Something happens in life, No matter how difficult it is or never leaves life.

Like the heart that loves, pain that turns happiness into sarrow, jealousy that spoils good to good relationship, cheating in which there is no need for want. The feeling that the hope of finding a destination is the luck that draws us to love.

    Now the story is as follows :-

In his hearts, he made an announcement from the judge of love and decided in the court of the heart in his mind. The said that today played a game with desire and darkness in this world of kayanat. So, neither realised why he should not play hide and seek. Love said ok according to the judge’s decision, the pain was declared a thief. All the hearts were hidden under the table. Cheat hid behind a tree and love hid under a thorny shrubs. Pain found everyone except for love, the deception angrily told the pain that love is hidden under a thorny release . In darknest, neither the pain nor the love could be snatched, and the thorn went into the eyes of love, which caused. The eyes of love to away. All kayanat and the judge togather punished the paid . Now he will have to live with love all his life and thus fell in love and paid . Jealous gets befriended by cheating due to which the feeling starts in the search of its destination and in the handling of the destiny’s heart’s.

Since , than there is a deep friendship of love and paid . This is why where there is lot, there  is pain and in every love there is bound to be paid.

      Love is a happy destiny of life,

But it should be believed not by jealousy and deception.So, that love becomes more beautiful than paradise.


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