The Deadly Revenge


It was a usual summer morning in the city of Mumbai. The whole team of the special task force were surprisingly relaxing without a single case. Little did they know their Chief Krunal is going to roast them once more with a case. All the four except their Chief were chit-chatting in the conference room. 

Abhi(techno savvy) : In which direction did the sun rise today? 

Karthik(commando): Abhi, ask this to your brother. By the way you talk as though krunal sir resigned 

Abhi: today our helpline has taken some rest. We got no complaints from morning.. 

Karthik( excitedly): which means no case today. Wow man this news is enough to make my day.

Saniya(analyst): Guys, I guess krunal has got better plans to torture us with a case again. 

Anjali(medical assistant): common Sanu… You have no idea about how many bullets I have pulled out from the body of all of you. Not a five more today. 

Krunal with his strict face entered the scene. 

Krunal: For that Ms Anjali you have to train your mates to defend themselves better. 

Every body freezes on the instant ,stood up and saluted him

Krunal: At ease. We have got a case. We have to travel to Andheri. 

Saniya: what case krunal? 

Krunal: A small boy Buji has gone missing. It is stated that he was playing cricket with his friends around 7 in the evening. The ball fell into an old mansion and Buji went to fetch it but never returned. There also exists a rumour that the mansion is haunted by a spirit which swallows anybody who enters the mansion. At any cost team, we have to save Buji. Let’s go. 

The team started their journey to Andheri. They almost reached the village when their car broke down. As a result, they had to travel by a Bullock cart. 

Cart driver: sirji no costly vehicle can take you till the destiny except my Biju. Only he knows how to travel on this road. 

Karthik: why didn’t you bring him along with you then? 

Cart driver: who do you mean sirji? 

Karthik: your Biju. 

Krunal: he is talking about the bull karthik. 

The rest shared a small giggle. 

Cart driver: sirji, my Biju will only take everybody to their destiny from the main road for the past 10 years. I almost keep track of everybody who comes and go to this village. 

The crew reached their destiny. They paid the cart driver and left on their mission. 

Krunal: Abhi collects all the information about the mansion including the myths and rumours. I also want a list of valuables present inside that house. As of now, our only theory can be based on the antiques present in that mansion. Maybe somebody is trying to frame a picture to mask their theft. Anjali and Karthik will go and collect information about Bhuji from his parents and get every tiny information about the last night events. Saniya will come with me to investigate the sarpanch. Let’s move.

Krunal and Saniya started investigating the sarpanch. 

Krunal: what exactly is the rumor that is associated with that mansion?

Sarpanch: that’s not a rumour sir. It is a reality that’s happening due to the spirit that resides in that palace. The spirit is none other than the girl Mrunal who is the heir of the mansion. She was a crime reporter. The spirit considers everybody as a thief who enters the mansion and spares nobody. We are not sure what it does with them but anybody who enters the mansion never comes back. The vendor ramlal who always had an eye on the property of the two old people was the first to disappear. 

Krunal: What happened to Mrunal? 

Sarpanch: Her grandparents were the owners of that mansion. Mrunal was the legal heir to that mansion. She comes here every holiday to stay with her grandparents. Unfortunately when she came for once such holiday the gas cylinder accidentally caught fire in the kitchen and blasted everybody who was in the house. 

Saniya: how did you know that everybody in the house where dead? 

Sarpanch: We got three burnt bodies after the accident. 

Krunal: If such a learnt person like you believes in all these rumours then what will the illiterate of the village believe in? Have you never dodged a complaint about these Dissapearences to the police? 

Sarpanch: I did sir. The two policemen who went inside that mansion also never returned. So we did not want to sacrifice any more people.  

Saniya: Thank you. 

Both of them left from there and discussed the story they heard from the sarpanch to the rest of the crew. 

Abhi: sir the antiques that are inside the palace hold a current value of roughly one crore. 

Krunal: Huge sum. Let’s pay a visit to Ms Mrunal today. Me , Saniya, karthik will go. 

The rest of the crew felt relieved and went to take rest. The other three left for the mansion

It looked a decade old. The boys took out their gun and Saniya took out her camera. They slowly entered the palace and stood at the main entrance. There were two long stair ways on either side leading to the sub rooms. A tall and pale figure with long hair hanging loose wearing a long white frock. 

Karthick and Saniya froze with fear and surprise. Krunal and Karthik held their guns high ready to shoot the vaporized figure. Saniya started shooting things in her hand camera. Suddenly the guns left their hands and hung meter above their head where they cannot reach it followed by the hearty laugh of the ghost. Suddenly the ghost walked away and their guns fell down. Astonished the crew shared their experience with the rest. 

