Love has no gender


“Do you think he will listen to you. You know how stubborn he is” 

“I know Uncle but believe me I will bring him back” 

“hmmm…. There is no loss in trying. ” 

In a countryside , A village far from cities chaos people were living peaceful life. Some people were farming , some were doing there daily task… 

A boy was sitting on a swing in garden .. yes that boy was me . Ishaan.. It was the first time when I met him. 

“Are you playing alone???” He heard a melodious voice. 

I looked up at the voice. That boy was pretty handsome- he had chocolate brown hairs, hazel eyes, small face & fair white skin…. 

“Yes, Do you wanna play with me??? ” I asked ,& showing me those twinkling eyes he nodded. I had no idea that this boy will change my life one day. 

“Did you packed your belongings ishaan” 

“Yes Uncle, I’ll leave in the morning. I already booked train tickets.” 


Do you think he will listen to you. You know how stubborn he is” 

“I know Uncle but believe me I will bring him back” 

“hmmm…. There is no loss in trying. ” 

I will not give up untill I have him back. It’s been 2 years I tried hard to find his whereabouts and now when I know where he is.. I will bring him back,, to me.. 

A train was running with its speed and train of thoughts lingering my mind.. Why you left me.. why didn’t you wait. It was my fault I didn’t understood my feelings back then 

” I love you Ishaan, I love you since I was 10, when I first met you. Marry me please” He was hugging the other person like his life depends on him.. 

“What are you saying Aryan, I mean..how.. ” Zhan was shocked. 

Ishaan can’t deny the fact he too liked that boy since his childhood.. but marriage between boys… What will society think, and uncle he will never allowed that… No no Aryan release the hold & looked at him with those beautiful eyes.. 

“Are you afraid ??.. I know you love me too. I am not a child anymore. I am 24 now. ” He was about to cry.. 

“Aryan… I ” Zhan was at loss of words. He hugged him back tightly… This can’t be happening. “Aryan, you know this is Impossible.” Zhan was devastated.. He love this boy but too afraid. ‘He is still young what if in future he met with beautiful girl and left.. no no… ishan you are older and mature.. you can’t flow with emotions’ ishan thought. 


Tears were flowing through latter’s eyes… 

I can’t see him like that.. I am breaking a part.. He should have not seen me in that state “Leave….”

Aryan froze.. In his life Ishaan has never shouted him 

“I said leave…. Now…” 

Ishaan hold his hand and dragged him out of room and closed the door 

He was holding the door and slowly slipping down on floor. 

‘I am sorry aryani.. please forgave me..’ 

Aryan reached at his destination ‘ Mumbai” 

He went to nearby hotel and booked a room. At room he freshen up and take out his phone ..while watching a picture of handsome man.. 

I am coming Aryan.. I missed you.. I don’t know in 2 years how you have been.. did you miss me…??? 

He booked a cab and went to a famous club ‘”BRIGHTLIGHT’ 

As ishaan entered inside the club.. he eyes were searching for only one person.. for who he came here.. 

He took a place beside the bar and asked for a chilled beer. 

The atmosphere was bright.. A band of 3 handsome boys was performing a rock song and people were cheering loud for them.. but I was looking for only one. Where is he.. kuan ge told me Aryan comes here daily at night. 

I heard a announcement. The man who was singing earlier was announcing.. ” Ladies and gentlemen.. the waits is over… So do you who is going to perform next.. ” He directed his mic to crowd.. the crowd was cheering lounder 

Aryan… Aryan… Aryan….. 

I was shocked..my heart was beating with the speed of fast train.. I was in middle of thought that finally I got to see a sight which I was longing for 

“Aryan… ” Ishaann whispered… 

But he looks different he is not that nàivy cute boy.. he looks more handsome and his body is much wider than before.. 

I was bathing in his looks… Then he started dancing… 

The whole world stopped.. the crowd was cheering.. dancing… But I can see everything went blank… There is only my Aryan dancing his soul out and Me.. 

Ishan felt his eyes were filling with tears. Some of them were for himself. Some of them for the man in front of him dancing.. 

He tilted his head up to the spread his hands, pumped his hips moving in circle. Then he lay over onto his stomach into a push-up position, his torso pushing up as his legs stretched out behind him. 

He leapt back up to his feet, spinning down into a few hip hop moves,He then spun back to his feet, his hips twisting again in sensual moves…. he was dancing moving like a king of dance… Indeed He is. 

Afters aryan’s performance people went crazy…

Ishaan decided to wait outside for him. Actually he was gathering courage…. ~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Aryan was panting hard after that energetic performance. He changed into casual clothes. And bid a goodbye to his partners… 

He went outside and walk towards parking area.. Someone grabbed his hand “Aryan….” 

Ahh this…. familiar voice…. 

He turned to look at the owner of the voice 

“Ishaan” Yibo was surprised. 

“, Aryan…I …I..” zhan chocked.. He doesn’t understand what and how to tell… He was overwhelmed with feeling too much. 

“What are you doing here…??” Aryan said angrily, he grabbed ishan’s hand from his wrist and left it in midair. 

“I a… I am here to take you back..” 

Ishaan said with full of love in his voice. 

