The Blue Ink Gang


The Blue Ink gang of DAV School,Jalandhar is finally meeting today,after a span of fifteen years.What can be better than this!Many plans were made and cancelled during these fifteen years and excitement turned into disappointment every single time.But this time it wasn’t meant to go like that.This was the day all 3 of them were waiting for.So many things to catch up on,so many crazy stories to share,so many memories to re-live.Especially,the story of the famous fountain pen.Now let me back you up with the life histories of these 3 members of the Blue Ink gang-Rohit,Sachin and Rahul.After all it’s a story full of nostalgia and dreams.

Rohit Verma,the kind of guy who preferred to study during PT periods rather than play.A simple,conserved kid wearing Harry Potter glasses with a book in his hand,he was always the main target of bullies.But he never really cared about it as he had bigger things on his mind.Coming from a very poor background,his parents always pushed him to be the best at studies because they wanted a better life for him.A life they never got to live.He had always dreamt of becoming a doctor,which was near to impossible for his parents to afford.But that never stopped him from dreaming.Both his friends used to save from their pocket money so that he could get everything he required.The financial and emotional struggles he faced are only known to him and his 2 best friends.They used to buy him his MBBS books and even helped in paying off his college fee.When his father got ill,they were the first ones to reach the hospital and sit beside him.These two people supported him even when they were hundreds of kilometers apart.

Sachin Garg,the Chandler Bing of their gang.The cool guy who never really bothered about his future and lived his life on toes.He was a bright kid but was equally involved in all the mischievous activities.Having a rich family background made things worse.He never really became attached with his family.The neglectance of his parents in childhood lead to a solitary attitude in college. Some poor decisions made his college life a nightmare.He could not concentrate on his studies.Living every day under the influence of alcohol and drugs,his life was becoming miserable.He started having anxiety issues.He failed his exams,started asking for money from people.He was at the edge of a mental breakdown.But he had a strong morale, a goal to achieve.Goal of having a happy family which he himself never got.So he reached out to his friends without any hesitation.He knew they would never judge him for what he had done.Everyone makes mistakes and they were aware of that.So both of them left everything and took the first bus to Delhi.They were with him at every point of his suffering.Every single day when he thought of taking his life,Rohit and Rahul became his reason to live.And he did not want their efforts to go in vain.

Rahul Chopra,the heartbeat of not just his class but the whole DAV school.He was that multitalented guy on whom every girl had a crush.Being best friends with him had its own merits.Rohit and Sachin always had a chance to be around girls.Seeing him on the school stage made everyone believe that he was born to become an actor.A good looking guy with charm oozing out of his personality,no one could ever get enough of him.No one except his parents.Living in a middle class household,his parents never wanted him to move to Mumbai after college and get stuck in that pothole forever.That was when his friends came to help.From having endless conversations with them to making them believe in their son,they had to fight a lot.Rahul knew the value of his parents.He always hoped of being financially capable enough to take his parents on a world tour,his father’s biggest dream.And he was determined to complete it.He was determined to prove himself.But his struggling days never seemed to be over.He got frustrated and doubted his abilities a lot of times.But his friends gave him that morale compass.When he was working double shifts on odd jobs for money,his friends found him auditions.They always wanted to see him flourish.

Now that you have got a background check on all of them,you can realize how special their bond is.Such larger than life their friendship is.What is even more astonishing is that even after being so different they are still so close to each other.No ego issues,no money issues,no jealousies.Today Dr.Rohit Verma,the biggest dermatologist of the city is travelling from Chandigarh to Jalandhar with two gift wrapped fountain pens.Mr.Sachin Garg,Regional manager of a National chain,who has been sober for the last twenty years is travelling with his wife and two cute little kids from Delhi.He is also carrying two fountain pens with him.And Rahul Chopra,once the heartbeat of his school,now the heartbeat of the whole country is coming back from a world tour with his parents.No surpises here that he also has two fountain pens packed.Oh wait,did I not tell you about the story of the famous fountain pen? Let me rewind.It was the first day of class 5th.Students were now allowed to use pens to write.Sachin,being the naughty kid he was,deliberately leaked a fountain pen on the Principal of the school.Along with him,two other kids got involved without even committing a mistake.The two kids,Rohit and Rahul.They were suspended together,which led to the start of an annual fountain pen prank fest,hence the name of their gang.Little did they know that this one incident would be the start of a lifelong friendship.All of them after travelling hundreds of kilometers are meeting today at their favourite spot outside their school,the ‘Adda’ of the Blue Ink gang.Now let them meet peacefully,make jokes about each other.Let them talk about their college life,let them revisit their school days and all those old memories this place has,let them laugh on their younger selves and be proud of what they are today! Because this is not just a story,this is a beautiful example of love and friendship,trust and companionship.

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