Red Cloak 3-White Cloak


Killian, the new legend after the massacre, held his sword right against Krampton’s neck and said, “Go and tell the world that I am back.” With the remaining soldiers who are alive, Krampton left the forest with fire of dishonor burning inside of him. Killian’s white cloak turned into red blood. Blood of Krimpton’s army. His face is covered with a cloth which is also soaked in red blood. Even though he is faced against the forest, he can see thousands of anticipating eyes looking at him with astonishment. He can listen to whispers saying, ‘The king is back on the same day he went in as per the prophecy.’ Killian stood there thinking, ‘For 600 years people believed that the king was watching over which helped to maintain the unity and prosperity of the tribes. What would happen now, if they know that their belief was constructed on a lie? Do they accept me as their king? No they are expecting Arick here and nothing less or more than that. Arick is not a legend he is a belief. Now if I reveal myself, their belief might be destroyed.’ While the thoughts were running inside of his head, he heard a voice, ‘Killian, hide in the forest.’ He looked around to know who spoke to him. He found none. He can see few people coming from far behind towards him with both fear and pride to take a look at their king. Yet, he can hear their footsteps as if they are walking right beside him. They both know Killian as a common young man so he followed the voice he heard. With a leap, he dashed into thick forest woods where no tribe lives.

Krampton went back to his kingdom. He went to Cakar with 20,000 soldiers and came back with less than 1000 as alive. He is desperately angry and couldn’t accept the fact that he failed. Most of his ancestors believed that the king would be alive inside of the room, but Krampton was skeptical about it. Now the truth that the king is actually alive is eating him from inside. He has been taught and prepared his whole life for this moment, to win over Cakar. Now, he failed. He found a way to bring Sha back to life in a day. Thousand years ago, they were extensively used in war. The reason why they are extinct is that they were difficult to control without a proper master. Sometimes they killed their own people. Now with his thirst to avenge his ancestors and to take his own revenge he ordered to make hundreds of Shas right at the moment to attack Cakar again.

Killian found a cave inside the forest where he can stay hidden and which is near to Cakar so that he can reach quickly in an emergency. He started to recall the killings he did moments before. He thought to himself, ‘Why me? Protecting Cakar is the main goal but what about killing thousands of people for whom their family would be waiting in their homeland? Is this the holy thing that my mother is teaching? Killing thousands of people? It shouldn’t have happened.’ His thoughts were intercepted with a voice saying, ‘This is the way.’ Killian startled to hear the voice again and found no one near him. His mind pushed a thought into his senses. Killian asked, ‘Arick is that you?’ The voice replied, ‘You hear it as Arick saying. This is the voice of your ancestors. How do you think we can foresee things? We are all over in the air within the forest. We can see inside of every house and can hear every heartbeat.’ Killian asked, ‘So you would tell me what’s happening anywhere in the forest?’ The voice replied, ‘When it is needed. Now your friend Mason, discovered the tunnel you dug from his home to the room. By the way, that was a good idea. I was wondering how you would get into ‘The Room’. So now, he is coming looking for you.’ Killian asked, ‘So what should I do now?’ He didn’t hear any voice now. He asked again but he heard nothing except silence. 

Killian felt something changed around him and looked for it. He then noticed that it was his cloak. It turned into shining white from red blood. He thought about what to do with Manson now as he knew the truth. He heard footsteps approaching when he came out he saw Manson standing in front of him.

“Killian? You?”

“Mason let me tell you what happened. Come in first.”

Killian told Mason everything happened. Manson said, “I knew that the king would be dead by now. But I never thought that the powers move on to the chosen ones. I cannot picture you as the one who killed thousands in the battlefield.”

“ It was the rage of power that has driven me to do that massacre. I feel guilty about that. This shouldn’t be the way to protect Cakar. Now Krampton’s son comes back to Cakar to avenge his father’s pride after twenty years.  Violence never ends. From 600 years, millions of people died on the battlefield. Do you think their death is worth anything?”

