The Getaway


April darted into her basement, tip-toeing behind a dusty old trunk. There was an intruder in her house but, this wasn’t some random sociopath. April knew exactly who he was, although he hid behind a mask. His cold, piercing blue eyes gave him away. She had moved for a fresh start but, felt trapped again. Panic rose in her mind and April was transported to those memories she tried to bury away. She felt the tightness of the rope, almost like it was still tied around her wrists. She smelt the decaying wood, as though she were back in the musty room. Her ears began ringing, like they did when he had hit her head. April shook her head, shaking away the ringing and pushing away the memories.

April had escaped him once; she could do it again. All she needed was a plan. April was not some gullible 15-year-old anymore. She had become tougher and stronger.  This was her house, her territory. April was not going to get ambushed by the likes of anybody. She waited silently in the night, listening for his footsteps. The occasional hooting of an owl pierced the deafening silence, but then, April heard distant creaks from above. “He’s going upstairs,” April realized with a start. This was her only window into a getaway.

As soon as the creaking stopped, April softly climbed up the stairs, two at a time and entered her living room, hurrying to Chaos’ cage. The door was swung open. He was nowhere to be found. April looked around frantically as she grabbed her keys. “Chaos,” she whispered, beginning to search for her phone. April swore that she left it next to her keys. “Chaos!” she whispered, louder. She didn’t have the heart to leave him behind. She looked under the sofa before moving to the kitchen, when she heard the creaking again. April froze. There was no point in wasting time. She sprinted out the door, towards her car, as fast as she could, but there was someone standing in front of it. He was dressed in black, a mask covering his face too, but he didn’t have blue eyes. They were as black as the night sky.

“Looking for your furry friend?” The man held up Chaos by his tail in one hand and a knife in the other.

“Please don’t hurt him.” April took two steps back. The man simply laughed. He stuck the knife into Chaos’ neck and slit his throat open, throwing him on the road. Tears sprang to April’s eyes.

“I have called the police. They’re on their way,” she said shakily.

“How? I have your phone.” She recognized the voice before her warm brown eyes met with those cold blue ones. April knew that she was trapped, but she was not going down without a fight.

April took off to find help. Running seemed to be the smart option, until one of them grabbed her and held a knife to her throat. April took a deep breath; drew all her strength and knocked back her head hitting his nose. He fell and the knife skid away. April kicked him in the gut and his bloody nose before running to get the knife.

“No!” Blue eyes locked into hers and they both ran towards it. April kicked him, hard. She picked up the knife and stabbed him twice in the leg. There was no way she’d beat them alone. She needed help.

“Help! I’m being attacked by two-” A big hand covered her mouth and pinned her against a car. The man tried to take the knife from her tight grasp. April was determined not to let it go but, he took it. April knocked her head back again, but he seemed unfazed by it. She bit his hand, hard.

“Ow! You little-” April tried running but he caught her and pinned her against the car.

“This time you’re not going anywhere.” April couldn’t see his smile, but his eyes reflected the sneer etched across his face.

“Because there’s two of you now? Joined some kind of sick club for sociopaths? You think I didn’t call for back-up?” April tried elbowing him but, he was strong.

“You’re a low-life. You know nobody. No-one’s coming to save you.” 

Reality set in. April needed to overpower him but, she wasn’t strong enough. She didn’t have the knife, but she still had her keys, safely tucked into a pocket. She somehow had to use them to her advantage.

“Look out!” There was a loud thud and the hand covering her mouth slipped away, followed by an unmistakable crunch. April turned around.

“He’s unconscious. Run!” It was one of her neighbours. She stood over him, a bloody brick in her hand. The other man was slowing getting up. 

“Run!” she insisted, dropping the brick. Wiping her tears, April took the knife and prepared to run when she heard her neighbour scream in pain. The man was pulling her by her hair, dragging her across the street.

“Please stop, please! I have already called 911, they must be on their way.”

“We will be long gone by then, and you’ll be dead.” His eyes turned icy. April had to help that woman. April ran towards them and stabbed him, near his heart. He tried to get the knife, but April had learnt better. She elbowed his nose and together, they kicked him repeatedly until he fell to the ground. April stood over him.

“What did I tell you?” she said, “I’m not some kid anymore.” As if on cue, April heard police sirens in the distance. April got off the man, letting out a deep sigh.

“Come here.” April went into the embrace the woman was offering her.

“I can’t thank you enough Mrs-”

“Call me Penelope. We saved each other’s lives; we can be on first name basis.” April let out a laugh.

“Thank you, Penelope,” she smiled. It was all over. She had finally escaped.

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