Amrita along with her father was waiting in the airport to receive her aunt’s family. But none of the two faces doesn’t show happiness. Her father was in a state of no words to console his sister and amrita also feels the same.

Amrita accompanied her father in a car. so that he dropped amrita in the college hostel. After that, amrita’s father reaches the airport to pick up her aunt’s family, which was the plan. Thus, amrita’s visit to an airport was an accidental one, that her college declared a holiday for one week due to inner clashes among students.

Amrita and her father were waiting a long, as they reached the airport earlier than flight arrival. Amrita likes her aunt and her family. They were a happy family of four namely her aunt, uncle, and two lovable cousins named Renu and Rana pratap.

They arrived, amrita had stunned with no reaction on her face. Her father tried hard to smile, with a counter back my cousin smiled lightly. Absolutely , they were only three in the family, amrita’s cousin Rana Pratap passed away one year ago.

This was the first arrival to India from Australia, after my cousin died, a silence prevailed. Amrita’s uncle spoke to normalize the situation and her aunt also spoken with formal questions.

They are traveling to amrita’s aunt kula deivam temple from the airport and from there to their native town. Silence followed in the car, amrita sees that her aunt was trying hard to control her emotions. Amrita’s uncle and dad spoke different topics to divert her aunt’s mind. Amrita’s cousin renu was also sad, doesn’t utter a word. Amrita didn’t know what to do, sadness jumped in her also, but she simply answers her dad’s words.

They reached the temple, the time came, they worshipped the Amman with faith in her. Amrita’s uncle was removing his specs and cried silently. But her aunt burst out loudly, asking god, why she had done injustice to her, by taking her son. Amrita’s cousin renu prayed silently, it was tough for her. On one side renu missed her brother badly and on another side, her parents were in utmost sadness.

Renu doesn’t know, how to handle all these at the age of 22. She handled firmly, her father was quite normal now. Her friends truly helped her to rebuild herself.

But, amrita’s aunt is in a position of the world’s important role mother, she only gives love to others. she raised her children by inducing positivity in every action of their children. 

And amrita’s aunt was friendly in nature towards their children. Amrita’s cousins were honest and they were responsible too. Is anybody have the guts to console her? 

The accidental death, cannot be consoled. But life has to move on. It sometimes had an unbearable truth, to test an ultimate faith, but trust in God and faith in ourselves always matters a lot.

Gossips chained in our lives, and cursing vedha also happens.

Amrita’s aunt named vedha was a very generous person. Vedha married her own aunt’s son. Amrita’s uncle worked in Australia, so they both moved there after marriage.

They married in the late ’80s. vedha was a strong woman with a lot of positivity in her. she lonely managed her two pregnancies with a lot of courage in a new country. As her husband worked as a radio jockey in an English line in Australia, he had some work all through the day.

Vedha is a person with simplicity as well as an intelligent lady. She had a degree, so she started taking tuition for kids. She earned and supported her family in all ways. As the family in India, expects gifts from a foreign country, she also satisfies it. Vedha used to send a lot of chocolates, dresses, and other requested items to all their relations.

Most importantly, vedha was a good caretaker with a lot of helping mind. She allowed the relatives to stay in their house with a lot of love, who went there in search of jobs. Those relatives are well economically settled now. she was very happy about it.

Vedha is such a good soul in her heart and mind. Nowadays, it is rare to find such people. It is a questionable thing, why these happened in vedhas life ?? tears enrolled in amrita’s father’s eyes.

So, how it happened to amrita’s cousin Rana Pratap??

Everything in the vedha’s house was quite normal. They happily went shopping, one week ahead of Diwali. They built their dream house in their native town. Their house-warming function is nearer and they all planned to visit India from Australia after Diwali.

One fine day, like every morning sun, burst its rays, amrita’s cousin Rana Pratap was getting ready to jog. And insisted her mother to don’t mob the floor. I will come and do it for you, he uttered.

After few hours a phone ringed, amrita’s uncle picked a call, he felt speechless. After few seconds, he was informing, we were there in few minutes. Vedha sees his face and continuously asking what had happened. He said nothing, but holding her arms, he guided her to the place.

