My life is like a single traveler of my lonely world.            

Hello friends, I am Rahul  . I am a selective introvert person. Now I wanna tell you something about my roller coaster life. I had seen many down in my life.

People never believe in me.  I don’t know what was my problem. But my inner belief said that “actually people never trust on poor guys because your wealth is the source that someone trust on you. Loyal and honest people used to as assets of work and people easily broke their trust.”         

I don’t want to hear those words but I can not avoid those words.  The word was said by the doctor that “  Rahul , it’s unfortunate to say but you are suffering from blood cancer, and it is no big deal. this is the first stage of cancer. So don’t worry about that, you have to admit here for 10-15 days.

After hearing those words I might be feeling so uncomfortable. Because I am a bit tense about my job, my job was to repair the mechanical parts of the machine. I was earned daily 800 rupees per day.  But if could not able to go that day I lose my daily wage. And I thought about that. I had admitted to the hospital. I have seen through my eyes lots of patient’s relatives, family members, friends reach out there and they care, make so happy environment for them.actually, I have seen happy faces but in my mind, I think that “how good if I had parents, family, friends ”. I was an orphan since my 5th birthdate after mom dad death I was live with granny..she gave me my mom dad love but I miss her since last 2 years ..she died In heart attack.  now I am totally dependent on my own feet. You can not feel how much I lonely in my life. I need support and faith. Whenever I see someone’s parents or family I cry in my hidden soul. I always said that they are so lucky. If God gives me one wish to come true then I wish my parents live with me forever. I seat on my bed see everything. Whenever I feel bored that time I would like to visit 5th floor balcony, where I can feel that vibe it’s unreal.because of its natural background of trees and clearly, you can see the city. I was drinking tea with a biscuit and suddenly one nurse came and asked about my medicines .she asked me “why are you always look sad normal’’.  I replied that “what should I tell you.I lost everything in my life, even I smile deadly do you know when I see every patient family relatives I feel so happy outside but inside I also want that care, love, support, friends.  I hard to make good contact with people. And I’m used to  lonely ”

Nurse(Shalini) : “don’t feel so alone now you can consider me as your sister. ”

Rahul : “How can I say thank you. Shalini ben”

Day by day Rahul and Shalini bond got stronger. shalini’s son and her husband also come here hospital and meet Rahul. Rahul actually recovers well. Now Rahul familiar with all nurse staff and other staff. everyone knows Rahul and the people surround Rahul always made good conversation in the hospital.

My social life was suddenly changing. Now I realized my worth. we all need a person who can create a spark in our life for me Shalini ben. She was the first lady I have ever meet who has a kind humble and honest nature.

Shalini ben son was so naughty. I was enjoying my time with my niece. It was an awesome feeling when you heard first-time mama for yourself.

 It was my 7th day of admission at the hospital. 7th July it was my birthday. I used to hide my birthdate  in Facebook because I always think that birthday should take it as a normal day. And you couldn’t believe me before I met these hospital people I am that type of alone in my life, nobody wishes me my birthday. Time 7 pm suddenly light gone. and someone closes my eyes bring me to at strange room.  I hear some heavy voices of people. I am a little bit afraid. And suddenly the light came I see hospital staff and Shalini ben. I was surprised by the way they decorated the room. I never imagine that type of decoration for my birthday.  Real enjoyment started now. people greeting and wishes me after the cake cutting music and dance on the floor after that small meal also arranged and this all effort credit goes to shalini ben. I was so emotional at that moment … I can not stop my tear for my sister..because of this type of blessing I never expected.  People are happy about my birthday. A day I never forget in my life. it was my first birthday celebration since my born. Best birthday ever in my life. i hug shalini ben said with a furious tear“ sister how can I  describe my feeling because you are the person who brings lots of happiness in my life. I see you as a god. In a world where people used to give expensive things.   You give precious memory for my life.  ” sometimes people don’t need medicine for diseases, blessing need to work it.  

I don’t believe in stranger before this tragedy. But met after shalini ben it comes true. I think god wants to met us.

I win against cancer… I think cancer helps me to find a new way of life… I made many contacts through the hospital.  

I find new confidence in my life.

Now I am very stable in my life.  I earn enough money. Now happiness is my choice. 

Hope is everything my friends, this is my story if I can then what do you think! you can.

God has bigger plan for you. Do hard work and believe.

Something big and good is coming to your side. stay bless and stay wait.  

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