She was 7 years old when she faced a dead person for the first time. She asked her mother “What happened to him??” Her mother calmly replied “He is a star now.” “But how did he become a star?? I would love to be a star.” Her mother smiled at her innocence and ended the conversation there. Later at night she heard her mother saying “you know that guy committed suicide..so sad”. The next day she asked her mother “ma what is suicide??”her mother looked at her in horror and said “it’s something you should never do”. “Why ma?”Ma said “because you should love yourself sweetie. Never ever hurt yourself or anyone.” Her mother hugs her and kissed her in the forehead. 

She is 15 now. She is facing dead body for the very last time. Her mother was bawling her eyes out with a letter in her hand saying..

“Id love to be a star ma”.

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