One (766 A.D)


One is the greatest warrior ever known in the entire Central dominance. He is known widely for his unnatural combat and insane managing skills that help his king and kingdom unfallen. In dominance, soldiers are called with their ranks. These ranks are given based on their battle skills and contributions they made to the safeguard of their king and their kingdom. Every rank keeps shifting from person to person, but ever since my childhood, rank one is always constant with him. Perhaps people might have forgotten that One can fall into other ranks too. There are even days when an entire 10,000 army and obligators failed to, but One stood and saved the day. One has become an ideal for the people of the kingdom to look for. But now comes the greatest threat to the nation when a mad tyrant halts with an army tenfold of ours. People believe in One, king believes in One. But this threat is bigger even for the mighty One, Even for the artful and greedy One. One is loyal to the king and dominance, but he was overwhelmed for being One in the nation. He was principled earlier, but as the days pass his carving to be One made him turn to the dark side. King never knew about his grievous behaviour. So he trusted him with all his wellness. That gave him even more power to fulfil his wishes.

War day has arrived. It seems that One had failed to negotiate. One had turned everyone’s hope down. Still, people had their faith in One. King had little hope, and people were going to accept their fate to suffer. It was about the time when the king decided to give up to save his soldiers rather than march them to death. Then the mad tyrant came forward and announced that he is willing to leave our kingdom free if anyone in our nation can beat him in chess. People couldn’t believe what they heard. Everyone knows that the tyrant is insane, but no one expected this was coming. Suddenly every eye turned towards One, hoping he could beat the tyrant in chess. But One never even looked at the chessboard. Even I didn’t. Many of the citizens and soldiers didn’t. Chess is a game that was just about to spread its name around the world. One held his head low, and the king lost his tiny bit of hope. With a timid low voice, the king asked his army that anyone know how to play chess. No one raised their hand, and the king sighed. It took a bit of time to spread the word to the last lines of the army. Then 8,721 raised his hand firmly.

Everyone looked at him, surprised and stunned. People gave him away to walk to the front lines. King never saw his face till date. Now he is the only hope for the entire kingdom. Match started in the middle of the battlefield. Everyone was eager to see what happens. Within a few minutes, they rose, and the tyrant hugged 8,721 and shook hands with him. 8,721 walked to the king among the eagerly waiting ears. Finally, he told the king that he won, and the tyrant was very impressed with his skill and made us as their ally, and their army was started to retreat. King couldn’t believe what just happened. 8,721 showed us light when everyone was filled with darkness. King couldn’t find a way to applaud 8,721. People started to lift him and put him on a palanquin. They raised him applauded him with all their voices. King stood at the top and announced 8,721 as One. Everyone raised their voice to their best applauding and shouting. No one look stunned as everyone knows he deserved to be One except, Two. New Two or ex-One. For the first time, he felt low, defeated since he became One. For the first time, people didn’t look to him applauding. He felt defeated; he felt like 10,000.

Time made him the One and Hero, but now, the same made him Two and low. Perhaps each time calls for a new hero. Everyone can be One when the right time arrives and calls for them. Time changes everything everyone and demand. Like it changed my father from 8,721 to One.

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