I am a typical Indian 20’s girl with millions of insecurities and self-doubts. I always thought that I could not do many things, one of which is writing. Though I had a lot of support and appreciation for my small writing works from my friends, I never felt confident enough to write something new or big. 

It wasn’t like a usual day. All the butterflies in my second brain were asking me to do something different. After hundreds of thoughts and give ups, I decided to write. 

I grabbed a pen and paper immediately. Not understanding and knowing how to proceed further, I was thinking and thinking and thinking, holding the pen in my hand… Almost after 2 hours, I started to write something. 

17thJan 21 4:08 pm 


It was a mild sunny day. As usual Mama went to school to bring her Neha (8yr old kid) and Nani (6yr old kid) home. On the way back to home, the kids tell their Mama about their activities and fun they had in the school. The clouds and the sun spend their evening listening to the cute and sweet talks. The very happy clouds got tears and it started to drizzle. The kids and Mama started playing, jumping, and running all through the way. 

During nights, all 4 of them eat together cracking jokes and watching cartoons. Neha and Nani fall asleep while playing with their Papa.

Years passed, but the routine was always the same with happiness and joy. 

The 8 and 6 year old kids, turned 18 and 16. Neha became an archer and Nani got selected in India U-18 cricket team. Everyone was so happy because their dreams came true. 

All their teenage years were filled with favorite sports, friends, travel, adventure and many more. Papa and Mama started their pilgrimage in their happy 50s. 



This is the story that I always imagine when I think of a happy family. 

I was happy to write the story but was not content. Probably it might be because reality was more bitter compared to my imaginary family. Then I decided to write the real story of mine. 

17thJan 21 5:24 pm 


I belong to a joint family; 14 family members live together in the same house. It was full of joy, cheerful with happy faces around. Unfortunately, everyday wasn’t like that.

My childhood was like everybody else’s except for the fact that I hadn’t participated in any other activity except going to school. All my dreams of learning music and Vedic Math never came true. My routine was just going to school. 

The passing years gradually increased some fear in me. It might be because of the quarrels between my grandparents and sometimes my parents also. Though they considered them very normal, I couldn’t digest them, that instilled some unknown 

fear in me, the fear of boys, gents, masculine gender, and their shouting voices. There were some days when I even felt that people were quarrelling though they really weren’t. I could not come out from that fear and imagination. 

Those were my college days, I moved to a new city, new college, and the very old built hostel. I started loving independence and the new phase of my life. A friend, Rahul from my school days became my best friend. It was then I realized that boys can also be that kind, understanding, caring, helping and affectionate without necessarily barking with their loudest voices on women. The fear slowly decreased, and I eventually had many male friends. 

I got a job and was working in a metropolitan city. I had new friends and the most chill life. My friends and I went for a tour and the tragic incident happened in my life. They drugged me and raped me. I was mentally disturbed, I got fired by my company for my irresponsibility in work, my friends stopped talking to me, I didn’t want to go to my house. Rahul took care of me, helped me to come out of that incident, supported me and helped me forget it and gain confidence. 

Then I realized that it wasn’t about the intensity and loudness of words men speak, it’s about their soft and kind heart. 

Days passed by; I was getting better each day. Today was the happiest day of my life because Rahul promised to be with me for the rest of my life. I was elated and

couldn’t stop my tears. That incident gave life to all the butterflies that were lying dead from many months. 

Rahul’s support and help made me stand here in my life and write this story. Will always be grateful to him for the entire life. 



My heart felt very light and happy after writing this story. 

I always wanted to be as Neha, the character in my imaginary story. Unfortunately, I could not. 

Now, I want to be the Mama taking care of Rahul and children, playing with them, helping them achieve their goals and live happily. 

More than happy, I just wanted a safe place for my girl and all the girls. 

Be a Rahul, 

Save a Nisha.

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