Not All Right But it is Alright


Once there lived a woman named Chitti, she has lustrous jet-black hair and a genial smile.  Her eyes look like they hold a deep melancholy of sadness with specks of shiny black in them.  

 Chitti lived on her own board in a square-shaped house with four walls, a ceiling made of  concrete, and one dark brownish wooden door. She spent her days and nights, all by herself  confined in these four walls where there was no source of light and it is quite suffocating  to her as there was no proper ventilation. Chitti often felt like she is trapped in a dark lonely  world.  

 Each day she would be staring at that only door on the wall. Wondering and curious about  the world outside.  

 Unfortunately, Chitti was restricted and bounded to stay within these four walls but  deep down she wished to have some sort of a supernatural power switch that could open the  door and bring her out of the world she is trapped in instantly, but she is very well aware  that things do not work out that way.  

 At one point in time, Chitti realized that being confined in these four walls is hampering  her freedom to truly live life. she felt like staying in this place is complicating and making  her reach complete denial of the bright side that life has to offer. She is subconsciously  craving for a sign of freedom, true happiness, and real peace.  

 Because as a matter of fact, when life feels complicated,  

 some people handle it with ease   Some people burst out with grief   But deep down, we all long for a Glimmer of Peace.  

 As time passed by one fine day, Chitti finally managed to gather some courage and slowly  started walking towards that door out of curiosity. she silently creaked open the door,  gasped in awe, and dumbly started staring around, eyeing awkwardly with fear but she simply  couldn’t look away.  

 A part of her heart wants to step out of the door because she kind of knew that  there was something more than just living a life confined within these four walls. As she was  about to step out of the door with her little feet.  

Suddenly, a voice inside her screamed.  

“Stop being delusional, Get In” (snapping her back to reality)  

 Chitti immediately bolted the door with her small fumbling fingers and went back inside  crawling to isolate herself in the four walls. she badly wished to tear the door apart but  some things can’t be torn apart that easily no matter how hard you try because you are so  used to living life in a certain way. 

 Of course, change is scary because it involves the unknown, it involves doing something  you have not done earlier. But little did she know that Regret and missing or running out of  chances is scarier.  

 Chitti continued spending her life in these four walls as always. A couple of years passed  by.  

Now being stuck in this pit of darkness is getting harder for her to stay. Chitti got so lost  that she is literally terrified of being awake and unable to sleep as she was constantly  haunted by the voices of her inner demons and anxiety that has been even chasing and  tossing in her dreams.  

 She has come to a bitter conclusion that life is nothing but just an awful nightmare.  

It’s not like she has memories of deep regret but, for some strange reason, she wasn’t happy  at all.  

 she is quite good at hiding her emotions but when no one is around she weeps like a kid.  Chitti often struggled by blaming herself with a pang of unknown guilt.  

one day, on a dark cold gloomy night, there was a ghost quite uncomfortable silence  suspended around. Suddenly, Chitti felt a jolt-the four walls around her being tugged.  

 She could clearly sense the subtle shaking of the floor. After a couple of seconds, the  shaking got even worse. she realized that something is wrong.  

 It’s an EARTHQUAKE.  

Chitti rendered speechless with terror and noticed that the four walls around her are  starting to crack.  

The walls are almost on the verge of collapse.  

Now, it is a do-or-die situation for her.  

She can either step out of the door and Save Herself or stay inside in the four walls and  get herself crushed and Killed.  

For a moment time stood still, her eyes were literally set on the door making everything  besides it a blur. 

Time is running out. Chitti realized that she is just a few seconds apart from saving herself.  

She immediately started to run as fast as she can out the door. Her heart started to pump  faster and faster.  

In this critical chaotic series of moments, Chitti heard nothing (no voice of her inner  demons) but only the sound of her footsteps.  

And right after she stepped out, the four walls shattered and collapsed.  

 Chitti nervously tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear to get a clearer view to see  if she made it or not.  

The earthquake has finally stopped.  

she took a deep breath with a sigh of relief and smiled tenderly with her eyes filled with  tears.  

Moral: We all have these four walls in our life that hinder our pursuit of happiness, it could  be a wall of worrying, self-pity, ego, being pessimistic the list can go on. These walls might  differ from person to person but they all share a common trait. These walls obstruct living  a content life.  

 when life seems unbearable the easiest way seems to be is to hide but if you fail to  overcome your walls, it can end up destroying and shattering you.  

 I know it is sounds cliché, it is easier said than done but learn to be strong enough to face  your reality.  

Sometimes all you need is a leap of faith to turn your despair into absolute hope,  

And start to love yourself, don’t lose sight of who you are, you are not a people pleaser so  live your true authentic self.  

Don’t change who you are as an individual and end up being somebody else but Change to be  a better version of yourself.  

and most importantly remember “It is not all right but it is alright”.

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