Only Loves Accepted


I have still haven’t paid my educational loan, I don’t know how to pay and I can’t even ask dad he’s reluctant last time I asked. I haven’t got any money even to get a suit for the party next week.

[Phone rings]

Laura:  Babe, you said you would come here today. I’m missing you so much…. 

Ian: Laura am totally broke right now, and I forgot to come, ok!

Laura: what ? you forgot? Did you forget??? Are you serious, Ian?

Ian: Yeah, I forgot I have many debts to pay even you know how many debts I have. All I am thinking about it how to freakin pay them back !!!

Laura: I know that babe, you are talking as if it is something new, we are working our ass off to pay them, but that’s a stupid explanation to the question I asked. How could you even forget coming here today?

Ian: don’t talk as if you are paying my debts, you will talk anything because you have no trouble. You have money with you, so you have space in your head for me, or else you would also be thinking about your vexations.

Laura: are you out of your mind, I would never forget you no matter how sad I am or how happy I am. You are talking as if money is the answer for every deed in the world!

Ian: if you think in that way, yes, it is!

Laura: So you think money is important for you than me… than us…than our LOVE?

Ian: Love, yeah it’s great, but we have to pay the price to it, and you have money more than you need so you take for granted, don’t you give importance to money, answer why all your friends all rich the least of them have a car.

Laura:(sobbing) babe are even talking for real…..


“I can’t deal with her now, I just wish I have money. “

All of a sudden HE HEARD A SNAP OUT OF NOWHERE. The whole place around him started shrinking and shrinking and he’s able to see molecules and atoms and even smaller nucleus and suddenly everything around him turned out to be small strings of vibrations, those strings now started to change their orientation and vibrations and in a second everything grew back, big like a boom in a second. He couldn’t see anything with yelling loud out of the darkness he woke up from his bed with sweat and heartbeat that’s pounding. 

With a sigh, he was relieved that it was a dream.

[phone rings from the bank]

IAN: I will pay the money within two days, please leave me alone.

Girl from the bank: Sorry sir, ONLY LOVES ACCEPTED…….(cuts the call)

Ian: what the f*ck is this where am I???

He walks out and sees everything seems the same yet different. He walks into a road, greets his friend, but he doesn’t welcome him back. He sees an advertisement on the billboard.

“Your love and your feelings make your life happy. Our bank helps you to protect them and store them. You will have a card with you from which you can transfer the love to a person or any feeling. You can double them by adding our schemes. Hope to see you soon.”

He doesn’t understand shit…..he tries to stop to a person going by 

Ian: excuse me … hey ! can I talk to you for a second 

Stranger: if you are precise about that it costs you 1.2 felons

Ian: what? 1.2 feelings? See I have twenty dollars in my pocket 

Stranger: you gotta be kidding. I have a million euros in my home take all of them if you want, I don’t need them. 1.2 felons or I am gone, pay me 8 for 5mins you already took a min. Tap your card on me. 

Ian: that’s it done? Think I don’t know anything about here, how money works here, explain to me 

Stranger: first thing there is no money here, money is free you can buy anything you want, you can go grab a Maserati right from the showroom. Here what you have to buy are feelings. If you want me to feel the love you have pay loves, if you want sex, you have to pay if you want someone to spend their time you have to pay. You give me LOVES or FELONS I give my love or feelings that you want me to, and that’s it 5 mins done. Bye. 

Ian:(laughing out loud ..) you say I can buy anything I want what the ???? 

Now, Ian goes out and tries to buy, and he can get anything he wants literally by tapping his card, bought a car, house, and TV and all that he wished for. He felt delighted and happy for 2 days. Now he wants to spend all this with his friends and his girlfriend laura. 

[IAN CALLS TO HIS FREINDS…in dialer it says “you have only 32 felons reaming to call”]

Ian: Hey Sauli hi there, what are you doing man, how’s your girl? You wanna spend time with me? Wanna chill, come over to my house at 2.

Sauli: that’s gonna cost you 234 felons, and 12 loves dude. 

Ian: what? I’m doing you a favour man you asking me money? how much you want 234 felons 

[ Ian checks his real balance now all he is left with is 143 felons and 8 loves]

Ian: I don’t have fucking 234 felons all my balance is some 143, what this shit even for 

Sauli: I can’t even feel sorry, wanna give 7 felons?

Ian cuts the call immediately and chills again with all his materialistic possessions. After a few bottles of pure scotch, he felt depressed and calls his best friend, Luke.

Ian: hey luke, I’m feeling depressed man, I can’t understand anything, I just want a person to talk with.

Luke: I can talk with you just for 457 felons man I don’t need loves.

Ian: luke, we used to sit on my terrace and just breathe air and talk open-heartedly luke, just over stop talking that shit.

Luke: what I spoked? Like that ?? man you might have been in a parallel universe or dreaming. I’m not felloniare. I wish to but it gonna cost both of us at least 50k grand per minute, what open-heartedly(laughing out loud…), its the word of felloniares man, its been so long since I’ve heard that word.

The call ends itself due to lack of balance, sobbingly he felt unrest. All he needed was a person to hold the hand. He checked the time and date, its the time to meet Laura. Laura is in his head even when he has all the trouble. He went there waiting for Laura to come out. Finally, she came out of her office 

Ian: hey babe, I missed you so much, love you ….( trying to give a hug) 

Laura: Woah…Woah wait, your credit card is declining. I can’t be in a relationship where I don’t get loves, where credit cards decline, and you also owe me a debt.

Ian: please babe I’m fed up of all this, I just want your love, I transferred all my fellons and loves to you 

Laura: with this, I can give my love and feelings for 5 mins 42 seconds babe. (Laura goes and gives a hug and kisses on the neck)

Ian was so confused, but all he wanted was someone’s love, and he is getting it at that moment he said: “all I want is to be like this forever.” Laura laughed, 5mins passed as a second at the same time Ian got a call and he crying like hell….

Laura: what happened, baby? (checking time 42 seconds remaining )

Ian: (weeping so hard…) babe, my mother just passed away, the last stage of cancer, I didn’t expect it to be this soon…( and cries out loud)

And then Laura said, 

Laura: I can offer my sympathy and condolences just for 9 loves, babe. 

Ian: I’m crying like fuck, and you ask me this????

Laura: it is just the price you have to pay 

Ian stands up suddenly, yells out loud, “I can’t bear all this,” cries out very loud, and thinks “I don’t want this, I don’t, Laura I really miss you. ” and closes his eyes

ALL of a sudden, he woke up from his bed with full sweat and a pounding heart, With a sigh, he was relieved that it was a dream.

Then he sees his phone notification from laura “babe, don’t forget, at 7 pm at my office”. 

[Ian gets a phone call from bank….]

Ian: Hello, I will pay the money within two days ( says this very tensely)

Bank: no sir, you need to pay tomorrow.

IAN shouts, “YAY !” cuts the call and text laura, “babe, I love you more than anything in the world, and I am missing you so much by the way I really got a terrible dream.”

                                                            The end 

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2 thoughts on “Only Loves Accepted

  1. In the end ,the answer for anything is LOVE❤️ . Fantastic..! I liked it.

  2. Yes end is just amazing ,because end of the day in this busy life all we need is happy life where family,love and friends are with you