Mettlesome Girls


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In Rajasthan, known to be ‘Land Of Kings’, there was a small village. On the one hand, a city showed how much one could achieve if a chance were given. On the other hand, the village had a custom, favouring the opposite.
One day, Rini and Tina were coming back from school. As they reached home, they gazed and flabbergasted Rini asked Tina, “For what all this decoration has been done?”

“I have no idea! Let’s go and ask Amma,” replied Tina confusingly.
Tina dropped her bag hurriedly and ran straight to the well, where her mother was washing clothes. “Amma, Why is the village decorated,” Tina went on gaspingly, “in spite of the fact there is no festival?”
Her mother replied meekly, “Today, Rini is going to be married off,” and shushed her about the same without realizing that Rini was standing just behind Tina. As Tina turned behind, a gasp of incredulity lapped Rini. In the blink of an eye, Rini’s mother came from the back, hold Rini’s hand, and took her along.

After the sunset, everyone got ready, and a wave of celebration faded away all dreams, Rini had once thought of. Tina was the only one who could understand Rini’s typhoon of emotions and unending thoughts.
Unlike Tina, Rini was always passionate about studies and wanted to be a successful businesswoman. Being her best friend, she couldn’t see all her dreams being murdered in a life full of household chores.
Without getting noticed, Tina beamed directly, where Rini was sitting. The room was full of women humming like bees. Tina nudged Rini to another room and said, “Rini, don’t dawdle! Just take off everything and take this money.”
“But! Tina . . .”
“We don’t have much time, Rini. You have to run. Don’t worry! I will handle everything here. Nobody will get to know that I was under the veil. You just go and live a life you ever dreamt of.”
Rini can see right into the desperate and loving eyes of Tina. She was about to sacrifice her life, dreams, and everything to help Rini. Rini asked herself a question of whether she would do the same thing now Tina was doing if she were in her’s place. She couldn’t answer that. But, Tina, without any second thought, she was about to sacrifice everything.

Rini grinned and hugged Tina. Both eyes shed tears, but one’s of sacrifice and the other of hope. With such brevity, the two underlined how friendship stands strong and laughs at fools.

~Tanupreet Kaur

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  1. A good artistic story.