached there he saw no one was there . Manjha was the only living animal on the island . He ran and scratched the captain’s face but was instantly shot from behind. There lied dead the king, the matyr ,the bravest of all Manjha. The captain was given medical treatment but a scar remained forever. In total 1025 animals were killed,  100 taken to the country and a 120 men died in this battle. Manjha was buried in the island and at his memorial event organized by the WWF captain Mountlord said “ You have been my enemy Manjha but your bravery, courage and leadership truly inspired me and will continue for the future generations . You will always be remembered and celebrated.”

Here  ended the life of Manjha, a true warrior.

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