WARNING – Don’t read if you are under 16.

I am in an empty room all alone. But, thank god! I have four good friends. One is always in front of me, one is always behind me, and two are always beside me. They are the walls of my room. I can talk to them about anything, in whatever way I want. They don’t question me on anything I speak, unlike my wife. She never allowed me to do anything I like. She never even allowed me to say what I feel. I never liked her. But I didn’t kill her. All these people say I killed her. But why would I do such a thing? It doesn’t mean that I could’ve killed her because I killed my mother. There are many valid reasons to kill my wife. But I didn’t do it.

It all started when I killed our dog. She was barking loudly. Very loudly. I told her multiple times to stop, but she didn’t listen. She loved us. Anyone who loves someone would always expect them to be happy, isn’t it? Our dogs love us. So, she should expect our happiness, right? My happiness is silence in that moment. If she had stopped barking, she would’ve made me happy. But instead, she wanted me to do it. So, that she can be free from the pain of not keeping me happy, she wanted me to kill her. So, I can be forever happy in silence. I told my wife how I helped our dog. But Riya didn’t agree with me. Instead, She said I am a psycho. Am I a psycho? I don’t know why Riya cannot understand how to help our dog. She should at least appreciate me. Instead, she wanted to leave me. What did I do? Is the reason worthy enough to leave her husband for just killing a dog? Riya started packing her bags. She starts pointing out my every action, how I am becoming cruel. I don’t find anything evil in myself. I am just helping people to help their loved ones. Riya was shouting loudly. Very loudly. I wanted silence at that moment. I asked her to help me to get my silence. She shouted again. She loves me, doesn’t she? She came out of our house with all the luggage. I begged her not to leave. I even told her that we would get a new dog. I said I wouldn’t hit our dog next time with a baseball bat to make it silent. I would just pour burning hot oil through its throat. That’s far better than what happened last time, doesn’t it? She looked at me, dropping her luggage. She asked, “What happened to you, Ham?”. I told her I would be fine if she stayed with me. She said, “I can’t do that. You are a killer Ham”. She yelled loudly, “You are a killer Ham.” I wanted my silence desperately. Riya couldn’t do that for me. She was asking loudly to help her to help me get my silence. So I caught her both legs and pulled them up. She fell backward with her head hitting the hard surface. She was shouting again loudly, “help me!”. I said, “I am helping you, Riya. Just hold on for a while”. I dragged her to the lift along the corridor. I hit hard on her face with my fist. She stopped moving. She was almost losing her consciousness. She again told me with a low, timid voice, “Help me!”. I did what she asked. I held a saw into her mouth and started slicing it. She can never talk loudly, when I finish. When I finished, she was split into two halves, one containing her upper lip, nose and head, the other had her jaw and body. It was silent, peaceful. I told her, “Riya! Listen, I helped you. I am happy now.” I helped her. I didn’t kill her, did I?

Riya opened my door and said, “Ham, dinner will be ready. Stop talking to the walls and get yourself ready.”

You see, she never allowed me to talk to my friends. I want to kill her. But I don’t know how it would go. I am thinking of many versions of killing her. I told you one of those. I said I killed my mother, didn’t I? Do you believe that I killed my mother? No, you shouldn’t. Because I never did that. My mother is an outstanding woman and a perfect wife. She always helped me to get what I wanted. So I should help her in getting what she wants, shouldn’t I? My father, Peter, is a politician. He is so used to speaking loudly no matter how sensitive the subject is. You know how loud politicians burst their voices in campaigns, right? My mother is an empathetic person. She always wanted everything peacefully. I remember her asking him to talk a little quieter. My father would say, “Politics pitched my voice up.” They both laugh after that. But, I could see her pain and struggle while he was talking loudly. I can see how much she wanted silence and peace in her life. I know how much she tried to keep my father shut. She never told me anything about this. But, I know all these because I love her and I should help her.

I bought a sedative and gave it to my parents. They fell asleep within minutes. Now, I wanted my mother to see how I am helping her. I opened my mother’s eyes by attaching clips to her eyebrows. Made her sit in a chair. In front of her, my father was lying on the ground, ready to help my mother. He loves his wife, and you know how he should help her. I took a heavily weighted steel bottle and put it in my father’s mouth upside down. I started hitting it with a hammer. The more it goes down into his throat, the more I sensed his voice becoming low. Finally, the top of the bottle came out of his head from backward. Now he cannot talk loudly as there is an entire bottle through him from front to end. 

Riya opened my door and said, “Ham, dinner will be ready. Stop talking to the walls and get yourself ready.”

Riya came downstairs with a tense face.

Peter asked, “What happened, honey?”

Riya said, “He is still talking to the walls.”

Peter worriedly said to Riya, “I told you, we should go and meet a psychiatrist for him. He is twelve, and this age is crucial. We should not let our son down”.

Riya said, “Yeah, we will go tomorrow, and don’t talk loudly as if you are in an assembly.”

Peter said, “Politics pitched my voice up.”

Laughs and Chuckles.

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3 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Story is dank but it’s so pychotic. This is scary than a real physco. Author may have heinous spiteful taughts.

  2. Omg…! The story is amazing, I didn’t expect that twist at’ll…. It was so cruel while reading and when I started to picture those words in ma head…. no words can express ma feelin…. keep rockin bro… great story.

  3. OK! That was great. Nice looping.