Raavan-The RAW ONE


This is a story of  RAW detective  spanning for a period of 10 days .

  • Day 1

It was his first day to college. As he just entered the campus, he noticed that ragging had exceeded its limit.

As expected, he was called by his seniors.

He just went with neutral expression on his face. Before they could even provoke him, his  next move surprised the whole campus as he took out gun from his bag and pointed towards them. The campus hadn’t seen such an incident until then

They got to know he was agressive

But his intentions were RAW.

 Since a week, a news was spread  that the college Principal was blacklisted to be shot to death by the terrorists and a young terrorist was sent for this purpose. 

  • Day 2

Hence the Principal got security and two Spies were appointed namely  Reena and Raveena.

They were the best known  brains for providing security to influential personalities.

  • Day 3

Raavan sneaked into the  rooms of both the spies and this act was recorded in the cctv.(He did it purposefully). This was also noticed by Spy Reena. She suspected him.

  • Day 4

Spy Reena was constantly eager to know the daily schedules of the Principal. This eagerness of Reena was noticed by Spy Raveena. So, Raveena suspected Reena

  • Day 5

Raavan followed Principal in every move and was once again noticed and suspected by Reena

  • Day 6

Here comes another twist…..A bullet was fired on Raavan. He literally escaped by a few inches.

 Raveena who was nearby claimed that the terrorist may be nearby.

She already suspected Reena for being overly eager on Principal’s movements.

She claimed her suspection became strong.

But the question is, why was bullet fired on Raavan!!!!!

  • Day 7

Raavan was caught redhanded in the compound of the Principal’s house and was enquired. He said he just came to inform  the Principal regarding the pathetic maintenance of the college. 

But he wasn’t trusted as he entered secretly and also carried the Gun with him.  

  • Day 8

The  Police Commissioner  Prashant Gowda arrived to the college,  to identify the suspect.

He called up the Spies Reena and Raveena.

He also called up Raavan for investigation due to his unusual and RAW behaviour.

He let them tell their opinion . But just one sentence.

• Raveena said Reena was the suspect

• Reena said Raavan was the suspect

• Raavan said Raveena was the suspect


He was literally confused and let them to explain them the proofs for their suspection by the next dayhi

  • Day 9

• Raveena stated  that she noticed Reena being overly eager on Principal’s movements. She also stated that she tried to shoot Raavan as he seemed disturbing for her plan.Hence she said that Reena is the terrorist.

• Reena stated that she noticed Raavan entering their room the other day. It’s even  recorded in the camera she added. 

      She said that she also noticed him         following the Principal on a regular basis.

‘Hence he is the terrorist’ she concluded.

Inspector said that he would continue the investigation the next day .

  • Day 10.

The day when Raavan turned the situation upside down.

Inspector: You can’t escape from me Raavana

Raavan: Sir not Raavana …….. it’s Raveena

Inspector: What!…

Raavan: Yes sir. Raveena is the terrorist.  I have the proof. 

He continued ,

I already knew that our Principal was in danger. I wanted to trace the terrorist. 

I just diverted everybody’s attention right from the first day itself as I wouldn’t be disturbed, by carrying a Gun with me. Anyways it’s a fake one….. Have it.

Sir , I already had a doubt on the Spies. I kept an eye on them. 

I started following the bodyguard Reena. I searched her history and got to know that she was a sincere and efficient spy.

But when I researched about Raveena, I got to know that she was newly appointed to the Security force. 

I agree that I sneaked into the spy’s house. 

But there, I found a blueprint to kill the Principal in Raveena’s bag .

Here are the proofs(He hands over Raveena’s blueprint of Principal’s execution to the Inspector).

I also realized that Raveena would cause me trouble as I was distracting the college with a gun. 

As I expected, she tried to shoot me and I escaped………..So with the proof submitted, Raveena is the terrorist. 

That was damn unexpected RAW plan… Police said with a sigh….

Police and the Principal thanked Raavan for his RAW Intelligence.

Raveena was arrested. 

Reena continued her job as a Spy for ambient personalities.

He just used his RAW Intelligence to crack a complex case.

Infact his lifestyle was fragile…

We need to inculcate RAW mindset and think towards working for the betterment of the society alike him.

His name was Raavan,

His intelligence was THE RAW ONE.

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