Love, Mirror


There were no unicorns, no fairies, nor elves in her story, Fatima lived a normal life with an abnormal reality. Her lack of confidence and introverted nature trapped her in the house for years, she was homeschooled until college. Her anxieties in life and the world were somewhere killing her talent and her self, she indeed was a wonderful writer but struggling to find a way in the published world.

Fatima had an Identital twin, Aizah and her parents both framed in a picture since childhood. It has been five years, Fatima lived with her roommate, Aiman in a small rental apartment in Mumbai.

Another morning, and these struggling writers were ready to face the nepotist rejections in the city of dreams. The doorbell rang like an alarm and both of the friends raced to open the door. “Another letter for you, Fatima”, Said Aiman waving the letter around her. Fatima snacthed the letter from her hand and rushed to her room. “You never let me read the letters.”, said Aiman banging the door. But the overwhelming smile proved that it was another letter from Aizah.

The twin sisters wrote letters to each other every month end. “This is really special how you write letters in this virtual world”, exclaimed Aiman with a grin. “This is special cause my sister is”, answered Fatima. “But where is she? Trapped in your letters?”, questioned Aiman. Fatima looked her with a long face and rushed to her room. As a daily ritual, Fatima hugged the photo frame to feel the warmth of her family and they left for the meeting.

On the way to the publication house, Aiman flooded with questions she had about Aizah. Fatima didn’t talk much, as usual she said how pure and strong is her bond with her sister. Whenever Aiman would ask about her home town, Fatima would say that she has no one but Aizah and once she becomes a popular writer, she’d go back to her home and stay with her forever.

They arrived at the publishers office to discuss about their books, Aiman’s novel was shortlisted to be published but Fatima’s story was rejected for the sixth time. “Everytime you come up with the same sad sisters story and get rejected. Try something fresh, Ms.Fatima. Get out of your fancy home and step up in the real world”, explained the Publisher. Fatima left the office, without uttering a single word. Aiman followed her after the meeting but she had already returned home.

Fatima locked herself in her room and Aiman kept knocking on the door. Aiman called the neighbors urgently, as Fatima had been suicidal due to several rejections in her career. It was her first attempt though, as Aiman had always saved her but maybe couldn’t this time. When they broke into her room, Fatima was lying on the floor, her lips turned purple and face pale due to the poison. Aiman and the neighbors admitted her to the hospital nearby.

Aiman had no contact with Aizah, so she went back home and tried to find anything in Fatima’s room. Fatima never let Aiman enter her room or touch anything. There was her diary, and she found a number “Home”. Aiman called the number. “Hello? Who is this?”, it was an old and rough voice. “Is it Aizah?”, Asked Aiman. “No, it is her Nani.”, she replied. “Ohh! I had to tell you that Fatima isn’t well, please can you come along with Aizah “, cried Aiman. “I’ll be there till evening”, Nani replied. Aiman sensed something weird as she never mentioned her grandmother but she didn’t think much as Fatima has always been mysterious. She went back to Fatima’s room.

Fatima’s grandmother arrived at the hostipal at the evening, alone. Aiman asked about Aizah but Nani rushed to meet Fatima. She hugged her tight and started crying. “Where is Aizah?”, Fatima asked. Nani left the room, holding up her tears.

Aiman held her hand and they went to the doctor. And tried to ask her about Aizah but the doctor arrived and asked them for some discussion. Nani told the doctor about Fatima’s condition. Aiman was stunned to know the truth, When Nani said,”Fatima is an orphan, her parents and her twin sister died when she was thirteen. She got through the memories of her parents, it was tough, really tough for years, but she couldn’t accept the loss of her sister, She has been thinking that Aizah is still alive had been living these eleven years with her. She feels her everywhere but could see in only in the mirror, she is depressed ever since. She lived as if sje always had her around and for last five years she’s been writing letters to her dead sister, I reply her everytime and for her, it’s her Aizah. These rejections in career turned her suicidal. I beg of you to cure my Fatima. Please doctor, Save her”. She cried out on Aiman’s shoulder.

Nani couldn’t control her tears and so couldn’t Aiman.

The doctor affirmed with the hope for the best he could do and both of them returned to Fatima’s room.

Every time she looked at her Nani, fatima cried and asked, “Where is she? I need her. Is she sick? Call her please or just bring me a mirror.” After a week of the treatmeant, Fatima was sent to the best doctors and was assured to be fine with time.

It had been two years and Fatima returned home. Aiman and Nani welcomed her like a new born and the moment she entered, she smiled at the frame, Which had a picture of her parents and Aizah, framed forever. Aiman handed her a gift, It was Fatima’s first book.

Aiman had published the letters Fatima had written to her sister. It was titled, “Love, Mirror”. Once again she stood before the mirror, realising it was the mirror telling her to love herself, all along.

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