One Journey


The window glass was slightly open. There was cool breeze outside. The mild sunrays kissed my forehead. I felt my face absorbing the heat of the sun. I opened my eyes and captured the lush green mountains running outside. For a moment I felt energized and revived from my tiring daily life back at town. The noise of vehicles usually irritated and made me feel like jumping off a cliff, but now, the sound of the steam engine was healing my inner scars. My head felt weightless and its really soothing. Slowly I realized I’m relaxing. I closed my eyes for some time to deliberately let go of my memories of daily rush, office pressure, noisy town and my daily uncreative routine. The cold breeze brushed past my hair. I took out my big framed spectacles and cleaned it. I was surrounded by people, quite unknown but unique in behaviour. I took out my first diary ever, and jotted down my first entry.

I’m Claire, travelling to find myself.”

‘I badly need a change; I feel sick though not physically; I want to relax; I seriously need a break’.  These thoughts were bothering me since ages back and finally I decided to go for it. Spending a lifetime in front of robotic screens is indeed a tough job to deal with. I was feeling like programmed with headache and stress. Yeah, that’s something you can claim as bonus for your sincere work along with ten thousands of bucks. One day my programmes began failing similar to a computer affected with a virus. Sooner, I realised that money can only fill your pockets but your life and then, I began rebooting my system by signing a white paper decorated with my handwriting at the CEO’s office. That day I left that building with a couple of cartons and kept them safe to rust in the attic. My pockets were full but my life felt empty and incomplete. There I began my trail for my inner self, all alone, nobody with me. I felt that this was that kind of demon whom I had to fight all alone. I was highly unsure about the results but still I badly needed this because I do not want for my roads untraveled. Every possible way out was worth giving a try. So did I.

“Madam……” I opened my eyes. “Madam, your coffee…….Sugar?” “Two please….” I replied. I peeped through the window as I sipped my coffee. It was most pleasing weather ever. Hot coffee and cold breeze is something that is irresistible. This journey isn’t the kind of any other ordinary one. This is a special one and so I wanted it to be pleasant too. This is my return journey from a valley station and hence I’m travelling through the mountain side. Nature is a good healer. You learn and gain so much from nature. The kind of relaxation you can get from the clean air is really exhilarating. The pleasant greenery is a visual therapy. This is the place where you can really behold the miracles of Mother Nature. The landscape can described as the very definition of symmetry and proportion fused together. I have never seen such an enchanting visual ever back in my life. The golden meadow, blossoming trees, setting sun, orange red sky, flying birds are an entirely different experience. The scene was entirely lively, colourful and cheering. The sun set and darkness started falling. Then I realised that I the whole day I did nothing but observing the landscape. I turned aside to take my diary. It was then that something suddenly caught my sight. The places that would so bright in the day time were just like blue black shadows at night. This very sight made me think how different and contrasting a same view or a same incident in life sides can happen. The one who enjoyed this landscape in the daylight can take this to be a very depressing scene indeed. This made me think. Everybody enjoys beauty of daylight but not everyone enjoys the beauty of night. Even those blue black shadows have a beauty and so does the starry sky. This very starry seems eerie and creepy to many. The night sky cannot be blamed for this since, in every coin, there is a head for a tail and a one for a six in every die. Daytime, is full of light and sun is shining in the bright atmosphere. But, the moon….the moon shines amidst the darkness creating a ray of light that makes the earth brighter than before. The night sky studded with diamond stars…………..Never before I have admired the night sky, but once you do, it will be the most beautiful scene ever.

Now, I could understand that no situation is worse for anyone and no situation is perfect anyone. It’s just the kind of approach you have towards the situation whatever it may be. One can never blame time for whatever bad happens in their life because those are the moments where you learn the most important lessons of your life. I realised it takes a hell lot of courage to stand up to an obstacle and face it. That makes you stronger and capable in your life. Good times and bad times are exactly like day light and night sky. If you can discover the beauty in both then life is always easy and comfortable. I took up this journey to refresh myself and to have relief from whatever kind of stress I had, but now, I return back purifying myself and preparing my mind to stand up to obstacles than running away from them. This valley taught me to see life, the way it is…………

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6 thoughts on “One Journey

  1. This made me feel clam and help me absorb the peace in the chaos of my routine 🙏

  2. Beautiful thoughts and beautiful words.❤

  3. Omg…my frndddd…u r so talented😍