So long, Dear Solar System


This is the year 2499. In a few hours, we are about to step-in into 26th century. As a reporter and the descendant of the Mr. Arush, the true architect behind the Inter-planetary war, I was assigned to write this log just in case, anyone wonders why I am travelling through space. I am sitting in a spacecraft travelling at 6*10^4 m/s. In a day or two, several solar inhabitants and me will be put into anti-aging sleep. The robots on this spaceship will wake us up when we arrive at a habitable water planet. Going to another star system is the only option for the human species. My ancestors and a few others have destroyed the planets in our Solar System.

No human species would be able to account the Inter-planetary war as I will now. Before this war, I was told that some wars in 20th century were dangerous. When I opened some records, I couldn’t help but laugh. I was surprised, were Sapiens really that far behind in technology that the war ended in nuclear weapon? How naïve they were?

Since anyone can tell you the war started in 2446 and the three species of humans, Homo sapiens, Homo mechanicus and Homo frigus plotted against each other in a three-way battle, let me tell you how it all began.

It began in Imperial Ferrous Hotel on Mars. Ironically, the reason the three delegates representing each species were on Mars was to sign a peace treaty. The treaty was to establish common rules and guidelines for all three species to follow.  

Before telling about them, I’ll tell you how three species arose from Sapiens. During the end of 21st century, Sapien countries began a Cold War with each other. Robots became common and so did human experimentation. Mechanic supplements were added to the human body. The result was Biomechs. Biomechs had the best of both human and robot worlds. They had emotions, leg, hand and ear supplements, rational thinking, physical strength and more importantly, increased consciousness due to nanobots in their brain. This increase in brain power led to more and improved Biomechs. By the beginning of 22nd century, the act of reproduction was considered unnecessary since perfect humans could be obtained through genetic modifications. Hormones could be bought whenever and the emotions could be experienced as they wished.

Around the same time, a few Sapiens left for Europa. It was confirmed a decade back that microbial life was indeed present on Europa. An expedition was set and Sapiens arrived at Europa. They didn’t return back. Eventually, they and the Earth Sapiens grew so far apart, that they were considered a different species. They became Homo frigus. ‘Frigus’ meaning cold in an ancient Greek language, forgotten to every human species.

Anyways, the first one to arrive on Mars for the meeting was Mr. Zollath from Europa. He, like all, Cold People was short, middle-aged (according to Europian standards), with pale skin and pale blue eyes. He wore heavy clothing to protect his sensitive features from Mars storms and its general climate. He had left Europa a bit early, because crossing the asteroid belt was too unpredictable. He quietly entered the hotel and checked in. He had retreated to his room without conversing with anyone. It would have been considered rude but knowing Cold People, this was fine.

Interestingly, Ms. Terra and Mr. Arush, both delegates of Sapiens and Biomechs respectively, had travelled together from Earth. They claimed they were discussing the common problems faced by their types. But, many people knew that Biomechs discussing their problem with Sapiens was absurd. It wasn’t because they were fighting, but simply because their problems were too different even though Biomechs had evolved from Sapiens. They too claimed they wanted rest after talking. Gossips knew that the soft tissues in Sapiens and Biomechs were probably throbbing due to dealing with other kind.  

On the day of meeting, all three of them had breakfast in their respective rooms. No one wanted to see the other because it was a waste of time.  

The meeting room was divided into three parts. One delegate would sit in one corner. It was because of their preferences. Mr. Zollath wanted a cold chair and table. It was the exact opposite of Ms. Terra, the Sapien delegate, who wanted warmth because of Mars climate.

Mr. Arush, the Biomech delegate was okay with anything. He had supplements that could regulate temperatures accordingly. So, he, aptly, sat in between of both these extremes.

There was a robot who was overseeing the meeting. Robots were logical, rational and quick. So, they were perfect for such situations. “Mr. Arush, Ms. Terra and Mr. Zollath” it started with an unemotional and stoic voice. “You have been called here to sign an agreement to maintain peace and balance between the three species of humans, Homo mechanicus, Homo sapiens and Homo frigus, respectively”

“We hope you had a wonderful time on your stay here at the Imperial Ferrous Hotel, the best place to stay for Biomechs” the meaning of wonderful and the troublesome expression of Ms. Terra and Mr. Zollath was lost on the robot. But it continued.

“Today, the three of you will sign this” it was holding a block of metal. “The agreement states exactly three rules:

1.     All the three species are evolved from the common ancestors of Homo sapiens and thus, we are all genetically related. So, every species has no right whatsoever to demean and belittle the other species.

2.     No conflicts such as Planet War, Cold War or Nuclear War are entertained as damages on one of them could lead to demolishment to the others.

3.     Trade, Commerce and Economics are inter-planetary and thus, everyone has to follow the point system sent to your planets.

The remaining points have been sent to you prior, and thus, have presumed you read it. The purpose of this sign will be to abide the three rules and other sets of rules also”

The robot looked at every one of them. “I will presume there are no questions if nothing is asked within the next two minutes”

There was silence in the room. No one and nothing moved in those two minutes. “I will, now bring you the Tablet” the robot moved with grace to Mr. Arush. He took the carving rod. It wasn’t heavy because the other two could use it also. He delicately held the rod and embedded his name. “I promise that me, my descendants and my fellow Homo mechanicus will abide the rules and maintain peace”

The robot moved on to Ms. Terra. “I promise that me, my descendants and my fellow Homo sapiens will abide the rules and maintain peace”

Next was Mr. Zollath. The robot modified its legs and made it short. “I promise that me, my descendants and my fellow Homo frigus will abide the rules and maintain peace”

The robot adjusted its legs back and moved to its original position. “This concludes the meeting and I hope you have a wonderful time at Imperial Ferrous Hotel until you stay on Mars” Ms. Terra flinched at the non-empathetic words.

Maybe it was better if someone with emotions was present instead of the robot. I suppose they would understand the harshness and falseness of the oath.

“I have to say I am surprised to you here, Zollath”  Arush spoke out.

“Would you have preferred if your puppet had come?” Zollath’s words were just as cold as body temperature.

“Honestly, yes” Arush replied smirking.

“As if having Sapiens on your side wasn’t enough” Zollath said in a soft manner but still made sure the two of them heard.

“Are you perhaps implying that I am in league with these artificial creatures?” Terra snapped. It is said her descendant, Sheetal, who played a vital role in the war, had Terra’s temper.

“I know right? As if I wanted you monkeys on my side” Arush was cruel as always.

Terra snapped her fingers. “Don’t you dare speak anything about me or my beloved planet!”

“I’m sorry, your planet? In case, you haven’t realised, your ancestors made me and Zollath over there” 

“Please refrain including me in your discussion” He looked at them with piercing blue eyes. “If there is nothing else, try not to cross asteroid belt or die trying” He turned on his heels and walked away.

“Earth is your home too. I better not see you Biomechs around in my home, forests!” Terra snapped and glared at him.

After a while, Arush couldn’t help but laugh. It was an evil laugh. “I will make sure to rip off your tissue and change you completely” he said to the empty room.

I might be wrong but I don’t think I am. It was on his dying bed, Arush, my ancestor told me all this. I choose to believe him because of his earnest look in his dying moments.

False or not, this is my last log in our Solar System. So long, dear Solar System.  

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