The Golden Telephone


Long ago, when I was a kid I had a neighbour called Mr John. He had a telephone which was of Golden colour and he never allowed me and my sis to go near it. He was a man of a strange character, he was very aggressive and very possessive about his telephone but he was a great chef and loved sharing with us his new dishes. 

     Mr John, every evening called someone and talked very loud with someone for hours but we never knew who the person was. We always thought it was a wrong number troubling him. 

     One fine day, I dared and asked him about the person he talks to every evening, he replied – “It’s a wrong number!” 

Wait you idiots – “It’s my dear wife, Mary”. I asked him where is she and He replied in a very low voice- ” She passed away last two years ago but she calls me every evening”. 

      I was moved and very scared after knowing it. I ran towards home in fear and after that never saw him coming out of his place till date. People say that the house was empty for the last two years and ever evening a wrong-number call people nearby and narrate this story.

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