The Lambros Triplets


“Aiden!! The stove isn’t working! Please make the omelettes ! “, Terra shouted for the second time ,at Aiden who was definitely zoned out from the loud music playing in his ears from his brand new extra-bass headphone. Terra who was already annoyed couldn’t wait any longer and she flicked her index finger in a swirl motion pointing towards those headphones. As a result, the brand new headphone flew off his ears and zapped him out of his musical notes. 

“NOOOO!!”, Aiden shrieked as he jumped out of his couch to catch his precious headphone right when it was about to touch the ground. ” Nice save ! Now come and fry the omelette! , said Terra very casually. ” What do you mean by that? Are you out of your mind? You know what, I am content with some fruits for breakfast . You are the only one who needs an omelette so why don’t you do something yourself because I have had enough of your attitude. “, Aiden replied in a pissed tone. ” Stop being a baby…… ” , Terra continued but stopped in mid-way as she saw Adrian hurry down the stairs on the other side of the living room.

Adrian , who was their twin brother and specialized in controlling all states of water and also was  telepathic, suddenly rushed into the living room, ignoring the petty bickering in the background, got hold of the remote and switched on the television.

All of them froze in their place as they watched the news. ” These are the current recordings that we have just received from our sources. As we can see, this huge beast is roaming freely around the entire city of Athens causing disrupt and chaos. Emergency curfew has been declared until further notice. We have called upon for military and air force for help but this is something we have never experienced before. This giant creature looks like a lion, with the head of what seems a goat  protruding from its back, and a tail that ends with a snake’s head. People are calling it the ‘Chimera’ from ancient Greek mythology. The public is calling upon ‘The Lambros Triplets’ to save them from this ghastly situation. “, Adrian switched off the TV before the journalist could complete.

“This is it then? Our big moment? Strategy?”asked Terra.

” Yes! I’ll lead the way” ,instructed Adrian. “You both follow right after me”. 

” Ahh! Finally some action! “, Aiden said with a smirk .

Adrian was standing with his fists clenched . His face was serious in a way it seldom was. The look in his eyes said this was not the time for jesting.

“It will not stop until it destroys everything in it’s path. We must move quickly.”His voice was quiet, barely above a whisper but they could hear Adrian’s warning.

The three of them assembled in the living room and held hands. Aiden took a deep breath and  teleported all three of them to the end of Ermou Street which was the main shopping street in downtown Athens.

The looked in front of them . The Chimera looked bigger in real than in the TV screen. 

Without wasting any time, Adrian concentrated all his energy towards his core and attracted all the water source around him with his full might.  Soon, he was controlling a massive water ball floating in the air.  He then gestured Aiden who teleported himself on the back of the chimera trying to burst the serpent tail into flames. But the Chimera wasn’t an easy enemy and the tail was very swift and precise with its movements. The venomous teeth was an inch away from him, but thanks to his quick reflexes, Aiden escaped safely. 

Adrian had somewhat anticipated this movement and therefore he had sent Aiden so close to the beast as he trusted his brother’s teleportation skills. Terra was still on standby as her only powers were telekinesis and causing small-radius earthquakes using her internal kinetic vibrations. Meanwhile, the beast wasting no time, breathed fire towards Adrian and Terra. Adrian who already knew the history of this Greek mythical beast, had predicted this move as well and he was ready with his ball of water which he shot with great force towards the fire . The fire was too strong but somehow Adrian managed to counter it and as a result, a huge amount of steam was produced blinding everyone including the beast. Aiden however managed to slice off the tail of the beast while it was distracted from the steam.

It led out a screeching shriek as its tail fell on the ground , bursting into flames and then it dispersed in the air. Aiden started jumping and clapping from this small victory but the happiness was short lived as to their horror, a new serpent tail grew back in place of the old one. The beast made a noise which sure seemed like it was laughing at them in a spiteful manner. Terra being the impulsive one ran towards the Chimera while using her powers to tear of a nearby metallic roof from a shop, exposing a very sharp edge . It basically looked like a square knife with no handle and ten times the normal size. She used it as a weapon to slice of the goat-head and she was successful in doing so but it was way too strenuous for her and she was panting heavily at the end of it. Adrian was afraid of what would happen next and unfortunately, his fears came true as the head grew back again. This time, the beast used its lion-paws and was about to attack Terra, who was still not recovered from using her powers, but thankfully Aiden and his teleporting powers saved the day again.

But Aiden had his limits and this time he felt strained as well and he just sat on the ground. ” Are you guys okay?”, asked a concerned Adrian; all three of them forgetting the presence of the beast for a moment and this was a huge mistake. The Chimera obviously took the opportunity to attack them and all three of them flew to three different directions. Adrian hit a wall which broke off and now was on top of him. Aiden tried to shoot fire towards the beast but could create only a spark as he was too exhausted. Terra somehow did not receive the full impact of the attack and she got up on her feet and screamed out of frustration and anger. 

The battle almost seemed lost but something strange and unexpected happened at that moment. The whole earth started vibrating, in a way different from that of an earthquake. The vibration were synchronous and Terra somehow heard a little voice in her head telling her that she was the one causing it, rather it was her scream which caused those vibrations . Terra started feeling a surge of power withing her as she instinctively opened her mouth and the frequency of the vibrations increased. She shouted, ” I think the way to kill this beast is to attack its goat, lion and serpent counterpart all at the same time. This is our only shot and I need you guys.” Saying this, she held both her palms out, using her telekinetic powers while also trying to cause a strong earthquake. The beast started stumbling and losing its balance and it spewed fire all around. Terra dodged all of it as she felt a power within her which she never knew she had. Adrian and Aiden used their last of energies to support Terra as they aimed for the head and tail respectively. Adrian created a lightning spear out of water and Aiden started burning the tail. 

Nothing seemed to prove fatal for the beast but that’s when Adrian and Aiden noticed an aura from Terra’s body as she elevated from the ground into the sky and she made the beast float aswell. Before, anyone could understand anything, there was a huge blinding white light in the sky and the next they knew was that beast had vanished into thin air.

” Yet another victory! ” , said Terra proudly. ” Yes! But I think it’s not over yet as we are not sure if we killed the beast but that’s for another day. Good job, team! Terra, let’s go home and find more out your just discovered powers”, said Adrian. ” Okay , we will do all of that but please let’s go and eat somewhere out today. I am super hungry”, said Aiden lying on the ground . All three of them laughed and that’s how a normal day in the life of Lambros Triplets came to an end.

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