Meant to be


Another winter morning ,birds chirping around. Something was different about that morning felt Ayesha. 

“I am late again…”she said to herself and accidentally bumped into Aayush who was new to that college.

“Sorry…” said Aayush.

“It’s ok ….” replied Ayesha and ran towards her class .Ayesha , Aayush and Tushar [bestfriend of Ayesha]met a few times for project. After few days ,it was Chirstmas eve and a party was organized in college. As all were joking around and playing games Tushar tried to confess his feelings for Ayesha but she never took it seriously . While going back to home Aayush and Ayesha hired same cab as they lived near by . During the ride, they had conversation for first time and exchanged their cell number. 

Ayesha was a girl who doesn’t like to be mischievous and was a misanthrope. Whereas , Aayush was a boy who loved joking around but never shared his personal life matters with anyone and was usally seen smiling . On the New Year midnight Aayush was scrolling social media and saw that Ayesha was online.

“Hii, Happy New Year Ayesha. Why are you still awake its already 3AM .’ texted Aayush.”

“Hello Aayush , Happy New Year . I was just listening music … what about you Aayush ?why are you still awake ?” replied Ayesha.

“Same here I was also listening to music just couldn’t sleep.” A text flashed on her phone.

They started to have conversation which lasted till morning. 

“Let’s meet in 30 minutes.” texted Aayush .

“What ? its midnight Aayush and why do you want to meet me at this time?”replied Ayesha.

“Its already 6:30 in the morning and we need to reach college by 7. We have our project submission .” Aayush texted back.

“Didn’t knew where the time flied while talking to you . See you soon.” typed Ayesha with the most beautiful smile on her face.

At college canteen, she told everything to Tushar about how she and Aayush had a conversation. Tushar who was in love with her showed that he didn’t cared but was enough jealous. On the other side , Ayesha and Aayush became close friends . So close that , Ayesha now knew everything about Aayush who never shared a single thing about himself to anyone. Aayush was himself confused that why he wants to spend every possible moment with her . Ayesha was now totally changed , she was no more a silent bird and started to stay happy . Who knew this was a love story without confessing the feelings.

Aayush always knew that she was falling for him but he forced himself to not to fall for her . So he wrote a letter to Tushar and asked him to inform Ayesha that he doesn’t want to be with her. Tushar was shattered reading the letter and asked her to move on. Ayesha was broken and fell on her knees where she saw a letter dropped by Tushar. With every word her tears fell down….the letter was

“ Hello Tushar , I know you love Ayesha and she loves me but I can’t be with her. I had a past love and before 1 year I lost her . She was suffering from cancer and now I am afraid to fall in love again . I am forcing myself to stay away from Ayesha but I see my past love in her eyes . Her soul melts me . But I don’t want to hurt her. Tushar you convince her to be with you ….” 

She asked her self , “he had a story , I was listening , when did I fell in love?”Next day she asked Aayush to meet her on sea side , he agreed. She just threw herself in his embrance.

“Aayush, if we are meant to be we will be together forever. Even if you don’t feel same for me as I do I will always be your side by as a friend .” Aayush then realized that after his dark past , Ayesha came in his life for being the candle to be the hope and happiness he deserves. But Ayesha started to convince her self to move on as she was hurt being in one side love .”

It was Valentines day and she was feeling low as she wanted to spend this day with Aayush . Suddenly a text flashed on her phone, “Hii Ayesha , I want to meet you at 4 in evening on sea side.”

“Ok Aayush, I will be there.” She texted back with a lot of questions in her mind.

On sea shore seated on knees, with a rose in his hands Aayush said,

“Ayesha we are meant to be…..”

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