The Everlasting Contract


“No need to worry mom everything is fine .Yes the new place is really amazing . love you too. Bye”. With
a high level of excitement and enthusiasm Raj was all set and prepared for starting his new life where he
would be on his own . Hard work does pay off and undoubtedly his strenuous work and determination is
what sealed the deal with the wonderful annual payment to be the perfect icing. “Unpacking can sure be
tough and tiring , guess I need a break” saying which he sat down on his newly bought couch. “Still a lot
of things left to unpack but lucky me to get the house at such a wonderful deal, not bad Raj” he grinned .
Looking at the room full of boxes made him unwillingly get back to work as the last companion he
wanted was procrastination. All of a sudden his eyes met a shabby box on his dinning table. “Now what
do we have here”, curious Raj pulled a chair and started to unveil the curious content. The box had
some of his precious belongings of childhood. Some pictures, toys and a mere piece of paper. It had a
few scribblings in it and at one corner read ‘ Contract signed by Arun and Raj.’ All of a sudden he
tumbled back to the past , about twenty years back , his childhood days.
“Friendship is the only cement that holds the world together “ said WT Wilson and most certainly the
greatest ever possession one can have are friends ,and what better example of friendship can compete
against the friendship of Arun and Raj. They were always inseparable and there wasn’t a single person
who would disagree .If Arun was somewhere it was definite that Raj would be there as well. Another
beautiful morning in the town of Mussoorie and like every other day they both met up near the field for
their “secret meeting”. Just two ten year old taking a dip into the world of imagination, hoping to unveil
the unknown and turn the impossible into possible some day.
“ You know Raj there are so many things to do but from where should we start?”
“I say we could start by buying this entire field , what say” replied Raj with a gleam of excitement in his
“That is a superb idea . we can then hold international cricket tournaments “
“ Also boxing tournaments and football matches” added Raj and both of them were floated away in the
world of imagination .
“ Let’s make a contract then” suggested Arun saying which both of them rushed to Raj’s house, took a
piece of paper and jotted down their plans and signed it.
“ So we are all set . I really can’t wait Raj. This will be amazing” said Arun after which both of them got
lost thinking about the cricket team playing matches and both of them sitting in the best rows in the
gallery and enjoying. Strange are the days of childhood, and strange are these dreams . Taking a dive
into the world of fantasy and enjoying every moment of it with nothing to worry about. Maybe one
cannot control the world , nor walk away from people or moments easily but taking joy in some little
things always made one happy.
As days passed by their friendship kept getting stronger and unbreakable and ofcourse everlasting.
However, strange and often cruel are the paths of life as things often don’t go as planned. Arun was
diagnosed with brain tumor and had to fly to Delhi for his operation.
“So how long will you be gone” asked Raj concerned.

“ Well I guess a month or two at the most but don’t worry I will return as soon as I can , I promise. Just
don’t go for any adventure until I return ok’’ replied Arun with a smile.
When Arun left with his parents Raj stood and waved towards the car as long as it was in sight.
Somewhere deep inside he was hoping that Arun is just playing a prank with him and at any moment
would sneak behind his back and shout “Fooled you”, but no. The car slowly disappeared in the distance
.“ He will return soon I know he has promised” murmured Raj to himself as he walked towards his home.
Days turned into weeks then months and then a year but Arun never returned. The poor soul could not
make it through and was lost among the stars. After hearing the news Raj couldn’t believe it at all. “ He
promised he will return , he promised” he cried as his parents consoled him. Such agony and pain was a
first time experience for little Raj. Arun was gone , his best friend was gone and so had all of those
plans, dreams and excitement
The greatest mystery yet unsolved by human is ‘Time’, its limitlessness and ageless aging. It is that
entity which holds the power to heal countless wounds and at the same time hide many more. As years
passed by Raj met many new people, made lots of new friends and somewhere deep in his
subconscious mind the wonderful and fun times spent by Arun, those treasured memories got
submerged. However this piece of paper was the key to unbox that hidden treasure and remember all
those lost times. As he tumbled back into the present he was accompanied by tears and sweet
memories .“ Oh Arun!” he muttered holding the piece of paper tightly against his chest as tears rolled
down his cheeks . Well undoubtedly a lot of boxes were still left to be unpacked and a lot of work was
still left undone but none of that mattered to him anymore as he had unearthed a long lost memory , a
long lost face . Surely Arun was gone but he would forever be alive with all those childhood plans and
dreams in Raj’s heart , mind and that ‘mere’ piece of paper which read “ Contract signed by Arun and
Raj” .

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