I, Prince of dark castle, am serving you the blood of my entire family, but in return I wish glory, treasure, power and rule over all the kingdoms. Groaning loudly he smiled and drank the blood, soon thunders broke out with red rain covering all the kingdoms leaving dark castle. As, the next day star appeared people around the kingdoms started weeping, hanging and within that day nearly 17 kingdoms lost their glory, turned to dust.


3rd Prince and his ministers felt weird after knowing the situation, started acknowledging events one by one. Meanwhile, the city heard war alert signal, also one of the soldier rushed towards the prince then an arrow strike him passing through his spinal bone by leaving a note. “Prince of heavens kingdom handover your kingdom, castle and surrender. If not prepare for the war and be ready to see your peoples suffer and death with hunger- Prince of dark kingdom known as 14th heir”. 

Receiving the note 3rd Prince along with his ministers reached training area and instructed all of them to be prepared for the war, also allotted ministers to check the weapons, guide and also prepare extra weapons if required. From there IIIrd Prince Caliban left to the praying hall then he secretly sent a gist to the sculpture maker explaining about the things happening about and what he has to do. Looking in to the kingdom all the people along with the soldiers started learning martial arts, people who hold their business with several eatables, healthy herbs with medicinal values supplied their goods to each and every people all over the kingdom without taking single penny of silver. Every house hold in the kingdom started waiting for the next day star. Meanwhile, some of the musicians in the palace holding different instruments started playing the song which whispered in each and every ear of the kingdom. Hearing the soothing song children began to fall asleep, soldiers & people started dancing around the fire and sounds of happiness flowed towards the entire sky. Soldiers along with prince left the kingdom towards the war field as dusk dropped out. Heavens battle strategy seemed like a heavy and strong barrier in that battle field but the dark soldiers occupied the entire war field killing large amount of heavens soldiers like an evil storm. Turning to the situation so called 14th heir/dark prince warned 3rd prince to bow before him and hand over the kingdom. Prince Caliban smiled, stating why is your proud sound so loud? 

14th prince: Prince Caliban don’t push it to end. Dark soldiers make him to sit on his knees now [shouted].

Surprisingly enter war field was so calm that even a small moment of insect can be heard. Through that silence 3rd prince sentenced soldiers of heaven let’s return to the kingdom.As, the dawn dropped out prince with his soldiers returned to their palace. On the war field, 14th Prince sitting on his horse with sense of terror, without any idea how they were defeated so badly. [War field with death soldier fades out towards the phoenix and moon in the sky]

Prince along with his wife participates in the ritual of praying the golden throne as part of their ancestors rule. While participating in the ritual the flowers in the palace turns in to black all of sudden sensing this bad omen people in the kingdom were terrified. Thinking about this situation prince Caliban couldn’t sleep, standing in the corridor facing the moon and sun in the sky [ After the ritual every year, on the night the moon and sun meet in the sky as a word of ancestors blessing the kingdom with good and prosperity]. But for that particular night moon started vanishing slowly, doors in the palace making heavy noise [opening and closing without interference of any object], and loud thuds started evolving in the kingdoms as if a myth has arrived in the palace. Soon the happiness in the palace flew away. Observing the weird things happening in the palace/castle prince Caliban instructed ministers to look after the people until he and princess return from their journey. Crossing the rainy mountains, long sighted rivers prince cart reached the monastery where the oldest saint is living along with his disciples and some other saints. Hearing the circumstances from the prince saint replied heir, prince with unclear look for the answer sentenced Oh! Holy saint please guide me. Prince Caliban, “The answer lies when two bright stars meet” uttering it saint replied prince its already dusk it is better if you leave now. Bowing to the saint prince started his journey back to the palace as prince already in his way saint murmured [this time good deed is going to be a curse for prince family].


As the kingdom heard the arrival of prince and princess, ministers approached immediately, received them. As the princess walks in to her palace ministers stated the situations to the prince, days he is not around. Knowing that people of other kingdom entered the city when he is not around, prince decided to take a tour around his kingdom by disguising himself.


Prince started observing every person and also has an eye on his people, how are they behaving? Meanwhile, people in the crowd rushed towards the pawn seller as they noticed the quarrel is going on between the seller and the people. Prince was curious to know, what is going on? So, he moved towards the shop. He observed people are so frustrated with the cunning act of the pawn seller and the situation looked like a small war is going to begin in between them if the problem is not solved very fast. So, prince took his step in old man appearance and demanded for the goods he has pawned stating, sons and daughter listen to me I know this man he is wise, good, caring person. He wouldn’t dare to cheat any of you.

Listen, these are my grandsons [prince pointing towards his soldiers] and they are working with prince in his study/appraisal work. So, you can describe your belongings to them they will search and bring it to you. After few minutes of searching, people received their belongings and old man [disguised prince] collected the sliver, handed to pawn seller with extra sliver in red bag noticing his requirement. [I.e. illness of his daughter] 

As, prince was busy in solving the situation, soldiers found the persons who enter the palace disguising themselves.


