Mirror is something we see everyday still we are unaware about our true image. We still look at our outer image without recognizing our soul. Presenting to you a story hope you’ll love it.

                                                                       The story begins with a boy named Ankur running in fear he is followed by few men wearing a scary mask and they are all behind the boy. The boy scared and has no option instead of running. He starts getting tired and suddenly falls on ground as he falls he saw a mirror falling ahead of him he picked up the mirror and as he saw himself in the mirror he was scared as he saw his face is covered with the same scary mask those people were wearing. He was afraid that is started crying loudly suddenly all the people who were following him gathered around him and started laughing at him. He was so scared that he suddenly woke up with fear on his face and he realized that it was just terrifying nightmare.

                                                                       He wasn’t able to sleep that night. Ankur is a 26-year-old boy who belongs a middle-class family. He is passionate youngster who has big dreams.  He wants to spread happiness on faces of poor kids whom he sees everyday passing by the streets. He wants his parents to be happy and proud of him. His desires and dreams are so big that he never truly believes that his dreams will ever come true. Whenever he used to talk about his dreams i.e. he wants to be a millionaire with no one behind him. Everyone mocked him insulted him that you must dream according to your status. You are born in a family so your only aim is to get a permanent job and then get married and feed your family. If you dream to be a millionaire you’ll not even earn a single penny. Societies Image of a millionaire is that of a scamster they earn better because they travel on wrong roads which will only make you greedy and arrogance. If you become millionaire then you will only think about yourself. All millionaires are selfish they don’t have family or friends they will only look for profits that’s all. You can never be a millionaire with no one below you. You only become millionaire by moving ahead of everyone. Everyone kept demoralizing him. People asked Ankur to look at his face in the mirror and see where you belong to. You can never be the one you dream to be that’s the bitter truth. Ankur is so disappointed he returned home looked at the mirror, but he again saw himself wearing that scary mask which he saw in his dream last night. He starts crying asking god that why he is the one who will never achieve his is it so difficult to be a millionaire with no one below or behind you.  

                                                               He slept crying and upset he was so disappointed and so upset that he decided to follow the society whatever they want him to do he will do that , so he started looking for job . He sent his resumes in many offices . He is trying so hard to get a job but he  is never happy finding a job . His 100% efforts are not capable to make him happy . He is doing this to avoid the circumstances he faced in his dream. He realized that his dream meant that he wanted to run away from the society but society is always there to pull you back towards them and everyone wears a mask no one is real in this society. He realized that he’ll be trapped if he tries to escape from the society so he started following everything society wanted him to do.

                                                                 He is now searching for everything he can do to earn a good amount of money. He never realized that he is so talented that he do not even need to find a job he can easily make job want him or hire him . He is a passionate whi speaks his heart out, he only writes for himself . He never revealed his thoughts to anyone . He applied for the companies or firms who are looking for writers and pays well to earn a livelihood. He didn’t get any of his required job instead he got a job letter from a call center where he has no interest but he also have no choice so he opted for the job . He started working in a call center in day and night shifts . He is working hard giving his everything to the job but he was only get paid money in return not happiness. One day while going back home he saw poor kids across the road playing . He went their and asked them that what are you playing and you guys are so happy playing this game what is this. The kid replied that we want to be rich in future so we are practicing to behave like them and so in this game I am rich men and I am ordering these poor kids to complete the work they are given and they will be rewarded with money and food. Ankur asked them that why are you ordering them to do your work.

The kid replied that I am doing exactly what rich guys do to our parents and us they order us to build buildings for them and after completion we are not allowed to enter there why because we are dirty, they will ask our mothers to wash their clothes and utensils but if we’ll touch them they’re become dirty . So I will treat them the same way every poor is treated. Ankur asked them that do you think you will be rich one day and your dreams will come true. The kid replied that we may not be rich in future or maybe millionaire but if we don’t even try to walk on our own roads then only we’ll be losers as well.  This line impacted ankur and he also realized that he has given up on his dreams just because society has an bad image of a millionaire.  Whatever he saw in mirror everytime he looked at it is what the society looks at him and others who are above them or who dream to go higher. He realized this time that his dreams will come true because that’s what he’s born for.

He wrote a book on his society on his feelings and impact of people . He wrote every secret of the society that impacts lives of many . His book sold millions of copies and became worlds best seller in no time. He started getting emails and collaboration letters from all the biggest companies around the world. He became rich he was happy and now he wanted to bring everyone together as he never wanted anyone to be behind . So he built houses for poor , he offered free education for kids , no poor will call himself poor from now on you all are my family whatever you need I’ll help you get it ankur said while greeting all the people everywhere he goes. He made a name for himself , he was not pushing anyone behind , he is now the most loved person around the globe. He finally looked at the mirror  he saw his own face this time he smiled and went off to sleep . He again had the same dream next night where people wearing masks followed him and gathered around him he again woke up with shock and looked into the mirror he saw everyone around wearing the same mask and he is also wearing that mask with a smile. 

 This story gives us a message that we can try to escape from this society but we are surrounded by mirrors everywhere we go. We can think that we escaped from the society but in the end you’ll come to know that whatever you did is achieved your dreams and happiness just like everyone in the society does. Looking for their own happiness  in any ways possible . So no matter what we do we are all same as no one can sew the real you not even you . Mirror is just the reflection of what you are not what you think.

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