“No. But what would you do about it now?”

“We will find a way to bring back peace.”

Krimson is sitting on his throne planning his attack on Cakar with Shas. He ordered his people to make them outside the city wall. People of his kingdom are now against him as everyone knows how dangerous Shas can be if they are out of order. Still, he is determined to win over Cakar. Suddenly his soldier rushed to his room saying, “My lord! Shas are out of control and they killed their masters. Now they are rushing towards the city walls.” Listening to this, Krimpson got a chill in his spine. He knew this was a bad idea but his vengeance blinded his eyes. Now he has put his entire city in stake. There are no more than 1000 soldiers left to defend that wall. Each Sha alone can kill a hundred soldiers. Krampton asked, “How many are there?” Soldier with a terror in his eyes said, “More than a hundred my lord.”

People in the kingdom are now frightened on hearing the news of Shas. The kingdom is surrounded by a forty feet tall city wall and the only way out is through the main gate. Now Shas are coming towards the main gate. Everyone knew that, no one could stand against the ten foot height and incredibly built  monsters. People started badmouthing Krampton for his lame act. Somehow the word spread into the forest. Now, people in the Cakar are talking about it. Killian sensed terror in the air. He is waiting for Arick to speak up. He heard the voice.

“Killian, Our only enemies are falling in their own trap. Krampton had ordered his men to make more Shas to attack us again. Now they lost their control and were heading towards the city wall.”

“If they pass through the city wall. They’ll slaughter every one inside the city. How can he put the lives of his people in risk? We should help them. I should help them.”

“They are our enemies Killian. They wanted to ride over us for generations. Even if you want to save them, your powers are inadequate outside the forest.”

“I cannot stand here doing nothing when thousands of civilians are getting slaughtered. I am moving out.”

“That’s true. But they did it for themselves. We can boost and give you the power only if you are within the forest or near the forest. That’s why no legend went out of the forest to fight. Krampton’s kingdom is far away from our reach. We are chosen to protect Cakar. You don’t even have an heir now. If you go out to save them, your powers will drain with time. We cannot choose our next legend if you die.”

“How can we think only about Cakar? When helpless people are dying there. Krampton may have been our enemy but what about their people? They don’t deserve to die. Not even one.”

Killian took his swords and started running towards the kingdom. He can still hear the voices inside his head convincing him not to go there. Nothing is running his mind except the vision of people fearing death inside the city wall. He is not thinking about Cakar, He is neither thinking about rivalry nor about peace. His mind crawled with the idea to save them no matter what happens. When he stepped out of the forest, voices started to dim down in his ears. He is using all his energy to reach the place as soon as possible.

Thousand  soldiers are guarding the gate of the city wall. They know they won’t make any difference to what is about to happen. But they are proud that they are going to buy some time for the people inside to live. Shas came running towards the soldiers guarding the gate and started to rip everyone into pieces. They don’t have swords with them but that doesn’t even seem to count as an odd. Their heavy weight and built are crushing soldiers and their shields.Within ten minutes, they killed almost everyone. One young soldier is alone standing in between the gate and the Shas. A Sha raised it’s hand to crush the soldier and then, a shining sparkle obscured the vision of the soldier and it passed through the Sha cutting it into half. Soldier was soaked in white blood of Sha and cleared his eyes to see where the sparkle came from. Amidst the dirty ash coloured Shas, Killian stood there in his white shining cloak and sparkling ten foot long swords. A Sha came running towards him in anger to crush him down by throwing its weight against him. With all its power and weight, it fell on him. Killian didn’t even moved an inch. He looked into its eyes and smiled. He swung the sword crushing its head into pieces. It crashed down. Killian told himself, “Two down” He ordered the boy to get inside of the gate through the small opening which is barely two feet wide and asked him to put as much weight as possible against the gate to prevent it from burst open. He immediately rushed in.