Knowing their whereabouts prince along with his soldiers entered the red house [the house which sells drinks]. Soldiers started searching the people, one of the soldier noticed a person who is covering his face in the second floor. Hearing the soldier’s voice other two soldiers flew up to the floor and started fighting with the person. But, the result of the fight was soldiers were defeated and the man in disguised also exclaimed we are here to speak with your brother [sentenced as if they identified prince]. Then, prince and man in cover settle on the wooden bench by ordering drink, suddenly man in cover exclaimed, “Its time come out and settle down with us”.  At total they were 17th people, prince identified them as the neighborhood kings of defeated kingdoms. Hearing them out prince understood that they were being chased by dark prince which bought them to heavens kingdoms. Right about finishing their talk the person on the tower rung the war bell. Knowing the situation prince entered in to crowd, exclaimed all of you settle down, be calm and do your work there is no need to be worried about. Counting on his words people began to have little bit of hope and began to act normal. Outside the kingdom, 14th heir released his battle weapons and they were about to hit the people, houses and shops in the city. Seeing those weapons in air which are coming towards the city, people were terrified, locked up in their houses and shops. Within seconds, the kings, people in the kingdom were astonished after seeing that single weapon has not entered in to the city, but instead it has backfired on to dark prince troops and it was second time that dark troops were defeated so badly while trying to capture heavens kingdom. Meanwhile, castle announced the city that the son of prince has born, hearing this prince remembered the saint words and noticed that answer was his son, bright stars referred to the two suns in the sky. As, the princes son born the sky showered its blessings to the kingdom in the form of rain. Prince Caliban started dancing in the rain with happiness overloaded in his face.

Next morning prince prepared 100 carts with rice, treasures [seeds, some slivers], clothes and sent them along with the 17 kings to their kingdom. 17 kings couldn’t explain their happiness as there kingdoms came back to its original glory. No one knows the reason, behind it was the birth of prince son and the rain which showered the other night. Knowing this situation 14th heir was in deep distress, suddenly he heard loud groans in his palace, noticed that the myth has appeared. 

As per the heavens castle, celebrations have spotted every corner of the city on the account of invisible victory over dark troops and birth of future prince. So, prince Caliban sent invitation to all other kingdoms nearby to come and make the event beautiful, memorable, and colorful. Seeking the chance as a part of event dark prince so called 14th heir also attended the event with his follower deep inside follower murmured[let them enjoy their last feast with glory, healthy]. Murmuring among himself, he smiled evilly. 


Prince was exhausted because of his restless days [travels, wars, political affairs etc.]. So, prince reached princess palace after a long time, started talking and had their morning hunger. Conversing with the princess prince slept in her lap while princess playing musical instrument [soothing music (sarod)]. On the other hand myth started executing his plan. Whereas in the street a young boy reached herbs shop for medicine to treat illness of his sister and while the imperial doctor went to his medical room to bring the medicine he witness damage, rotten smell of each and every medical herb. But, for treating illness of the young boys sister doctor gave him some seeds which he bought early morning with him. Noticing the situation imperial doctor sent a message to the castle with his bird. Receiving the message ministers instructed soldiers to go and have a look in the medical facility room. Meanwhile, people in the palace heard lots of noise from the people outside the gate but prince was unable to reach out to them to hear their reason of arrival. Hearing the bursting echo of crowd ministers, soldiers started moving their feet towards the corridor of prince hall, after moving through distance they heard that noise of people went quiet and after reaching the place they noticed that princess was hearing the people’s voice one by one. After hearing out the entire scenario princess exclaimed, “I am giving my word to all of you, that we will go through this situation together”. Now, all of you get back to your places. As soon as crowd left the palace, princess asked the soldiers to distribute rice to the every house in the kingdom and sent some people to investigate the reason behind the poisoned crops, goods of entire kingdom.

As the dusk was out, soldiers reached the palace of princess stating that please excuse us your highness there is no clue we can find/declare the cause for damage of ours kingdom goods and food. Continuing the soldiers sentence ministers replied princess as per now we have sorted out a way and distributed goods for solving hunger problem. But, right now we can only survive this type of situation only for days after that even treasure in our castle will be finished then there will be no way in helping our people. Answering it princess replied as per today the problem has been sorted out so I wish everyone in this palace have a blissful night. 

Princess returned to her room after the talk, saw the prince still sleeping has princess started waving the fan prince woke up and asked princess to explain the scenes happened in the day. Before explaining the scenes princess and prince had their meal, after knowing the problem faced by his people prince Caliban noticed that it was surely an evil act. Listening to the entire conversation and experiencing the moments happened myth [called a lord of dark] was overwhelmed. After awaiting prince and princess to find the reason behind it myth appeared before them and exclaimed, Prince Caliban the prince of heavens castle if you want to help your people meet me in the place where you perform the rituals with your first born son blood, so that I can help you solve this crisis, if not be ready to see the destruction of your people suffering horrible death. And remember there is no way you can trap me, one thing if you are willing to give what I have asked you? It has to be done until this kingdom is going to rule by your family blood, so that your people can live in peace. [Stating this myth disappeared in thin air].

 After listening to the myth prince decided to serve the myth with their family blood, which princess tried to stop because if the prince does the thing myth has asked for every generation has to lose their first born. But has the duty of prince he always care about his people and took the little prince with him. After that people started believing that prince was in serious illness, as per for the little prince whole kingdom has no idea what happened? 

But, the problem of myth was solved for that time.

At the dark kingdom, after hearing the situation in heavens kingdom 14th heir was so happy. Meanwhile in one of the 17th kingdoms around the heavens castle, the cloth maker found the little child in the middle of the desert and took him.


     “The day of sombre stars, arrival of lion’s heir, mystery of golden gift, will be end of severe illness”


                                                                                                            A CURSE

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