THE CAVE – The Entrance


YEAR 2025.

A Saturday morning…a woman completes her prayer and knocked the door and asked Anvesh to get ready and have breakfast.

Listening his mother’s voice, Anvesh just replies in a sleepy voice as if he has just woken up and closes his laptop after finishing RIVERDALE SEASON 6…It was a great intriguing season about THE MOTH MEN …an extra-terrestrial Race.

He then gets ready for breakfast, have it, and goes outside to walk for a few min…

He looks at his grandfather who is watching towards the sky and talking to himself. People say he has lost his mind and his family believes too. Therefore, they kept him in a separate room.

Suddenly a thought struck him. What if my grandfather had an encounter like in RIVERDALE with extra-terrestrial beings and went mad.

He then realized the thoughts are because of watching the series all night….

His grandfather suddenly looked at Anvesh. Anvesh who is lost in his own thoughts was suddenly shook and went into his grandfather’s room and tried to understand what he said.

He could not understand the gibberish. Therefore, he just went to his room and slept off.

His family was watching TV.

BREAKING NEWS …Anonymous user leaks data that proves about extraterrestrial beings on earth.

It shows psychiatrist reports saying a human interacted with them and they took him. Netizens said it was trash and a common theory or a fake news for publicity.

It was also the reports of local citizens saying different things that they saw on the same day.

Some said they saw was a speeding star, while some said it was meteor or extra-terrestrial object fell from the sky.

No one knew what really happened that day.


YEAR 2020:

Aridam was giving an interview but he was rejected every time even though he was eligible.

If selected he was offered a low salary. He thought his appearance and communication accent was the reason. He kept trying again and again with his positive nature.

Little did they know about his he earned his money studied on his own taking care of his sister.

He then was frustrated and depressed for few months and want to die but he does not want to leave his sister in the cruel world alone.

Therefore, he started working a daily labor and trying for interviews.

His fate was not changed even as he worked hard every other time.

He took his sister to work as he felt education was useless.

He and his sister are even humiliated at the work, without proper salary but he was helpless.

One day he got infuriated and want to kill the employer for not giving him the proper salary along with the people that humiliated his sister and him. Then he saw his employer running with fear towards the car and about to give few bags of money to a masked man who captured his son.

He then understood that the fear in the people could be easily converted to Money.

However, he realized he was not strong as that of the masked man and was very lean due to lack of food. Then he thought he could use his skills and earn money. He stopped going as daily labor, went to his house, and locked the door.

That day he realized a great thing that Old Ways will not open New Doors in Life.

We all have a monster inside of us. We are all good only until the second we have control over it.



All the village elders were waiting outside a house. A Baby is born and he didn’t cry for few min. Everyone whispered and thought he was a dead child. His cry made everyone was happy. An old lady told his grandfather “Your grandson took rebirth on his birthday”.

Then his grandfather was lost in thoughts and left the place.

He remembered the day years ago, soothsayer from the mountains told him “The day your grandson reemerges from death to his life is the ONLY day you are the luckiest man on the earth and you will get many times the things you desire”. 

Thoughts continuously flashed in his head and suddenly he was famous for around the near by villages, The legend of Fortunes of Ancestors in the Caves nearby. He has been searching the area for many years now. Even the Police department restricted the area as people went missing searching for treasures in the area. 

He took the flashlight and alcohol from his home and started walking towards the cave to bring the fortunes to home.

He was confident that it was the day of his Life for which he has been waiting from his childhood.

He started drinking alcohol on the way to the caves.

Many people congratulated him on the way but he did not respond, as he was in a hurry that the night might end completing his luckiest day of life.

He ran through the cave thinking he would lose his fortune by the morning.

He ran searching for hours deep in the cave and finally gave up and sat somewhere there.

Then suddenly huge light flashed and he could see anything for few seconds. After a few seconds, he went in the direction of the light.

He heard some noise, hid himself behind the rock, and peeped from there.

He could only hear gibberish and could not understand anything.

But someone spotted him and dragged him into the bright light.

Something glazed across his eyes….a few familiar faces and blood marks and he fainted.


“The Grandfather opened his eyes and found himself around him with many faces. Everyone around him was with his face and with blood on their left hand”. He woke up suddenly and was more terrorized when he saw the bandage on his left hand. He woke up from the dream and started to gasp heavily.

His wife started shouting at him for being drunk, roaming around the village and having an injury at midnight on the day of their grandson’s birth.

He lost a lot of blood and took two days to recover.

He then immediately rushed to the cave to see if the dream was real but only found his blood marks across the cave.

He searched the whole cave until midnight and fainted there.

