A young girl stands on the terrace of a house, sits on a  parapet wall and draws a scene in the book that looks far  away.She got up and left, putting a diary on top of the  drawings which was the diary she was using.Pages in that  diary open to the air 


She wrote ,That place I have been looking at since I was a  kid has been bothering me a lot lately . The idea of having  to get away from where you are is natural, but even that  distance can be seen as far as the eye can see.The mind that  oscillates so much that it has to wear that distance. 

She came back, stopped the turning pages, and took the books  away. One day,she sits down and writes something …while she  writes continuously , reads her diary, remembering her past  memories for writing . She stops at one page in that page she  wrote ‘The distant hills, the trees, the greenery, the people  between them, the bonds between them, finally the PEACE there  is soo wonderfull’ , I talked like this at home, but my  parents told me not to have such crazy ideas, just to get a  good education and a job and make money.I’m depressed but  still I have a hope on my dream life . 

As she read the diary, she came across a page written with a  red pen – ‘Big commotion in the house today , Because I made  the effort to go there by myself singly , but trust me my  dear diary I just went to see a little part , andi thought I  would return on time but situation crises made my situation  bad. 

The page turned – ‘Today I saw a lovely scene of the people  who live in those hills are going home to work together and  have no worries about tomorrow on their faces,No worries  about yesterday, all that was on their faces was just loving  man to man, finding well-being, being accompanied in  adversity ,There is so much happiness, there is so much  serenity, awesome, I want that piece, I want that life.Why I  feel that way is that the world I am looking at is full of  runaways, not even having time to at least see the man next  door Leaving the family and living selfishly, I do not know  why I do not like, I think I do not belong to this society so  I want to go there’. 

Next page seems to be a college gossips.she turned those  pages fastly because she don’t have any friends , any  memories ,she used to sit lonely from her childhood. 

Next page -‘ I am a type of a prisoner who cannot even reach  such a close destination.If the beautiful world in front of  your eyes says welcome to you, if you are not able to accept  the invitation , you may going to know the suffer and pain of  it . A girl of my age mostly has to think about clothes,

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jewelry, men… but I’m looking for a piece. 

Finally the torn page was here ,she draws that image in a  college competition and luckily she got a prize for that .she  was over excited on that day because everytime she talks  about that place with his father.He refuses her words and  depressed her .so she roved that her words and thoughts are  not soo dumb.with that atmost excitement she draw that  picture everywhere in her house .Her parents are so much  worried and punishes her first , after that they take her to  the doctor . 

While returning from the doctor , she is stucked in a traffic  sits back in a car ,and her exhausted father giving lecture  to her and warning her not to repeat.Beside their car people  on so much rush ,one boy on bike dashes the pedestrians and  all the waiting people back to her was horning loudly ,  sounds screamly , there is so much chaos . All’s life is  going in a hurry no one can enjoys the moment . 

A bunch of papers turned in her diary ,but now with diary  there is a psychologist report was there , she takes that and  saw the results , remembers those odd days – on the day she  went to the doctor , the doctor said that she had a schizoid  personality disorder.which means just wanted to be alone and  enjoys her own company ,getting hypertension and felling down  when someone comes near .she screamed one day on her  mother,throwing books,clothes on her father,she did so many  things like this.atlast one psychiartist gets closer to her  and gives sessions,on the part of sessions he know that she’s  having illusions also ..to overcome this illusions he gave a  task to her that is to make over a story what she have  imagined. 

And now that’s why I’m writing my story as like above,yes I’m  that young girl,because I don’t know other  

imaginations,stories…The PEACE that I literally wanted is  made so much of NOICE in my life,in my heart,in my brain,in  my family.sometimes what we wants in a life is a harmfullness  also,now I learned that just be happy with what you have or  do it and get that desire into your life whatever happens. 

So by writing my story ,now I’m going to get a decision.The  NOICE of that PEACE has evolved me so much. 


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