“Take care my son!” my mom said in a very heavy voice with watery eyes. I never imagined that she was going to be so emotional. “Mom, I  am not going for always, I will come back in 4 or 5 days, don’t be so sad  please” I replied with a smile on my face and then I left for the most  exciting camping tour with my friends. 

I was so happy that day and why should not I? This was first time I was going somewhere without my parents. I was feeling like an adult and obviously I was feeling freedom ..the real freedom for me. 

I was going to Darjeeling ( A tourist place in West Bengal, India) and that too via road. We were really very excited. 

We have planned everything where to stay, what to eat and everything that we think we should. But life has different plans for us about which we all were unaware. 

It was about midnight and our car get punctured, hell! The bad luck.  And unfortunately this was a place where there were no one except us, no hotel, no shop, nothing. But may be we were god favourites because  this was not a scary place, not at all. 

That place was so peaceful and beautiful that I wonder why we didn’t notice this when we were planning for camping, I mean that was  perfect, I mean the deserted view was perfect, at least I loved it !! 

As I said, there was nothing except us so we decided to spent that night there. Of course we had no other choice. 

We start enjoying the moment that life offered us unexpectedly. We danced, sang songs, ate snacks and had so much fun. There were no  one, literally no one to stop us, to scold us or we did not have to worry about others because there were only us..haha, A big thanks to God !!

When we were tired of dancing, finally one of us made us remember of  our family. We knew that was midnight but we also know that our  parents must be waiting for our phone call. So we decided to call our parents and tell them that we are absolutely fine. 

But again bad luck hit us, there were no network. Now we couldn’t do anything. So, we fixed our tents and decided to sleep finally. 

We were so much happy that the very first day of our first solo tour had been spent so beautifully. 

Everyone went in their bed and they lost in world of dreams so fast. I could see on their faces how exhausted they were. 

I am a person who always has to make efforts to get sleep and that day too I was not able to do so. I start counting the stars because that was  the only option for me then. 

I didn’t know when I start thinking about my childhood. When children of my age talked about their dreams of being a doctor or a lawyer or a pilot, I always shocked them by saying that “I want to travel the world, I have a dream to see each corner of the world”. 

I had this one dream from the day I start thinking. Everyone (specially my parents) tried hard to make me understand that this can not be a  livelihood. How can someone live their life happily by wandering around the world? And there concern was always understandable to  me. I used to catch their perspective from the very beginning and that’s  why I do what my parents wanted from me but somewhere in my heart I still wished for the same. Today when I was feeling exactly how I wanted to feel. For me, it was not just a tour for fun, it was my first step to my dream world. I could not lie but my heart was extremely happy that day. 

I was thinking all this and didn’t notice when I slept.

But then suddenly I heard a sound. No, that was not a sound, that was a  noise. My god !!! That noise was so hard that it was about to make me  deaf but before that it stopped and again become silent. I couldn’t get  the fact that everyone was still sleeping. 

Am I the only one who heard that? How could it be possible? May be I was so much tired and I was dreaming that. I believed that and again  tried to sleep.  

After sometime, again the same noise wake me up. I was scared that time. Not only scared, I was shivering.  

What was happening over there? And why only I heard that?  

I can’t tolerate that fear, I took the lamp and went outside the tent and  start searching the source of that unbearable noise.  

But shockingly there was no one, not even any animal or bird. There was only me with the lamp. 

It also seemed like the weather was angry. The clouds were thundering  with strong winds. I started feeling cold. 

I started coming towards the tent but then I saw a light coming from behind. I didn’t want to go but I could not stop myself to find out what was that, all the horror movies that I had watched till now, I felt that  there scenes were going to be held in real with me. 

I was scared yet I went towards that light. As I was approaching towards that, that light was fading and eventually it was all clear.  

It became all black there. I was not able to figure out what was happening.  

I couldn’t stay there anymore and while I was thinking all this, I started running towards the tent. 

But when I reached there, I saw there was no one. The tent was all empty.  

I was so confused and scared at the same time. I started searching for my friends. I was running here and there but there was no clue where  they had gone.  

I was mad with all these things that were happening there, that noise,  that light and now my friends were missing and also the weather was  getting worse. 

I was feeling so lonely and I broke down in tears. I forget all the fun we  had there, all I remember was that I was alone now and the place which  was looking beautiful earlier, now look scary. 

Then I feel that I was forgetting something, my car. I ran where we have parked our car but as expected it was also not there. 

Now all hopes had gone. I was feeling that we have been stuck in a big  problem. I felt that I am going to die.  

But I wanted to try one last time. I again ran to the tent and again got nothing. I start shouting again this time so hard and then suddenly I heard my mom’s voice, she was yelling at me, saying “what happened  beta? Get up soon, you have to go for the camping. Good morning !! ” 

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  2. Its interesting and captivating till the end!