Heyy , I’m a girl. Not just a girl but a girl who was killed by one married couples. Do you  know why I was killed? I’ll tell you!!! I was killed in my momma’s womb just because Im a girl.

My parents, we were living in a small village. My dadda was a businessman and my momma was a housewife. After their marriage of 6 years , she  got a news that she will be having a baby soon. My dadda was so excited to welcome me in these beautiful world. Even my momma was very happy that soon she will be a mother. Both started thinking about me , my future, my life. Slowly slowly days went and I started kicking my momma in her womb. My dadda was so happy by feeling my kicks. 

Suddenly, one day , dadda told momma that he want a boy child . Because girl will not take care of his and even who will take responsibilities of his and momma and the business? Even momma was agree with dadda statement. They both decided to do sonography and to check whether I’m a girl or a boy child. They went to hospital, did sonography and in report it was clear that  I’m a girl child. They both were very disappointed. They decided to do abortion. They decided, let’s kill these baby. And the day came when momma did abortion and I was killed before I entered the beautiful world.

WHY???   WHY ????   WHY???

Momma dadda you killed me? Just because I’m a girl child? Momma, even your a girl ! How did you do these with me , momma? Dadda , you love momma the most! She too is a girl. Then Wh u killed me ?

Dadda , if you would give me birth, I could give you so much happiness dadda. I would take care of your business, better than you dadda.

I would never ask you to give me nice nice clothes, expensive gifts, high-fiii dinner in 5- Star restaurant, good education, nothing dadda.

I would just ask you , your love , your care and Your time.

I would take care of you and momma more than a boy would do , dadda. I too have a rights dadda to live these life , to enjoy these life! I would never go against of you momma dadda. WHY did you killed me momma dadda? 

Well , you  both did a mistake momma dadda. 

Suddenly, both gotup from sleep and realised their mistakes , but it was too late .

And because of it, now , they had adopted a whole orphanage of children. They both take care of the children who doesn’t have parents or maybe the children who’s parents left them just because for them money , work , status was too IMPORTANNT.

And now , wherever they see Anyone is hating a girl child, they tells that people that in these world , no one loves more than a girl. A girl is a goddess. A girl is equal to a boy. She has the power to do that things which no one can do. 

So , stop killing a girl child. She too has freedom to live these life, to enjoy these beautiful life. Children’s are precious gift from God. Ask the one who is praying day and night just to get a girl child but it says , sometimes god gives  the beautiful thing to those who doesn’t care and who doesn’t value it.

We need a mother to love us and care us , a sister for celebrating raksha Bandhan, a  grandmother to tell us stories at night , a friend to fight with us , a wife to be with us in every step of our life , then why we don’t want a girl? Let’s be educated. We should stop our patriarchal thinkings . Girl and Boy both are equal, both should get equal kind of love ,care and opportunity.


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One thought on “SAVE THE GIRL CHILD

  1. · July 18, 2021 at 3:04 pm

    Girls and boys are not equal, girls are always superior to boys.