Stranger by the roadside


The fresh wind kissed her moist cheeks bathed with faded rouge. The smudged mascara accompanied her glassy brimming eyes. Her hair messed and frizzy, dark as death and untamed. Her posture; boasting freedom and embracing sensuality. Confidence pulsating from her aura yet, those watery eyes, desperately trying to veil the bitter irony. Straight she stood, looking towards the racing traffic. The vivid symphony of dancing lights reflected from her glassy brimming eyes. 

I tucked up my hoodie as the wind got brutal. 

She pulled off a scarf from her posh leather skin handbag and put it around her blessed neck, yet another irony. Her fingernails, draped with blood-red nailpaint showcased her rock strong status of individuality. Her pale skin peeked through the ripped levis, while she pulled off a single from the pack of marlboro, her bony fingers crossed with the brown cigar butt sported a sophisticated boldness which whiffed around her like a pulsating soft-light. 

Whether she needed a warm hand to hold or an ignited lighter, it was a bit tough to decide. I checked my pocket, yep it was the chance. Being a materialistic so-called human, I chose the lighter.

“Here”, I lighted her cigarette as smoke slipped out of her dry vapid lips. As close as I got to her, her strength of boldness and beauty sharpened in front of my very eyes. The smoke faded as her watery eyes emerged from the crowded symphony of lights. Her brown eyes, with a slight twitch indicated a friendly gesture. She carved out a flimsy smile and puffed up with a significant sigh, as if it was a sip of life. 

The cinders of burnt soot and tobacco coupled with her fragrance, drenched my lungs with a strange sensation. I couldn’t shape it in words. 

“Haven’t seen you around, you new in the town?”, she opened up the pack to me and I pulled out a cigarette as a symbol of acceptance. 

“I’m not sure, I think I have been here someday or so”, I clicked my lighter and smoked up a long puff. 

“Well, sometimes it’s better to not know about your present but just dream off your fantasies”, she looked away from the rushing traffic towards the starry sky. She came out clean with just a nudge. So she really was at the edge of it huh. 

“That’s true, I like the sense of uncertainty. Makes me feel superior in my life”, it was true. I could dream whatever I wanted, a sense of peace is always inside you when you set some dreams, may it be volatile or pipe. 

“Until reality bites you back to the land of living”, she came close bowed a little and these words spilled out of her lips. Not to mention amidst her deep brimming eyes I forgot to notice that she was pretty tall. Her maroon top dropped down a little to reveal her perfect cleavage, her eyes harbored with crystal tears locked to mine with a pinch of playfulness. 

She quickly bounced back to a distance. 

I puffed a long smoke and blew out a similar sigh. 

“Let’s call it a night stranger, it was fun chatting with someone unknown for a change”, she sucked out the last drop of that cigarette while squeezing the cigar butt into her fist. She smiled looking at me as if she clean slated every regret and sin and white washed her soul back to the way it was born. It was no ordinary smile, especially for a John Doe like me. 

I could see the droplets splash away tenderly as she swiftly turned around to cross the road. 

I turned around as well to bid my farewell to a beautiful stranger. Although I could feel a strange dampening inside my heart. I could feel a strange sensation behind my neck, a chilly and biting tingle started to spread from my spine, slowly embracing my innate body, I could feel it. The intensity was faint but the sensation was painful and I could feel a strange vignette surrounding my vision slowly and steadily. 

She strolled towards the pavement. I stole a glimpse of her smiling face. Wait, her eyes, were no more trying to veil it. It already let go of the pooled tears she hid from me. I felt a sudden urge to keep her from crossing the road, to hug her and share a piece of her pain. Maybe I should’ve dragged the conversation and offered her some comfort, maybe a little warmth is what she needed to let her pain flow away. Maybe I should’ve offered my hand instead of the lighter, or maybe it wasn’t too late… I dropped my hoodie and decided to lend her what she needed but not wanted. 

The blazing lights and dusty wheels making their way through the busy untamed road, a sudden bursting noise and everything went dead silent.

The moment I turned around. The moment, was too long for me.Too long for my heart, too long for me to accept the reality. I could hear my breaths and my heartbeat, slowed down. The moment, that instance, I saw a bright light. A blinding light, letting go. 

My legs unable to move but my eyes, shot with a gush of anonymous tears. I couldn’t hear a soul, the blazing fast lights came to a halt. Screams and crowds of horrified faces surrounded her smashed corpse in no time. Her wrecked posture lying over a pool of her own blood. Her face messed up with wounds and her black hair surrounded her petite face. The red scarf adamantly kept its hug tight around her slender neck. Her eyes bled tears and her clothes ripped off to shreds from the sides. Her guts spilled and splattered throughout the roadside. A cigar butt peeked from her clenched yet frail fist. 

Her pleasing scent was gone, as if the dusty smoke and tar took over her existence. 

She was not smiling. She was not crying. She was not breathing. Yet, her eyes were watery, no expression, no pulsating aura but a cold withered body or rather the leftovers of a wretched soul was all left of her.

What was her story? I could never read that book. It was stolen. Stolen by the one who wrote it. Back to the place where it was being written. 

“Is it okay to cry for someone whom I barely knew?”, I questioned my humane side. I did not know how to respond to this sudden stimulus I just witnessed. Moments worth a few seconds or minutes, was it enough to bring out tears from my vapid hollow heart? Did I just see an angel die or was I always delusional? I did not know. I simply could not know. I simply…..could never know. 

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