“WOW Chahat! You have passed  MAINS with flying colours. Yayyyyyy!!!!!! Wohouuuuuu!!! I knew it. It’s party time! Yay!!!! …… Chahat!  Chahat! “

” Chahat! Chahat!! Why are you smiling? You sleepy idiot! Wake up its 9AM already.” My Mom screamed breaking my dream for which I’m eagerly waiting to turn into reality. Again Mamma enquired “Don’t you have classes today? Urghhhh You sleepy head! Now get up and help me these if you don’t have any classes.” by pointing towards the garden.

At the mention of classes, I got up from the bed and rushed towards the washroom in a bullet train speed startling her. I screamed from there only, ” Mamma, I do have classes.  I told you yesterday only. Why didn’t you wake me up early?” And as usual, she started her rantings and lectures on my carelessness and sleep.  #MomsNeverChange

Finishing my daily chores and my breakfast as fast as I could, I reached my bus stop after waving my Mamma a bye. She nags me a lot but what to do, I love her so damn much. Ok so here I’m waiting for the bus and yes surprisingly I’m on time. Yay!!! See I’m a fast girl.

While waiting I saw a group of teenagers in Sarees and Tuxedos as well. I guess, there must be some function in their school and they all are here waiting for their bus. And I could see that two of them are Lovebirds also. ( I can sense it at first glance  * Pulling my collars up*   ) 

Then suddenly my bus came and I hurriedly got into that and the teenage group also got into it. I took a seat and coincidentally the lovebirds of that group sat in front of my seat. They were a bit shy with each other, their attraction towards each other is visible. There was some awkwardness as well but I guess the silence was giving them the much-wanted warmth. The boy was mesmerised by the girl. And there is no indifference from the girl’s side as well. By glancing at them I got floated down the lanes of my very own memories of my school days. And the very special day among the memories got flashed across my mind:

That day was Teacher’s Day, the day for which we wait for 12 years in school life just because on that day we will get to wear Sarees and boys will wear formals. But when the excitement turned into nervousness for me,  I didn’t realise that. The reasons were: I was hosting the celebration, was going to teach the students, had to carry myself in that saree( which I’ve worn for the first time) and the most nerve-wracking reason was ‘HIM’.

I wanted to look perfectly presentable to him on that day. It was a euphoric feeling but my nervousness was taking the worst out of me. And on top of it, he hasn’t arrived yet. I had arrived way before the time just due to my anxiety and nervousness but it had cost me pretty much high when he was not present there. Rupsa, my co-host called me out of my trance as it was nearly the time to start the event and I eyed towards the entrance for the last time hoping to catch a glimpse of him. But Alas! He wasn’t there. He has once mentioned to his friends and the sneaky me had heard it that he doesn’t like to waste time on parties and celebrations, so I guess he won’t come this time as well.

Sighing away my thoughts and pasting a huge smile on my face, Rupsa and I climbed the stairs of the dais. Though I had a foul mood, I was managing my part pretty well, thanks to the practice of days.

Suddenly my eyes, which were wandering here and there over the queues of students, stopped at a certain point. That’s my little sister’s class queue and in that my sister was talking to a well-built person in formals. Who is he?  And why my sister is smiling at me with that stupid teasing smirk on her face? Is the duo talking about me? But who is he? I’m sure, he is someone from our batch but who? Today all of us were looking so different from our usual self that it was way too hard to recognise each other. Wait a minute! He is about to turn as if sensing my sharp gaze on him. That stupid teasing smirk which is nagging me a lot is not even leaving my sister’s face. She had signalled me something but I didn’t get it. Ok leave her, my main focus should be on that guy. Who is he? 

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is he even for real? Oh, my freaking god! The one for whom I was searching and waiting for is himself standing before me and is even smiling broadly from ear to ear. Hell, his smile is hell for me. So, he had arrived and I didn’t know about it. How’s that even possible? I will ponder upon it later. Ok so now smile and continue hosting the celebration.

Urghhhhhh!!! He is so damn much….. Uhmmm… I can’t even explain. He is looking pretty damn much hot and handsome in that Black tuxedo with Red tie. Ufffffffff…I’m dead. And to my utter shock, he just WINKED AT ME as if asking-” You like what you see. Don’t you?” with a huge grin on his cute face. Awwwwwww…..But wait! Did he just wink at me? Ohhh  Nooo… I just ducked my face down to hide my flushed face from the crowd. But how I was supposed to hide when I’m already standing over the freaking dais. I know he must have noticed it. God!!!! Can it become even more embarrassed than this? Ok, leave. Concentrate Chahat and focus on the event and not on him, my mind told me. But my inner voice told me-How can I when he is looking damn adorable? Of course, he is looking so special that I’m at a loss of words. I just sighed and thought- Is it even for real? Can anyone just pinch me?