The place crowded and police enquiring there. Vedha guessed something had happened to her son, as he was only out from home in the early morning. Her heart beats faster, amrita’s uncle approached the police.

They showed a black sheet wrapped in the gigantic, handsome body of Rana Pratap. And asked amrita’s uncle to confirm that it was their son. Vedha stands like a statue, she doesn’t believe it. She felt like a dream and had a stunning appearance.

Amrita’s uncle holds her arms tightly. And suddenly, his mind blinks to confirm that the lying-down guy was Rana Pratap. If his emotions bloom, many formalities in the country, to regain a dead body of Rana Pratap. Amrita’s uncle slowly turns to do the next formalities like a robot.

And, the very next day, there was huge rain there, vedha cried loudly and said if it rained yesterday, my son would not go out for jogging. Relatives around her took pity on vedha’s sadness. The things around Rana Pratap were ended, that he had fallen down from a huge apartment terrace. Nobody believes that Rana Pratap had done suicide and the reason was not properly known.

This was Rana Pratap’s story said by amrita’s uncle bit by bit. Nobody in the house did not have the guts to dig inside over Rana Pratap’s death. He was gone far away from us, was the last bitter truth.

They reached amrita’s native town from the airport. Amrita’s aunt cried and all relatives around her started to console her. She tried to be calm. And she acted as if she was alright and talked with everyone in one or two words. Relatives are okay with her betterment in vedha’s activities. Amrita’s aunt came to India only for three weeks leave, then they moved to Australia 

Life keeps moving , amrita’s cousin renu and her uncle went to work as usual. Renu consoled herself and amrita’s uncle consoled himself for their family. vedha started to cook as these was her improvement after oneyear. She started caring all, as if all was okay with her. But big emptiness prevailed in her heart. 

Three years passed, happy news arrived through mail to amrita . That is amrita’s cousin renu’s got engaged and by the way the marriage fixed in the upcoming month. Everybody, in the family was happy . Amrita’s uncle and aunt was also feeling pleasant , as their daughter is getting ready to married.

All was set, renu was happily married at Australia . The blessings showered in her by her parents, relatives at India , and by her brother from heaven. Renu was working as a software engineer and her husband named venugopal working as a lecturer in well reputed university in Australia. As renu was in new project , too busy in it , vedha and her husband moved to her home to help her. Venugopal’s parents stayed along with his sister, they were happy that renu’s parents with them .

Venugopal came home earlier than renu. Venugopal had conversations with renu’s father and vedha formally.

Venugopal , at first hesistate to talk freely with vedha , she also feels the same. As long in Indian tradition , there is long distance between a son-in-law and aunt prevails there. Later venugopal found some pain in the eyes of vedha. Venugopal realized that it was because vedha missed her son badly.

Venugopal started caring for vedha , as he care his own mother. He fillups every essential things in home and takes care of everyone with utmost love. And most importantly, see asks vedha , before taking important decisions in life. And keeps a habit of telling some interesting stories in his daily life, by engaging all in the house , during dinner.

Venugopal somehow replaced ranapratap to vedha and her husband. Both of them realized it. Vedha started to accept life as it was, her emptiness filled with love of renu and venu.

Vedha never thinks , that heir life changes from the beginning . she now loved her life. She was the example of that “Time is the greatest medicine”. And if someone or somebody has gone in your life, another person is there for you, to bloom your life very brightly than ever before. This has happened in vedha’s life.

As times passed, renu gave birth to a new baby girl, it again energizes the inner soul of vedha. 

When somebody is gone in your life , it seems to be an blessed life ended with such people , no one can replace him \her. But the true fact is that , life will change , some body will there to give you a happiness which you lost. So, accept life , keep moving in life with utmost positivity , your life will change as you wish. Live the life which satisfies your soul, not for others. 

And most importantly , give love to those people with sadness by doing things which makes them happier. Even . littlethings matter a lot to them , like vedha. Remember life is simple, love can change the world.

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