Aryan chuckled “really…. Hahah” he laughed sarcastically.. 

“You are here for me…. Why…??” Aryan asked. 

“Let’s Go back You don’t belong here ” 

“Why do you even care… Tell me where I belong haa…??” 

“… with me..” saying that ishan again hold aryan’s hand.. 

Aryan was surprised 

“Leave….. ” Aryan said without any emotions. 

“I said leave… ” Aryan’s’s eyes were burning with fire. 

Ishan shivered… He hesitantly leave aryan”s hands… 

He hopped on bike and left ishan alone there. 

Aryan changes alot He is no more that loving boy.. what have you done ishan… Ishan thought as he watched aryan moving away in dark.. ishan stand there alone holding back his tears.. ~ 


Aryan was driving his bike holding emotions don’t know how long ..He stopped somewhere in silence… Aryan’s eyes filled up with tears , he wiped them away angrily before they could fall down his face… But again his eyes were betraying him..

‘why are you here.. why ishan… You said I belong with you but you.. you are already someone else’s. 


Aryan was standing in front of beautiful white church…. 

He was looking handsome in blue suit & trousers with plane white shirt watching a beautiful person wearing black suit with golden lining at the edge of sleeves and coulor, smiling.. it was his ishan waiting patiently near altar… 

The whole place was designed beautifully people were admiring the place but aryan.. his legs were feeling heavy…. His breathing was slow… 

A girl arrived wearing beautiful white gown holding flower banquet in hands, looking like an angel comes from heaven… Walking towards the man waiting in altar… 

That’s when aryan’s eyes met with ishan’s… aryan smiled faintly to him and turned showing his back to ishan and walked away…. 

Tears flowed from his eyes… 

His took a deep breath 

‘its time to leave my love.. have a happy married life’ 

Flashback ends. 

I can’t afford to lose my heart again.. 

When he left his place.. He came to Mumbai, when he was drinking at the Club” BRIGHTLIGHT” 

A band of three people were performing on stage.. he moved towards the stage and start dancing freestyle on that song.. Dance always helped him to relax.. 

The manager was impressed with his dancing and offered him to join the band.. The earning was good. He even joined a training session held by yamha to become a professional racer.. 

Ishan came daily to club for almost month, just to have a look at aryan and whenever he got the chance he tried to talk to him but latter never him a single glance. 

He didn’t gave up on aryan. He will explain him.. he can’t loose him again.. “I miss you so much aryan,” ishan said in a low voice looking at the person dancing in stage. After the end of Aryan’s performance ishaan had few more drinks and decided to leave. 

Today he was drinking hard.. his head was heavy.. he tried stands but he was bit tipsy he leaned back on chair to support himself.. 

In the corner at the bar, the other man was watching ishaan, carefully observing him.. when he sees ishaan is too drunk.. he took the chance and walk towards ishan 

” Hiii… Can I help you” the stranger offered

Ishan slowly tilted his head to see the stranger… But Everything was blurred 

“Ahh.. no no I can walk. Thank you….” He tried again to took step but halted.. the stranger grabbed him by shoulder.. 

On the other side Aryan came out of private room… Aryan’s’s eye widened to see the scenario in front of him.. 

He walked fast there… 

” I’ll take him.. he is my friend” Aryan said and pulled ishan to him without hearing other person’s answer… 

In middle of night at Aryan’s apartment.. 

A man was sleeping peacefully in bed and other was looking lovingly at him. Aryan ran a hand through ishan’s hair and brushed some strands aside. He placed his hand on his cheeks sighed when he realized he can’t get away from the fact the he still love this man… He slid beside ishan and put his head in ishan’s shoulder.. He was listening to heartbeat and soon drifted in deep sleep… 

In the morning Aryan wake up with empty bed.. he panicked but then the door of washroom opened… 

Ishan was there.. they both stare at each other.. 

Ishan thought its a good chance to clear those misunderstandings…. 

” Aryan… I’ll give you everything you want…everything… It had to be you…it can only ever be you… Please don’t leave me aaru.. please….” 

Ishan closed his eyes and let his heart cry out in front of the man who he love whole. ” 

I… I couldn’t marry that day .. Seeing you leaving.. it.. it just. I don’t know what I felt but I couldn’t Marry her. Even I can’t marry anyone other than you.. there was always you… There is.. always.. only you”. 

“I run to your home but you weren’t there.. no contact no information. I was searching for you. finally Rashid Bhai helped me..I am sorry.. ” 

Aryan crowled into ishan’s space. 

Ishan let out a shuddering breath. 

“I’m here with you.. I won’t leave you.. Never,” Aryan said in a husky voice. He grabbed his coulor with one hand to pulled him close and put his lips on ishan’s moist lips. Ishan closed his eyes… 

A tear stroll down of ishan’s eyes.. he was longing for this man.. he was craving for his touch.. Ishan felt a fingers wiping away his tears and massaging the back of his neck.

Ishan blinked, then bit his lips into his mouth. 

“I love you Yibo…only you.. always” 

Aryan beamed he was dying to hear those three words.. he pulled ishan closer He felt a never ending stream of warmth running in his body. 

“I love you too ” 

“I love you more…” 


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