Instantly every sound around me stopped and Rupsa was staring at me as if I’d committed a murder. Ohh, Wait! Have I spoken that aloud?  Oh No!  By looking at everyone’s expressions, it seems so. I’m finished, I internally facepalmed myself. Principal and teachers were drilling holes in me with their eyes in utter confusion while He was actually smiling and laughing silently at my state. So mean of you, Mister. I’ll see you. Then to cover up the blunder I had done, I started by saying- ” I can’t even believe that this event is going on so lively and I’m blessed to be a part of it…” by pasting a huge convincing smile on my face, I explained. And after that everyone applauded me for expressing my true emotions and easily got convinced by my series of lies. Thank God they believed me! But this guy and my sis are laughing like they are watching a clown show on the stage. Urghhh! Such freaking idiots these two are. I decided to just ignore them and focus on the celebration. I’ll deal with them later. 

After chiding myself for the nth time I focused on the event and it went ahead. The program was a blockbuster one, the teachers were highly impressed with our batch and were showering lots of blessings and love upon our batch’s students. Nearly all the teachers appreciated us for our fantastic efforts to make this celebration a grand one. Everyone present there was on cloud nine. But what to do, everything has an end and so it did this. The event ended and all the students along with today’s student teachers were sent to the class for the lectures. Today the teachers were given off from giving lectures and enjoyed their own time in doing their stuff.

After finishing my two allotted periods in Class VIII and X, I was completely exhausted. I just went and sat in our class. I wondered how even our teachers taught us in such horrible conditions of classes and even took upon all the mischiefs created by us and that too in a good way. Wait, after all, they are teachers, our second parents, and they love their students very much. I’m gonna miss them all a lot. I got a bit emotional.

But suddenly  I sensed that someone was behind me. When I’d entered the class, there was no one here, then who is behind me? Then a sweet musk cologne hit me and I instantly knew who it was. Of course, He is there. I turned and got bowled out on the sight of him. He was sitting right behind my bench with a pretty Yellow Rose in his hand. I smiled at him and asked him, indicating through my eyes-” What’s that Yellow Rose for?” He smiled at me with a twinkle in his eyes. He was a sight to behold at that time. He answered-” It’s for you. It’s a symbol of our friendship, Chahat!” with a lopsided grin. I smiled and was going to accept that beautiful Rose when he said,” Wait, I’ve got an idea. Wait a minute.” and got up from the seat and went behind me. Again he asked, “May I?” I was in a complete trance and nodded to him unknowingly about what he is indicating. 

Suddenly I felt cold fingers near my ear, it sent a chilled shiver down my spine and I realised that he was tucking that pretty Rose in my locks which were tied in a loose side bun. Aww so sweet of him. He started, ” Now it’s perfect. Though it doesn’t match your Saree’s colour(Green and Black) but Yellow contrasts with them awesomely. And you’re looking pretty, My Young Lady” Those words ‘My Young Lady’  were the most enthralling words of my life then. I blushed really hard and tried controlling it but my bad I failed miserably. 

I turned towards him and noticed another beautiful Yellow Rose in his Blazer’s pocket #NearHisHeart. I smiled at this gesture and also he got the message that I loved that gesture of him. I started by placing my hand over that Rose,” It also doesn’t match with the colour your formal but I like it here” and quickly dashed out of the class as fast as I could. I could clearly hear his fading laughing voice behind my back but if I would have waited for one more second then I would have surely become a puddle of my overwhelming emotions over there.

I got jerked off my dream when I heard the announcement of the Bus’s electronic voice saying my bus stop name and immediately I grabbed my belongings to get down from the bus. But not before glancing over the two lovebirds who were the sole reason for my thoughts moving down the memory lanes. I internally thanked them and blessed them before getting down from the bus. 

I headed straight towards my institute and thought that maybe we couldn’t decipher and profess our feelings to each other that day but the time we spent before and after that day will remain as a special and memorable memory in both of our lives. I hope we will soon be able to meet each other. Though our story didn’t get along,but it didn’t have a start or an end either. We just left it at a beautiful turning point and good note. I guess this is what people say “Khubsoorat Mod”. Hope to see you once in a lifetime buddy! With this thought, I entered my class and got mingled again with the idea of being an IAS Officer and left behind those sweet thoughts at a Khubsoorat Mod yet again!

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