The ghost


I can clearly picture those days, the days where i used to be alive, living in a small city, hanging out with my friends at the local bar and my lovely job. It was as if life was perfect, but the thing is that this universe has a great problem with things going in the right direction. The universe cant handle a non chaotic environment, it wants movement and tension and pace and sometimes stillness, but that stillness is given by the universe when you need it the least. And just like that, my dream job found me, i was transferred to the city. Not that i didnt like the city, it was awesome for the initial few  months of me living there. The real problem starts after some months, just like one enjoys the stillness at first. 

After a few months, i was over the city life. It was not what i expected it to be. It was a lo of work, my dream job was not a thing that i loved anymore. It felt like shit. And ddid i mention about my friends? Sorry i forgot, those sons of bitches got busy in their own god damn lives. They had promised me to visit my place every week, then it became months and i am afraid that i would never meet them now. 

And just like this i was alone in the city sitting  in my tiny 1bhk apartment on the largeass sofa that i once bought hoping that those blue piece of sofa would kiss their butts and backs one day. This universe tricked me once again with its yet another poetic situations in which it puts me in, there was stillness in the chaos. 

Days passed and i started to feel more lonely. With each day i started seeing this weird body in the air. And that image started becoming more and more clearer to  me. 

One day i was in my hall eating rice with curd. Bu in the middle of eating the rice, the curd just got finished. So, i stood up and went to   the kitchen to take some more curd. By the time i came out of the kitchen, i saw that body. And i dont know why but i didnt get scared of that body. It was talking to me. And i also started to talk to that thing. 

With the passage of days i started to know that that body even more . It was aa male ghost. And he was pretty much scary at first, but the time you start knowing the ghost, he becomes your friend. Thats what he said about the ghost community.  

I now had a new ritual. I didnt need the tv, i didnt need my laptop or my phone, or even food to keep me engaged. It was this lil dude, the ghost, that would used to give me company when i came back from my crappy job. We had the best of conversations ever. 

A day came where i took a day off my job, just to hang out with him. He was so intresting. Soon, i also quit my job to hang out with him. But one night, he did exactly what i had feared. He gave me an offer. The offer was to become a ghost with him. 

I was confused at first. I was even regretting this decision to befriend him. But now, i could do anything to be with him. So, i did what a normal man with a ghost friend would do, i hanged myself to live in his world , to live with him forever and ever. This was the most poetic and crappy the universe had ever been to me, it was now chaotic in stillness. Its one of the most dangerous poems the universe shows to just a few. It is so strong and powerful that people cant stand its context and thus die. 

I still dont know weather that ghost was real or was it just like the ghost, the odd creatures that never exist 

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