Red Cloak-1 The King


Harper kept his eyes completely focused on burning chicken waiting to treat his hunger. They are all physically ready to face the upcoming war against their home land. Cakar is one of the oldest tribes that are still living their lives in their own way. Cakar was just a normal tribe like any other until His Majesty was born 600 years ago. From then the word king became his name. People call him lord, king, his majesty, saviour and survivor. People don’t know much about him but, one thing is well known that is he is a legend. The king gathered all the tribal communities and started leading them to better methods of agriculture and technology, making Cakar as a capital. People from other tribes accepted him with all their will to follow his principles. He was good and furious too. Once a powerful king named Krampton wanted to get all the tribes under his rule. He marched into the forest with thousands of soldiers. But Krampton was stunned to see the army force of tribes. His Majesty was standing all alone wearing a shining white cloak and wielding two swords in his hands. King’s swords were unique in design but no one remembered how exactly they looked. That was the first time the world has seen the best warrior born till date.

It was said that the king killed the entire army of 4000 and left Krampton alive and told him, “Go and tell the world about me”. His Majesty’s white shining cloak turned into a blood dripped red cloak. That’s when the first sparkle of hope and belief was born in the people of Cakar. Since that day, King felt the necessity of training his people how to fight. He chose eight generals and trained them with all his knowledge to lead their army. Those eight generals will choose the next generation of  eight and so on to safeguard the people. His Majesty was highly capable of foreseeing events. Some call him the descendent of god.

One day The king told his people to build a closed room around him with the strongest known metal. People were worried but their belief was much stronger. The king said “Keep our tribes safe, I will be in here and will be watching you. One day I will come out when you need me,” to the eight. They build the strongest closed room around him keeping his swords and white cloak with him. People call it ‘The Room’. They worshiped it and treated it like a supreme power watching all over humanity. Some beliefs make people weak, some make them stronger. People believed in the king and this gave them strength to live, fear to do crime and power to fight against all odds. The news of room spread like a wildfire and so are the rumours. Some say the king stored all his wealth,knowledge and power inside the room while some say he became a devil inside. From then, Cakar was attacked many times to break open the room to see and capture what’s inside but every time the eight fought with all their power and knowledge and saved Cakar. 

Mason who is adding flavours to the chicken said,“We have a war to win Harper. Here we are cooking chicken and watering our mouth” with a sarcastic smile. 

Harper said,“ You already said we are going to win it.”

“Of course we are. We have eight to lead us.But this war will be a tough one brother. Krimson made many allies and gathered over a 20000 of army to attack. We have the eight and 1000 soldiers. Odds are very difficult.”

“Manosn, Cakar never talks about odds. Come on brother we have eight and upon everything the king is always watching. If anything goes wrong, he will come out.”

“I don’t think it ever happens. He might have died hundreds of years ago. I think we are believing a lie.”

“Don’t you dare say it to someone. I myself will kill you if you say that again.”

“Okay. Let’s eat this. We need to hurry.”

Krimson arrived with his 20000 army waiting to march into the forest. He believed that the king hid treasures in the room. More than that, he is the descendent of Krampton. Since Kramptons’s defeat with the king, many of his descendents tried to avenge his father’s pride by capturing Cakar. Now it is Krimson’s time to do that. The room is in the middle of Cakar. Between the room and Krimson’s army the eight stood with their 1000 soldiers guarding Cakar and the room. Krimson ordered his army to attack. Under the cloudy sky thousands of shields crashed against swords. Blood started ripping from everywhere. Krimson’s soldiers are well trained and organised. They are attacking with coordination not letting tribal people to stand. Eight are fighting and dashing their way forward no matter how organised their opponents are. The numbers are very odd. One to twenty. Except the eight, everyone from the tribe is falling to their opponent’s strikes. Cakar never experienced such a ferocious attack. Krimson played a very tricky move by launching his surprise attack from both the sides as tribes are expecting attack from front. Soldiers are falling and the eight could see where this war is going. All the eight gathered and formed a circle. With all the sides covered eight are pushing their way towards Krimpson. Rain started to fall cleaning all the blood soaked swords. Krimson then released his mutated ten feet monster, Sha. Sha are very rare animals which became extinct thousands of years ago. But somehow Krimson managed to give this one a life. Sha dashed towards the sky with a leap, it landed in the middle of the eight. With a sweep from it’s swords all the eight heads ripped free from their body. All the eight bodies fell to the ground around Sha. It smiled. That sight hit the remaining tribe soldiers like a thunder blow. They started rushing back to the forest. 

Mason with a terror stricken face asked Harper, “Harper, this is it. We are going to die if we don’t run back.”

“Mason, we are supposed to die for the tribe. I am not running away. If what you say is true, I am happy to die fighting rather than running back like a coward.”

As he finished his line, Sha took him to his hands and ripped him apart. Mason started running towards Cakar without looking back. As he is running with all his power, he could hear screams of his people being crushed. He ran almost to the center of the Cakar and then Sha landed in front of him. It kicked Mason with it’s foot throwing him to the ground. Mason saw Sha raising his hand to strike him saying, “With your kill, the legacy of the king will be forever dead.” As it was about to launch the strike, a huge metal came dashing towards him from behind hitting it on the head and crushing the skull.

Ten foot monster collapsed to the ground, lying dead. Mason tried to see where the metal came from. It is from ‘The Room’.

A brick was ripped free from the wall of the room, dashed towards Sha and killed it. Sparkling white light is illuminating from inside. Suddenly with a thundering sound all the bricks from the room were blown away. Rain stopped and suddenly sunlight fell to the ground obscuring clouds. The light dimmed and there in the middle of the room a tall seven foot figure stood with a shining white cloak spreading his hands to his sides wielding two ten foot long swords. Every eye in the forest widened looking at The king with a stunning shocking face. The king stood between the opposing army and his people all alone. Krimson yelled out loud, “kill him !”

As hundreds of soldiers started dashing forward towards the king, he leaped forward swinging his long swords ripping everyone into half. Blood spilled all across staining his white cloak. The king moved with a pleasant motion as if he knew where to get low and where to strike. He joined the handles of his both swords making it a twenty foot long weapon and started to rotate it over his head forming a circle with a twenty feet diameter around him where, whoever comes in, goes out as two halves. With his fluid like motion, he dashed forward breaking every shield and ripping every sword and killing every soldier. Within no time the entire army was down to earth turning his sparkling white cloak into blood filled red cloak. He then dashed forward, put his sword against the head of Krimson and said, “Go and tell the world that I am back.”

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