His family searched for him for two days and came to the caves knowing his lust for Fortunes of the Ancestors.

They searched for him with the help of police and others around the restricted area.

They found him and gave medical help to recover.

However, he was still haunted by that night and as felt those touches on the hand and his faces around him.

 He believed it was real but no one around him believed and started to say he is going mad.

He finally went mad officially in two months as he stopped talking to people and talked into the air.

People were afraid to feed him as they could see him talking to the spirits as others say.

His Son has to build a separate room for him in front of their house for his mentally ill dad.

He started being silent around everyone as no one ever really listened to him.

He only used to to his grandson who he thought was the one that could save him.

His grandson also cared about him as he was educated and was curious about what happened to his grandfather even from the childhood.

He was not allowed much to interact with his grandfather but he loved him.


The Ship of The Nine has entered the path that they have created centuries ago by blasting the mountain. It appeared as if a star has dropped into the cave.

They got down and could not believe the change in the climate as it was a long time ago. The climate was hotter than then and they even have to adjust their mask’s pressure due to less amount of oxygen in the air.

The mountain was dug as much as such it is now only a cave.

The Nine from the panel stepped down at once after 2000 years and stood in a circle.

Nine represents fulfillment, life mission, wisdom, and higher consciousness. They symbolize transformation.

They could sense a homosepain peeping from the corner.

One of them dragged him invisibly to the center of The Nine and during it his hand was cut and started to bleed. He looked familiar.

They then want to analyze that the decision they took 2000 years ago by selecting homosepians to take care of the earth was worth taking a chance by not destroying and giving technologies to develop.

Then, The panel of The Nine took some blood from homosapien’s Left Hand to analyze the DNA to study about the previous generations. 

The cave was with ten exact faces and it was as if everyone is bleeding.

They could read all the generations behind him about the nine essential things of the Universe.

Each of the panel of the Nine was about a dimension in the universe and could analyze according to their name.

1) Khet (physical)
2) Sah (spiritual)
3) Ib (Nature)
4) Ka (vital essence)
5) Ba (personality)
6) Shut (shadow)
7) Sekhem (form)
8) Ren (fame)
9) Akh (intellect)

They analyzed  for long time, as they could only see the greed, selfishness, Brutality, viciousness and understood homosapiens still are primitive creatures although they evolved for 2000 years.

They could realize his extreme level of greediness that night but also the happiness about his grandson was something did not make sense to them.

They were not satisfied with progress of the Human race. Although the technologies and exploration of Universe seemed good but The Nine were despaired by the differences we have today and the borders of countries seemed strange to them. Dividing the countries based on language, races seemed unfair to them. All the wars and the damage to the earth was done. 

They were all saddened by the irresponsible nature of the human race for the damage of the earth that they left 2000 years ago by believing the homosapiens. All the five elements of earth are polluted extremely to a level that it cannot be undone ever.

They were amazed that these humans instead of taking care of the earth, Humans destroyed the earth in exploration of the universe and in search of settlements on the other planets.

The Nine discussed about the fate of the earth that the craving for the exploration, wealth, and advancement destroyed the earth to its core and it needs to be remediated.

The Nine clearly understood that the protector became selfish and misused all his abilities.

They realized it is time to a new protector.

So they left in despair to come back soon to save the earth from the irresponsible homosapiens species.


The Nine were travelling across the Multiverse and visited our universe. They started visiting planet by planet. When they visited the earth, they landed in the cave. They found that the earth is only the planet with Living Organisms with evolving intellectual power in this Universe. 

So, they analyzed all the creatures and they found that the creatures with the two legs are kindhearted and had little more intelligence than others with strong desire to evolve. They gave the name Homosapiens which means wise creatures. 

The Nine instilled in their minds that everyone to be a carrier of eternal goodness with wholesomeness in conduct, which is the righteousness.

With the righteousness, will there be a beauty in the character of the creature and there will be harmony and peace in the world.

Therefore, The Nine blessed one of them whose virtues were better than others to protect in times of adversities. With blessings from The Nine he was the on the earth. The Nine instructed the Homosapiens to always pray and take care of the five elements that are essential for life and never destruct them at any cost. The Nine gave them a little more knowledge and ideas about communication, technologies for humans to evolves sooner on the earth and protect the earth from destruction and to maintain harmony and peace in the world.

The Nine thought it was a seed for the evolution of the homosapiens and wellbeing of the earth.

Little did they know it was the seed destruction of the EARTH!!! 🌍🌎🌏

Anvesh, Aridam and THE NINE will return in the “THE CAVE …THE EXIT”

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