Abhi: Don’t cook stories. How can a girl make guns fly? You are impossible Kar.

Saniya: But whatever he told is the truth. I have shot all that in my camera. Take a look. 

Abhi (after taking a look at the camera started to laugh):. Am I looking like a circus master? There isn’t any data on this camera. 

Krunal: But Saniya took a video. There is something fishy. Okay, team, it’s already time. Let’s call it a day. 

Next morning, the whole crew went to the mansion. Unlike the last night, they were able to enter the interiors of the mansion without any distractions. Each one took the duty of searching one room. Krunal entered Mrunal’s room which looked fresh. He started the postmortem of the room. To his surprise, he found two luggage bags. One bag consisted of many facial beauty items. The other one consisted of many psychology master degree books. There where two different toothpaste and two different toothbrushes. Krunal started to realise things. Suddenly he heard a loud scream. He reached out to see what was it. Anjali was standing there and screaming with eyes popping out. When the others reached there they realised she was facing a mirror. Krunal saw the mirror and recognized the same ghost. When he looked back, BHOOM! It got vanished. 

Krunal: Abhi stay with me. Others leave. 

The others saluted krunal and left. 

After some searching in the mansion, krunal understood everything. Then he told Abhi to Leave and informed him to gather some information about Mrunal’s recent stories and researches.

After what seemed like hours krunal returned with a bright smile. 

Krunal: conference room in five. 

The others let out a sigh and sat around for the discussion 

Saniya: seeing the smile on your face I think you have solved the case. Am I right krunal? 

Krunal: yes Saniya. There was one clue before us from the start that all of us failed to notice. 

Karthik: So then how will we arrest a ghost? 

Abhi: Kar, we can arrest a human. Alive human. 

Karthik: When did you develop so much of brain to bring a ghost back to life? 

Krunal: Because the culprit is a human not a ghost. 

Anjali: sir, I cannot understand anything. 

Krunal: First day when we visited the mansion, the guns started floating. But along with it all the iron things kept around also was in the air. Moreover, I confirmed this theory when the data in Saniya ‘s camera got erased. All this was possible not because of the power of the ghost but with the power of the electromagnets attached to the roofs. Abhimanyu and I cut all the connections so that we don’t get fooled next time. But there should be someone helping the ghost to do all this. After that when I met the cart driver again and enquired again I found out Mrunal did not come alone but came with her friend Sara. The gas burst was not an accident. Mrunal was recently doing research about drug dealers. Ramlal is the local drug peddler here. He got an assignment from his boss Sherry to wipe off Mrunal and her evidence. Ramlal in the name of bargaining for the antiques studied the mansion thoroughly and planned a strategy. When Mrunal and Sarah came here Ramlal mistakened Sarah to be Mrunal. So one fine day he entered the house and set fire to the cylinder which killed the three- Mrunal’s grandparents and Sarah. 

Karthik: But sir, how did you find that this was not a accident and there were two girls? 

Krunal: there where two suitcases in Mrunal’s room. When I opened one bag it was full of cosmetics. Second was full of psychology books. But Mrunal is a journalist. After enquiring the cart driver I asked Abhimanyu about Sarah he told me she is a psychiatrist. There was Two tooth brushes but two different tooth paste. So there were totally four people and three dead bodies. So one was alive. Moreover there was damage only to the cylinder and not the gas pipe. The gas pipe is still new and untouched. Which means the cylinder was deducted and placed somewhere else and fired. 

Saniya: And that is Mrunal who is taking revenge. I have a plan to catch Mrunal red handed by using her helper. 

That night they set for Mission Mrunal. That night a stout woman sneaked into the mansion. Went straight to Mrunal’s room where there was a girl sitting with hair covering all over her face. 

Servant: Madam those policewale have reached us. Kill Ramlal and escape from here. 

Suddenly the figure rose and cleared the hair from her face reveling her face. It wasn’t Mrunal but Saniya. Soon she was caught in a circle. Krunal’s gun was enough for her mouth to open and pour out the truth. Soon they reached the underground residence of Mrunal and saw all the people who disappeared where fine. But the site of Ramlal was worse. He was trapped inside a grilled cage where you get minimum air and he was breathing heavily. His condition was worse and conveyed that he’ll die at any moment. 

Krunal: I understand the pain of sacrificing a family in the hands of such brutal murderers but such brutal revenge against them is also a crime. Moreover, you have created a public nuisance by kidnapping innocent civilians. I assure you that we will soon discover the whole network with your corporation. Karthik arrests everybody here. Conduct a search of the whole mansion. Abhimanyu, handover Bhuji carefully to his parents. 

Finally, the crew once again was able to solve a case with the good observation and strong instincts of rural. 

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