“And that was the last.” Rebecca sighed. It had been two weeks since Rebecca finally signed her new apartment’s contract and the moving day was finally here. As she picked up the last box, she turned around to give a glance at her old home. “It’s time to bid one last final adieu to my poor old house”, she said and waved to her now empty soulless house. “Ok, you are just too emotional,” sighed Andrew. Andrew was one of the closest friends Rebecca had. They were childhood friends since then they have only grown closer. “Alright! Alright!” she hurriedly exclaimed as both left the scene making their way down the stairs to where her moving truck was parked.

After a long journey and patient waiting, they finally reached the new apartment. A tall, newly furbished-looking building with a modernistic exterior. The building looked quite expensive and was located on new world street. Rebecca and Andrew helped the movers to shift the boxes; the huge furniture pieces had been placed in the apartment earlier that morning. “Woah, what a house. Whoo!” Andrew exclaimed staring blankly at the new posh house Rebecca would now live at. “Yeah, I know and at what a sellout price I got it too. Wonder how was it priced so low.” Rebecca starts unpacking and slowly, yet hesitantly Andrew joins in. “I remember the first time you had moved here into your old house; you had called me the late night just so that you don’t feel lonely and alone at night. Need a friend to help protect you today from creepy ghouls. Boo!” Rebecca gave a playful nudge while Andrew jokingly laughed. 

Time flies by quite quickly and soon they both turn in for the day, quite exhausted. Andrew bids goodbye to Rebecca as she retires for the day. She soon falls on her still shabbily dressed bed. Soon after she drifts off to sleep, tired from all the moving and unpacking.

It’s past midnight when Rebecca wakes up with a sudden jolt. “Oh right, I moved to this new place. Hehe.” She reassures herself, half-awake she walks to the kitchen, pours herself a glass of water, and stares blankly at the half-organized house. “It is going to be a long week,” she muttered under her breath. The house felt somewhat too cold and chilly, there was a slight breeze that gave Rebecca a sudden chill down her spine. It felt rather eerie. She soon dismissed her uncanny thoughts and went back to her bed.

Few days passed by, Rebecca had settled quite well, the house looked clean and grand. It had been a while since she moved and was finally ready to invite her friends over to show off her classy home. Andrew as usual was early for the get-together, he was indeed a good friend. “So, decided to finally showcase your casa, eh?” he said with a slight smirk on his face. Rebecca and Andrew were known as the opposite twins, they were polar different yet always seemed to match each other’s energies. Andrew was a tall, brooding man with blonde hair that fell up to his shoulder, quite muscular and known to have a rugged personality. However, he was not afraid to show his true colors in front of Rebecca. As she deemed him to be a complete goof, yet a soft-hearted man. “I believe it was time to finally move on from a boring middle-class woman to social elite,” replied Rebecca with a hint of enthusiasm. She had cleaned the house to make it look spotless and had bought out her A-game, ready to impress her friends. Soon the house was flooded with people, everyone seemed to be enjoying their time, the mood was different. 

As the night seemed to fade away in the glory of friends and fun all was forgotten in the world of mystery. Later that night before leaving Rebecca found some of her friends saying about how the place suddenly gets chilly as the night falls. This was the first time Rebecca noticed that it wasn’t just her, others could feel something was wrong here. 

As the night came to an end, Rebecca retired for the day after a thorough clean-up. As she crossed her powder room, she felt a cold breeze tugging her. She looked around, cautious of what was near her. Though she knew this was just her mind playing tricks she still could not help but wonder where was this sudden breeze directed from. There were no windows or vents near the powder room. It all felt too weird for her. She decided it would be best if she didn’t go all curious on this matter and brushed her concern off. But things started to get a bit too creepy when this became a daily occurrence.

Rebecca knew something was wrong and called Andrew to check on this. When he too confirmed that he felt the similar flow of breeze and chilly winds passing by they knew something was wrong here.

The house suddenly felt as if a peculiar essence had just been drifting off. Time could only tell how strange the atmosphere was at that moment. Rebecca and Andrew both knew that it was time to check this eerie feeling once and for all. As they began their investigation, they could sense a slight cold breeze wafting through the powder room. However, they were both left bewildered as it was true there was no vent or window from where the breeze could flow. As Rebecca peeped closer to the door frame, a chill ran down her spine. “Hey, Andrew come to take a look at this.” They could hear a faint wind sound and feel the cold breeze as they tried to peep into the door frame the whole frame fell apart. What they saw next left both of them completely shook.

As the frame came tumbling down, they could see a small hint of light shining across a warehouse-like room. The frame was more like a portal that led to this mysterious room. Rebecca and Andrew were completely in shock both of them couldn’t even move. As Andrew tried to enter Rebecca held him back, “What are you doing? You don’t know what could be there.” “Relax. Nothing is going to happen let’s just explore once.” And he pulled her hand and guides her through the frame. 

As they explore the warehouse-type room it just gets all the creepier. The room was dim-lit with a single large window towards the east. That was probably from where the cold breeze probably entered. The room looked as it was not in use for a long time, tattered and broken tiles lying all on the floor with a single old rusty wardrobe with a broken door placed in a corner. As Andrew and Rebecca tried to explore their so-called neighbor, Rebecca jumped with a jolt. “What was that?” she exclaimed in a panicky tone. “It was just the door creaking. A door right! Let’s see where it leads to” Andrew and Rebecca lunge slowly towards the creaky old door, while Rebecca still tugging on Andrew’s arm. As they move past the entrance, a small creaky staircase leads them to the storeroom of the main lobby of the apartment. “Woah this was crazy. Let’s try to go up this way.” 

“What is the matter with you? I am not going that way.” 

“I guess this is the reason why you got the place at this low,” Andrew suggested. Rebecca looked as if she had seen a ghost. The experience had left her timid. She knew that she had to take a call on how to tackle this. She immediately pulled Andrew to the office and knew that it was the right thing to do. 

Days passed by; it had been 5 days since Rebecca had moved out of that creepy old house. Things slowly unveiled when the news came out that the warehouse room was used as a hideout for muggers. 

As Rebecca walked past the now completely dismantled building, she noticed that the area was flooded with reporters and media. She let out a sigh of relief and walked away.

“Oh, there you are!” Andrew came running towards her and hugged her. “Did you see the news your new slash old house is everywhere?” Rebecca figured that in a few days all the old histories would eventually come out. 

“I am just glad I moved out of that creepy place” saying so Rebecca could see herself finally calming down; as she walked towards her friends who were waiting for her, she sensed a brief moment of relief. 

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