No happy endings


I am Alex. I used to work in a MNC with a 6 digit salary. I was defined as successful by society. But for me marrying the girl I love is what defines my success and happiness. Do you want to know my love story?? 

I have met this amazingly beautiful girl Ava when I am 10 years old. We have been together for our entire life’s. We have always known that we are born for each other and no words were required for us to be where we are today. Everything was easy in my life. My education, my job, my girl everything was given to me on the palm of my hand. So, you might think what’s stopping me from having my happy ending (My wedding). Unlike many love stories, the villain in my love story is me. Uh… no, actually the villain in my love story is alcohol.

Yes, I am an alcoholic. And I have ruined everything under influence. I lost my job as I attended a meeting under influence. I was actually given more than 3 warnings and the company didn’t have much choice than letting me go. Did I tell you that I was a General manager and was in line for my next promotion before I lost my job? I don’t know how I got caught up into alcohol. I started like everyone else did, just for fun with my mates and here I am today. 

Ava took care of me. She cooked, paid my bills, took care of my laundry so simply speaking she became my mom. Never complained as she loved me more than anything and thought she could change me from my situation. 

I have even tried pulling Ava down with me. Being under influence I didn’t know that I went to Ava’s office for more money for my alcohol and created havoc at her workplace. That evening when I woke up sober, I realized I have done something looking at Ava’s face. I thought Ava would give up on me but she asked me to marry her. I realized I am being stupid that I am losing the most valuable things in my life for alcohol and promised Ava that I would stop drinking alcohol.

Everything was ready, the wedding room, guests and my Ava was waiting for me at the altar for us to get married. Guess what, Alcohol won again and I couldn’t make it for my own wedding. The next day when I am me, I realized that I have lost everything in my life including Ava. I couldn’t meet Ava even when I tried for more than a month and me being me, I never stopped drinking. I knew that alcohol is the reason where I am today but still it always won over me.

After a month, I met Ava and I begged her to take me back into her life. The only condition she has to take me back is for me to go to rehabilitation. I want to start my life fresh so I have entered rehabilitation. Stayed there for more than 90 days and came out clean. Ava came to pick me up with this big smile on her eyes which I have missed for ages. I can see all the dreams in her eyes of us living our fairy-tale happily ever after.

We started driving back and stopped at a rest area. I got down for a small walk and stopped at a liquor store. I thought a small taste couldn’t hurt me as I now know how to control myself. Before I could rethink myself, I was in the store buying alcohol. I came back to Ava where she is in the car waiting for me and I took the wheel. Ava didn’t suspect me of anything as she was tired. I took Ava’s hand and kissed while driving. The next thing I knew was waking up in the hospital and realized that no one was beside me. I don’t know what happened to me and the TV in front of me is publishing Ava’s photo as the victim of the accident caused by an influenced driver. This time I have really lost everything.

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