My Dear Hestia..


Hi there! Greetings of the day or night, you can call it whatever you want after all it all lies in
the perception. And perception keeps on changing from person to person.
24th December 2015,
I must say this Diary is quite expensive but hello who am I kidding, I wanted to own this
diary could have done anything to buy it.
From today onwards I will call my diary Hestia (Goddess of Hearth) my deepest and darkest
fire will have a resting place to ignite on and keep on burning till the end.
Okay my dearest Hestia, I am Kiara. Will you give me the pleasure to befriend you? I know
you will. Oh good lord I am obsessed of writing diary entries and since the day I saw you in
the Stefano Museum you became the apple of my eye. You are exactly how I wanted to
customize my other diaries but sadly no designer could do it for me. You have that attractive
aura which I couldn’t resist, this pink floral print on this dark brown cover with these round
corners a bit worn out at the edges, coffee colored pages- a typical ancient dairy look, I have
been dying to customize other books like this but it never pleased my eyes but see destiny
had other plans for me. I always believe we don’t choose books; it’s the book that chooses
people and I can’t believe you chose me to be your friend.
I am addicted to write dairy entries it’s works like oxygen to my life and writing in my
favorite books is one of the things I am obsessed about. Oh good lord I forgot to tell you why
am I like this!? To answer your wonderings- being grown up alone with home schooling and
no friends around was bit difficult but then books happened to me. I started to spend my
whole time in reading. It was a very wonderful feeling to get lost in the different world all
those books provided and then I wanted to treasure them, so soon I made myself a library. I
used to spend my whole time in it. And you know when a person reads too much what
happens to them? Everything gets accumulated inside and being alone with this accumulation
was dangerous. But there isn’t a problem whose solutions my books could never give. I
started to write myself out I bought diaries which pleased my eyes and you are one of them.
After my parents all I have is their property, their money and their fortune. Only thing which
is mine is my library my books my memories with them- I made them all.
These books have a calling for me they never disappoint me like the people around me. These
books have been my family since my own family left me. Now it has been year but since you
are my new family you should know your friend better but I still don’t know anything about
you. Come you cant be a spoilsport to me like this. This your house from now and all these
other diaries are you friends I hope you all make a good company. Let me introduce you to
the other members- this one is from the Kakate Store- very famous for it’s lock and key type
diaries. And this one in blue color is from the Wellness Stories Store one peculiar fact about
this one is that it 100 years old and it was the first diary to be published in Simon Publication
later the publication house was closed but this one diary was never bought by anyone. See
even you can sense it’s sadness. I can feel you completely. And now this one is from the
closet of my mom, she was a business woman and had heaps of diaries with her but this one
she couldn’t use it and then I took it up for myself. This diary which had a ship on it was one
of my dad’s favorite one and so he never used it but later it came into my possession. Can you

feel the warmth and the presence of my parents in it? Yes I knew you can feel it too; that’s the
reason they are close to my heart. Don’t worry you can get along with them soon they all are
very welcoming just like me. Enough with the introduction of my Family. We all want to get
to know you. Tell me about yourself.
Hestia- Well I never thought anyone ever would hear me like this. I know you want to know
who I am but will you please let my soul recover from the shock it received after the ages. It’s
been like thousand ages no one ever heard me. But all thanks to Kiara you brought me here.
I am so glad to meet you all. Since you have already named me Hestia I am very much
honored by it. Don’t worry darling I’ll let you and your fire rest in peace within me for
forever. To introduce my origin I was being manufactured in Vintage Publication and I hail
from London 1922. The Publication house had specially manufactured me after completing a
decade in publishing books. The Publication house was at it’s peak of publishing books and
now had plans to get bigger projects ahead. And thus I was an idea of publicity for the house.
You can see this logo on my top right corner read as Vintage Pub House. And the color of the
pages which you are fond of my dear represent the time and trust which people bestowed
upon us. These pages are as old as time and want to convey that old will always remain gold.
Since we had finished a decade into the industry of publishing books it’s a long time you
Otech (father’s diary)- you have a very good History. I am just glad that my daughter found
the diary she had been looking for, you suit perfectly for the family tradition of diary. I am
proud of you my girl.
Kiara- Thanks dad! It’s been a long time you spoke to me. It’s like finding you once again.
Maa will you speak a word with me? Please I have been trying to hear from you but it’s all in
Hestia- Oh darling don’t worry your mom will speak to you. But first listen what happened
next- manufacturing diaries was an incredible idea. The house now received bulk orders for
diaries too- to be used in offices and school and many places ahead. But this happiness didn’t
last longer than few months. The owner died in a car accident and the family was tore apart
resulted in shutting down of the Publishing house. And then I was the last lot of the house
and a souvenir from the Vintage Pub house. And then due to my unique style I ended up in
the auction.
Kiara- Maa it’s been a long since you spoke to me and I am dying to hear you will I ever be
able to hear you? Dad please try to talk why did you both suddenly stopped talking? Hestia
please talk with them; make them talk. Why are they quiet?
Hestia- Hush darling! There is nothing to worry about, they are with me see do you want your
parents back? Answer me Kiara, look at me and answer do you want your parents back?
Look into me. Do you see my eyes? Can you see what’s in there waiting for you?
Kiara- Huh? What? Oh yes I want my parents back! (little hesitant see looks into her eyes)
Oh good lord! (amazed) Hestia you have so damn pretty eyes. What is so deep in them? Oh
wait! There is a way out there inside. Where does it lead?
Hestia- Discovery is the key to all the questions that arise in your mind Kiara. Explore this
unknown world which is waiting for you Kiara. It’s been your world since the start and it will

yours every time you want to be in it. Want to see your family? Are you willing to take a leap
of faith in me. To end this never ending solitude you have put yourself into. Are willing to
give yourself a chance? Answer me darling want to embrace your silent mom? Want to know
your answers why did she kept quite for all this while? I know there are lots of questions
inside you unanswered. Trust me and take this step. You’ll find your all answers and find the
peace to your ignited fire inside you.
Kiara- (amazed and shocked) Yes! yes you are right I have been dying to find all the answers.
I want my family back. Thank you Hestia. You helped me alot. What should I do next?
Please tell me! Your wish is my command.
Hestia- Take this step Kiara and liberalize yourself from this cage you set up for yourself.
25 December 2015
News headline-
Ms.Kiara Alluwahlia daughter of multimillionaire Mr.Bhassi Singh Alluwahlia found dead
at their residency at Juhu beach. Doctors claim the reason of death was strong dosage of
Clozapine 500 mg- suggests that she would have had severe visual, auditory and olfactory
hallucinations. She would have suffered from paranoid and bizarre delusions. So it’s
undoubtedly a case of “Sui caedere” claims the police.

Few years later..
Alas I could get this antique diary with me. I feel so hypnotized with this dairy’s presence.
You only tell what’s up with you? And what should I name you?
Hestia- Hey there, you can call me Hestia! My friend Kiara named me after the goddess of
Hearth. Nice to meet you ma’am…

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14 thoughts on “My Dear Hestia..

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