Killian started killing each one of them one after the other. He can feel the change in his power and speed. He can no longer predict the opponents move before happening. Still, he is strong enough to stand and fight. Watch guards from top of the city walls can see Killian slicing through the Shas. They told people and the Krampton who are on the other side of the wall  that ‘The King’ and the legend of Cakar is fighting for them. Killian killed almost half of the Sha. Now he can feel the power dropping and the weakness growing  inside of him. He can no longer wield two swords. With his power, he started swinging around himself wielding two swords and left one to fly through the group of Shas cutting them into halves. That swing made him lose a lot of energy. Shas are becoming more grumpy along with the time. Killian saw one of them rushing towards him and he know that he didn’t have enough energy to withstand its blow. When it was about to reach him with an incredible speed, he put his sword standing in such a way that the sharp end falls against the Sha. It came and hit the sword, cutting itself into two pieces falling each one on either side of  Killian. When he turned his head to face another one it was already bursting towards him and he didn’t have enough time to step aside or to put his sword against. It hit him with all its power.

Killian went flying hitting the gate and fell down. He is sure that few of his rib cases are broken. He stood up to his feet and felt that he could no longer wield his ten foot long sword. He didn’t have enough power left to swing it away, so he dropped it down and took the sword and shield of a soldier lying dead. He tried to block the powerful blows of Sha with his shield but it is not strong enough. It started to beat the shield one hit after another, making Killian crush to the ground. Shield broke into pieces, now Killian kept his feet on it’s thigh and grabbed its neck and slit its throat open even before it realised what’s happening. When he landed he couldn’t stand on his feet. One of his knees is badly injured and he started to spill blood out blood from his mouth. Now only one Sha is left alive. It took a leap and jumped to the top of the city wall. It took one of the watch guards into its hand and threw it at Killian. He stepped aside. Killian took all of the breath in and jumped with all his energy to reach the top of the wall. He almost touched the top with his fingers but he couldn’t grab it, he fell down.

He broke his arm and can’t open his eyes. Sha started to throw everyone on top of the wall onto Killian. Within no time a pyle of ten was pooled on top of him. Sha looked at the pile and smiled. Suddenly the pile started to shake. Scattering the men on top of him, Killian dashed into the air and landed in front of the Sha. Killian smiled. Killian started to swing his sword through the Sha. He doesn’t have a shield to block its attack as one of his arms is broken. Sha managed to escape the sword swings and meanwhile it took a sword from one of the watch guards and sliced through Killian’s face cutting one of his eyes open. Killian groaned in pain. People of the kingdom and Krampton himself felt the twist in their stomach to see their greatest enemy fighting for their lives. Killian felt something changed around him and looked for it. He then noticed that it was his cloak. His shining white cloak is now filled with red blood. His blood. Even though he is far away to reach the power, he can sense the last moments of life inside of him. Gathering those last bits of power inside him, he dashed forward and managed to escape Sha’s sword and swing his sword from in between its legs. It sliced through its body and came out splitting it’s skull. It fell outside of the city wall.

Killian could no more stand on his feet and can feel the dizziness in his eyes. He lost his balance and started to fall inside of the city wall. When he is dropping through the air in his blood soaked red cloak, time slowed down for him, reminiscing the moments he spent with his mother and his eagerness to find what’s inside of ‘The Room’. When he was about to hit the ground, people inside the city held their hands like a net and Killian dropped into their hands. People of the kingdom who used to hate him are now holding him in their hands and crying for him. They slowly dropped him onto the ground. Everyone is rushing for help to treat him but it is already too late. Krampton came with tears in his eyes. He took his crown and kept it near Killian’s feet. Killian waved his hand asking Krampton to come closer to him. He came and bent over his head to hear. Killian said, “Go and tell my people that I found them peace.”

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  1. Great story and amazing writing. Writer has done great job in describing the war scenes. Silence and tunnel has already shown how skilled you are but Red cloak has shown you in a new light. All the best!!

  2. · November 29, 2020 at 2:06 pm

    Thank u, for a wonderful story. It was really good. I wish, the writer all the best for his future endeavours.