She was sitting there with a book in hand, watching sun as it fades away into earth. Its soon time for her to come to reality, away from her adventures, mystery and romantic world of non-fiction heaven. Must be hard to come again to real word where she finds everything deceiving, even her to herself. Still she just sits there at rooftop, her hidden hideout from the whole world. It was just she, her thoughts and music. Isn’t the best trio ever, where you could blame and heal it all by yourself… 

She felt her loneliness is becoming thicker and heavier as each second passes by. The sky was putting efforts to put her end to her loneliness.

She is neither a princess nor queen

She is warrior,

Who keeps battling endlessly?

Yes, she is been broken defeated. She felt pain that most couldn’t handle. But she always finds a way to get back up and rise again.

Her strength cannot be broken

For she knew she must keep on fighting till the end of day and do again the next day, the next day, the next day.. While chasing her dream, TO BE HAPPY. 

She looked up at the sky. She was shattered like the stars above. Indeed a magnificent mess. She looked down to her sides. She heard rustling of leaves. The wind was tickling and playing with them she thought. As the wind gently blows her hair, she felt all the worries disappear into thin air…Magically disappearing for a moment. She doesn’t remember them anymore as her mind wanders to a magical land where fairies grants her wishes and destroying trolls who aims destroy her life with her sword. Must be simple barely an inconvenience killing all her worries with a single lash of sword. Naming the sword would be childish yet she named them sword of devilish-dicer. She knew not all stories have great ending but in corner of her heart she desired to prove the world wrong. She promised herself that she would love herself despite her scars. They don’t hurt her anymore and it reminds her of all things she lived through. 

A sound brought her senses back. It was a message from her grandma. Lovingly, asking her to take her meals on time and her health. She felt warmness spreading throughout her. Can a little sentence change the mood? Yes. That’s what all grandmas do. 

She set her eyes on the birds, seeing them makes her want to fly in the endless sky. She wanted to fly like bird without the fear of being hunted down, unashamed and free. There is freedom waiting, on the breezes of the sky, she just wanted to ride the energy of her own unique sprit. 

After seeing all of these,

She knew what she was going to do today.


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